chaos;head love chu chu english patch
As I said on GBATemp, you're gonna want to get through Noah before Love Chu Chu. Order 66 - STAR WARS Jedi Fallen Order - Duration: 8:30. These links lead to a translation group,, that is working on a translation for the rom-com version of Chaos;Head. Most likely will remove the bracket marks for what little space they give for more characters. I'd show more progress screenshots :p! His thought-writings aside (which seems intentional trolling to me), maybe step out a bit and put your hate goggles off to see everything more clearly instead of hating it by default?

Yua Kusunoki is a third-year student at Suimei Academy. A community for discussing visual novels, their development, and the medium. He is a second-year high school student that lives a NEET-like lifestyle inside of a metal container. If you're desperate enough to read anything translated by George Henry Shaft, you might as well machine translate it. In this game, Nishijou Takumi gets pulled into his own dream world. Chaos;Head Love Chu☆Chu!, an official sequel to Chaos;Head NoAH, was originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2010. By the way, there's a good summary you can read instead, it's so extensive and C;C LCC is so uneventful that it's not even that bad of a choice. Joined: May 18, 2014 Messages: 10 Country: Hi, after 3 hours of trying to repack the files and finding out that I had to add certain files to the root of the iso, I've finally inserted my own text in the game I believe that an English patch could be made for this game. Honestly. Please flair and spoiler tag your posts accordingly. Takumi Nishijou is the protagonist of Chaos;Head. I wish you all the best! The story follows a shut-in gamer and otaku named Takumi Nishijou, who gets caught up in a series of bizzare murders called the “New Generation Madness.” He frequently experiences delusions, which are chosen by the player through the “Delusion Trigger” system. Pretty good. Oh I work on that :p I wasn't expecting to see it here though TBH :p. This is awesome.

This time he explicitly admitted to translating the game in a way that would fit his own headcanon, and he has released yet another book that is even worse than the Cross Channel one at times.

× l definentley be looking out for this one. Chaos;Head Noah (stylized as ChäoS;HEAd NoAH) is an updated rerelease of Chaos;Head, a 2008 visual novel by Nitro+ and 5pb. You don't think the first image has a changed name? The anime is infamously known as the worst anime adaptation of the entire series, followed closely by the Chaos;Child anime adaptation. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Rimi Sakihata is a mysterious girl that Takumi encounters at the scene of a murder, one of many in a series of brutal homicides known as the New Generation Madness. Nah donation are a no go. I feel I'm on the way to at least being able to look for translators as all the needed tools have been found or created. and Nitroplus teamed up and have released a delusional science adventure game! It was posted on April Fools and it made me laugh. Let me know when its done or if youre working on Noah or even chaos child hopefully. You know, the guy responsible for this:, Contributions to character design by Mutsumi Sasaki! Noah escapes a great flood, so clearly, C;C LCC points to massive changes coming in the Sci;Adv world, and possibly the success of some of the plans of the Committee of 300. 5pb. and Nitroplus.It is part of the Science Adventure series, and is a spin-off from the 2008 game Chaos;Head.It was released for Xbox 360 on March 25, 2010, and later released for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita I feel I'm on the way to at least being able to look for translators as all the needed tools have been found or created. The whole VN reflects Takuru’s desire to escape from the hell he’s found himself in, and yet throughout LCC, his attachment to each of the girls is emphasized. If you are interested in experiencing Chaos;Head, we recommend playing the fan-translated visual novel; no versions of the game have ever been officially localized, unfortunately. Takumi believes that she may be stalking him at first, but he later befriends her due to their mutual interest in anime and manga. All other images are owned by their respective owners. Quite a lot of translation teams do that. The amount of Cross Channel cross-referencing, projecting and convoluted messes in general in that document should discourage anyone from actually reading the translation. Upload or insert images from URL. Chaos;Head Love Chu☆Chu! Nope, same issues with Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling, it's a console exclusive so unless someone ports the game from consoles to PC and create a patch that insert the english translation into it, it will remain as a video translation. I noticed that your post mentioned that you were recruiting a Proofreader / Editor; I might be able to help with that! Unfortunately Chaos;Child Love Chu☆Chu is a console-exclusive game, so it's a video translation of the game. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the visualnovels community. She is very kind and outgoing, and she’s involved in Suimei Academy’s tennis club. Has anyone actually held a conversation with him? over to the English speaking community! Stickied comment. Original title: カオスヘッド らぶ Chu☆Chu! Added on to Zander's Noah before LCC which also isn't TL(the other endings are pretty sweet). One of Kozue’s defining traits is her lack of speech, which she makes up for in an interesting way…. However, while the original version was only available on PC, the updated version was available on practically every platform but PC. Please only use this patch with a legitimately purchased copy of Chaos;Head. 5pb. That's a direct quote from his website. Games & Nitroplus: Publishers: 5pb.

This was "translated" by George Henry Shaft.

You might not notice but it's changed in the code. × over to the English speaking community! For a full guide on how to purchase and patch the game, click. Chaos;Child, a spiritual successor to the Chaos;Head visual novels, released in 2014. Unfortunately, no official or unofficial translation exists for Chaos;Head NoAH as of yet. We highly discourage watching the Chaos;Head anime adaptation. Hello! Thank you. If at that point you'd like to use a different form of communication it can be discussed. She appears to be chasing down and attacking suspicious men and women known as “porters,” who are easily identifiable by the unusual rucksacks that they wear. I love how there are people out there who help make it possible to play these japanese exclusive releases in english. imagine not wanting to read Shakespearean-speaking high school girls, How can I tell if the version of Cross Channel I played was the GHS version? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.


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