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She invites him to stay at the loft the next weekend, and it doesn't go that well. Cece is mortally embarrassed by her suddenly unwanted surprise.

Schmidt and Winston even takes to the beach in an attempt to catch a lionfish, but Schmidt is instead stung on his face by a jellyfish and has to be hospitalized. Frustrated, she attempts to ignore them, and her two exes vow to sabotage Cece's dates to prevent her from getting into an arranged marriage.

She's suddenly totally stressed out about the course of her future, but Jess suggests that they spend the day being guys and not caring about anything, just talking about sharks and making everything wireless.

Livid, Jess tells Nick to have fun at the strip club and calls Cece for a girl's night out.

The dating service has a rule that no one is allowed to watch, and must participate in the convention if they're going to stay, so they're all handed forms to fill out. Cece drops by in a bright red dress to pick up Jess' seasickness bracelets - she's going to a party on Greg Kinnear's boat, and Schmidt remarks at how beautiful she looks.

He had a strange sex mural painted on the wall of the closet during his time there, and their ornery and sex-starved landlord, Remy, has ordered them to cover it up in exchange for letting it slide that they added a fourth bedroom to the loft without telling him.

She learns that sometimes, secrets are a good thing. When the results come back, Jess is terrified, but her eggs are just fine. I'm Hannah Simone and I play Cece on New Girl! Nick is worried that his penis will be exposed if Cece comes in, and she wants to talk about Schmidt, which only makes Nick more uncomfortable. Schmidt barges in with a fresh batch of cobbler, which he's made in an attempt to get his mind off the fact that Coach has invited Cece on a date, and she's said yes.

Schmidt, Nick, and Winston man a water and orange station along thee route, and Schmidt is wearing a pink See Cece Run t-shirt. He takes the couch in her place and gives up his room. In his room working later that morning, Cece finds ten minutes while waiting for Jess to get ready, and she tells Schmidt to eat a granola bar before they do it. No matter how sexy she tries to be, there's no chance of him getting aroused while this new hard cast is on. The next morning, Jess drinks a cup of tea and calls Cece. They arrive back at the loft as Artie finds the bathroom, and in the living room Cece asks if Jess really likes Artie, but she admits she's just trying to get back at Nick for hurting her.

Back at the loft four days later, Winston is still working on his puzzle when Schmidt heads to the shower and Cece shows up.

That night, Schmidt stands up to Cece by asking if she'll let him sleep in his bed for the night, because the couch is getting uncomfortable and his sunburn is starting to blister.

Later, Shivrang takes to the microphone, unannounced, and gathers everyone's attention. Schmidt notes that he's never seen Nick so happy before he launches into a "hypothetical" question about what would happen if he met a girl he liked as much as Jess. It's after visiting hours, so Angie helps the gang break in, where they pose as carolers, but they're terrible. Nick and Winston are having a horrible time trying to get a picture of Shivrang's penis, and Nick even winds up taking a picture of his own to get Shivrang to follow suit, so finally, in the bathroom, they admit that they need the picture for Cece because she's freaking out. She storms off, and Jess immediately realizes she's said too much. Exasperated, Shivrang calls it the most elaborate way anyone's ever tried to get out of dating him, but she leaves with him, and Schmidt sleeps with Holly. Soon after, Cece re-evaluates her priorities when she discovers that she's running out of time to start a family. (", After prom, Cece is sitting at the hotel bar, chatting to the bartender about the fact that she's a virgin, when she's propositioned by Mick Jagger.

Jess admits that she just really wants to be there for Cece, and Nick says that she will be. She has a reputation for being a bit of a maneater, on account of her beauty and bluntness. When she walks in, Winston is relieved that his friends have finally arrived, as he's been hogging the community table for hours, unable to score an official reservation. Cece arrives at the loft with Jess, who's been crying. Cece tells Jess that she needs a new guy, just like she says dating Shivrang has helped her get past "all the weird stuff with Schmidt." Jess pulls Schmidt aside when they get to their first of several Christmas parties, for the night. The guys are going crazy by the time Jess and Cece show up, and Cece gives Schmidt a bottle of water before bringing up his jealous reaction to her work. Jess can't believe she'd let Nadia go out with Schmidt, and urges her to be honest with Schmidt about how she feels about him. She tells Cece how good the food is, and Cece continues to play up the lie, before she announces that she's leaving. She tries to help her be flirty and mysterious, but Jess is neither. Cece is explaining herself to Shivrang at the party, but he doesn't want her to have any fears before they wed, and nearly drops his pants in front of everyone in the loft.


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