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The language notably echoed Carlson's comment, eight days before, when he had said "remember that when they come for you.". At AutoAdmit, Neff used the nickname Charles XII. The show, which bills itself as “the sworn enemy of lying. Most recently, Carlson saw more advertisers — including Disney and T-Mobile —, Carlson himself has in the past pushed back against allegations of racism. Editor's note: This article quotes racist, homophobic and sexist language, much of which has not been censored. official revealed, Trump walked off interview in 1990 when asked tough questions about his casino, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner threaten to sue over billboard, See the '60 Minutes' interview that Trump cut short, Keilar: Maria Bartiromo has history of peddling baseless claims. Disclaimer.

All times are ET. Neff sang the parody song at a Daily Caller Christmas party a few years ago, according to a person familiar with the event.

That afternoon, it was public; that night, the proposal was discussed on Carlson's show. And in the same year, he started a thread titled, "Urban business idea: He Didn't Do Muffin!" Neff worked at Fox News for nearly four years and was Carlson's top writer. All rights reserved. No other cable-news program drew as a big a crowd in that category. ", When not making his own bigoted comments, Neff has shown a willingness to respond to others who were, without expressing any hesitation, much less disgust, about what they've said.

He began posting about her in March of this year, in a thread he titled "Disaster: WuFlu outbreak endangers aging shrew's quest to freeze eggs." On the afternoon of July 1, Neff started a thread titled, "Two GOP senators propose replacing Columbus Day w/Juneteenth." In December 2019, he said that "once Democrats have the majorities to go full F**K WHITEY, things are going to get really wacky really quickly." The Fox News executives characterized Neff’s contributions to the site as “horrendous and deeply offensive.” Carlson did not address the matter directly on his Friday broadcast. pomposity, smugness and groupthink,” draws a broad viewership. Another person commented, "It doesn't matter to these people."

That same year, he commented on a thread titled, "DIKES get wrong CUM at CUMBANK. The next night on his show, Carlson said, "And they can wear whatever shirts they want. A closer look at his target, Tammy Duckworth hits back at Trump and Carlson: 'These titanium legs don't buckle', recent article in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. We offer several ways to reach our journalists securely. (The language on both posts was not censored on the forum. In the game, users play as slaves trying to break free and escape north.


And Carlson credited Neff in the acknowledgments of his book, "Ship of Fools," for providing research. Among the details which make clear that CharlesXII and Neff are the same person: CharlesXII indicated on the board that he had gone to Dartmouth; Neff is an alumnus.


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