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For the rest of us the Carry On stars were like cartoon characters but for the people of Deal, Charles Hawtrey was a very real person – and they’ve got the scars to prove it. Eventually turning his back on the Carry Ons, he was reduced to second-rate stage engagements often as a pantomime dame but drink made him forget his lines and there were times when he couldn’t get further than his camp, crowd-pleasing catchphrase, “Ooh, hello-o!”. Also every year, 20,000 more he ships off to France. Khasi: “May the great God Shivoo bring blessings on your house.”, Khasi: “And may his radiance light up your darkness.”. Spanish doc: “My father he breeds famous fighting bulls.!_quotes_1867. Mrs Fussey: “Joan may think you’re a gentleman but, personally, I’ve got sore misgivings.’, Sid: “You ought to put some talcum powder on them.”. Landlord Vic Flange, played by Sid James, offers to get another drink for punter Sadie Tompkins, played by Barbara Windsor.

Constable Slobotham: We're police officers. ", When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. One moment it was peace on, the next it was peace off.”. Det Sgt. On the subject of the fire, Kenneth Williams wrote to Jeffrey Kemp in July 1987, saying: "Yes, Charles Hawtrey is alive. Is bleeding terrible.”, Fred: “Never mind his qualifications. UK delivery is free.

She’s complaining of suspicious activities in the rear of her premises.”. Dr. Watt: Oh, never mind. It was Conti who decided on his name change. Is he hurt badly?”.

Regulars Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Kenneth Connor appear in the movie whereas Joan Sims and Charles Hawtrey … We have long known that some of the greatest British comedy stars had tortured private lives and that Carry On sets in particular could be depressing places with nothing to laugh about in the unglamorous working conditions and stingy pay. With Royal he was generous but many locals remember him differently: he refused to pay taxi drivers and rent boys alike. Sid James is going camping with Joan Sims. But Charles Hawtrey’s life makes the rest of them look like Mickey Mouse on laughing gas.

Prof Anna Vrooshka: “Must be finding doctors. Sid James plays outlaw Johnny Finger in this hilarious western. Jim Dale, the explorer, with a model Nina, played by Sara Stockbridge. Constable Slobotham: Sarge, she's as hard as a rock! Ear today, gone tomorrow! newspaper archive. P&O – Orient Lines were thanked in the credits.

But it blinded him to what he had achieved and turned him into a drunken, bitter bore, which is so sad considering he was so adorable and childlike on screen.”. Wes Butters is also presenting a Radio 4 documentary on Hawtrey on April 27. Nobody would take them, I was in the first … The Melody-Maker (1933) as Torn. “Two years after starring with Vivien Leigh in the West End, she was in the US making Gone With The Wind but he was still in the UK playing a schoolboy.”. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Aged eight he appeared in a silent film called Tell Your Children. Carry On Screaming is a parody of the Hammer horror films, which were also popular at the time. “I think of him as a Sherpa who helps the rest of them scale the mountain and goes along for the whole trip but never gets any credit. Just in case you have forgotten how funny the likes of Sid James, Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor were, we have cherry-picked some of the most prized gags from the 30 movies. at the moment. Det Sgt.

Bernard Bresslaw plays a patient receiving treatment from a nurse played by Anita Harris . Difficult to work with, he fought in vain for higher billings and better pay and made it clear he thought the films beneath him. Personal Quote: [in 1984, speaking about Carry On Sergeant (1958) and his salary on the Carry On films] We worked for bread money. Infamy! I’m surprised the plaque hasn’t been egged.”, ‘He referred to people down the pub as peasants’. “One time Windsor offered him a bucket but he snapped: “Oh, why don’t you p*** off?

Emile: “Why me? Bung: This ear was found in Slocombe woods. Johnny: “I once talked peace with a Sioux, but you can’t trust them. They've all got it in for me! “We know that Peter Sellers, Frankie Howerd, Kenneth Williams and Spike Milligan had many low points but Charles Hawtrey is the most tragic of them all because he never really had any career highs,” says Butters. “He wanted to be a leading man.

“He would also refer to people down the pub as peasants. Nina: “Well, I’m off to Italy next week. Michelangelo wants to do me up on the ceiling.”, Christopher Columbus: “Well, you mind you hang on to something while you’re up there.”, Kenneth Williams utters the immortal line "Infamy! Showbusiness writers even referred to him – without being corrected – as “Charles Hawtrey Jnr”. When the fireman brought him down the ladder, wrapped in a blanket from the upstairs window, they said: 'You're all right now' and he told them, 'No I'm not, my fags are upstairs by the bed, and my boyfriend's in it'. When she died in 1965 he was devastated, drinking even more heavily and talking to her while in his dressing room. Bung: You don't have to tell me that, I've been married to her for fifteen years! See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper,

It was the last of the series to be made by Anglo-Amalgamated before the series moved to The Rank Organisation. Carry On Cruising is the sixth in the series of Carry On films to be made and was released in 1962. Ted: “Other end, nurse! You’re always trying to be so kind and good to everyone.”. “There were occasions when he got really pie-eyed and would pass out. He even survived a FIRE at his home in Deal. He fainted when he heard how much her school fees were but she took this as a sign of his professional devotion and agreed to defer charges.

“Not only did he look young but he sounded young and he couldn’t break away from this overgrown schoolboy typecasting,” says Butters. Young Georgie was a born performer, staging shows for local children in a converted chicken shed at the bottom of his garden. When he arrived the locals would ask him for his autograph but he didn’t like that and would tell them to eff off and rip up their pieces of paper. You could have Tom, Dick or Harry.”, Emmannuelle: “I don’t want Tom or Harry!”. First officer Marjoribanks: “That’s 70,000 bulls.”, Spanish doc: “One of the biggest bullshippers in the business.”. Sid James plays Henry VIII, discussing his future wife with Kenneth Williams as Thomas Cromwell. which you can comment on right now in our Comment section. 4 Nov. 2020. Web.

Every year, 50,000 bulls he sends off by ship to South America. After Carry On Sergeant in 1958 Hawtrey appeared in 22 more, always playing effeminate, super-weedy caricatures. Charles Hawtrey died in October 1988 aged 74. "Carry On Screaming! Quotes." It also features Harry H. Corbett in his only series appearance and Fenella Fielding making her second and final appearance. Caesar: “Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!”. Infamy! One of the latter, enraged at not receiving payment, set fire to Hawtrey’s sofa which nearly destroyed the house. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Sorry, we are unable to accept comments about this article Now, almost 25 years after the last movie, Carry On Columbus, the old franchise is being revived and is promising another hefty helping of hilarity. Bung: A young lady has disappeared and we're anxious to trace her whereabouts. How did Charles Hawtrey die so alone and friendless? His funeral was attended by just nine mourners. But these roles were symptomatic of a fundamental problem. Her mum, Mrs Fussey, is not pleased.

This caravanning comedy features a pair of foreign professors with poor English, played by Elke Sommer and Kenneth Williams, holidaying alongside electrician Ernie Bragg, played by Jack Douglas. I must write and thank her.”. Hawtrey’s dwindling band of friends assumed the actor didn’t get much in return.

F ROM the mid-Forties he was a regular voice on the radio, playing a leading role in a long-running series called Norman And Henry Bones, The Boy Detectives and also playing William Brown’s arch-enemy Hubert Lane in Just William. Det Sgt. For Butters, his tragedy was his inability to embrace the comic qualities that made him unique. To pre-order a copy of Whatshisname: The Life And Death Of Charles Hawtrey by Wes Butters, at £19.99, send a cheque or PO made payable to Express Bookshop to Hawtrey Offer, PO Box 200, Falmouth TR11 4WJ, call 0871 988 8367 (calls cost 10p a minute from UK landlines) or visit As well as acting in West End plays in his teens he taught himself the piano – he could play the instrument and tap dance at the same time – and secured a record deal as England’s leading boy soprano.


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