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Police have also looked into whether Cesnik's death is related to the deaths of three other young women in the Baltimore area around the same time. Most of these simply favour an established suspect, usually Father Maskell. In the decades since the nun's killing and as DNA testing has become a vital investigative tool, Baltimore County police have compared the DNA of several other people as part of their investigation into the never-closed case, according to Armacost, but those tests did not match the DNA profile from 1970. Leaves and twigs were found inside, along with buns from the bakery and a broken umbrella. Marks on her neck indicated that she also had been choked" (Nawrozki and Erlandson, "With new lead"). The Washington Post. The 1990s investigation did, however, find evidence of troubling behaviour by Maskell. According to the autopsy, she "had died from a 2-inch circular fracture of the left temple that was inflicted by a heavy blow with a blunt object, probably a brick. Reprinted at

Ronnie's wife reports occasions when Billy and his boyfriend, "Skippy," dressed as a priest and a nun.

"Glydon Girl, 16, Murdered." Ronnie drank heavily and used drugs. v. A. Joseph Maskell et al. It has also made people aware of this particular unsolved killing, encouraged victims of crime to come forward, and documented once more the unearned protection historically afforded to people in positions of privilege. Pierre Elliott Trudeau's speech of October 16, 1970, Salem witch trials: Warrant vs. Sarah Good, Pictures for Sad Children - An Artist's Implosion. Her siblings unanimously deny that this is the case. Most of these describe the more typical and all-too-commonplace cases of sexual abuse by predators in positions of power. We do not know what the letter contains. Her purse and underpants were missing, and never recovered. [12] After attaining permission from the state's attorney's office, the BCPD exhumed the body of Maskell, who died of a major stroke in 2001, but did not find a DNA match to evidence from the crime scene. She also failed to return home. Police initially interviewed and investigated Cesnik's friend, Father Gerard J. Koob. Perspectives on Psychological Science, March 1, 2009.

It is impossible to state anything about these papers with any certainty, as they were never made public, and may no longer exist2. The tires were muddy. January, 2004. "Buried in Baltimore: The Mysterious Murder of a Nun Who Knew Too Much", "With New Lead, Police Reopen Old Murder Case", "Justice for Sister Cathy is Long Overdue", "Timeline: The Sister Catherine Cesnik Case", "Sister Catherine Cesnik Case: Missing Nun's Body Found in Lansdowne", "Baltimore Priest Victim: Police Were in on Sexual Abuse", "Jane Doe et al. As Friday became Saturday, Sister Russell called the Reverends Peter McKeon and Gerard J. Koob, friends of the nuns. He served in three other parishes until 1992. [15] The series features interviews with women who were Cesnik's students, with some who claim to have been sexually abused by Maskell and others.[16]. The Baltimore Sun.

They apparently lost the letter.

Her body was found January 3, 1970. "Netflix's 'The Keepers': Agenda-Driven Filmmaking Exploits a Nun's Murder." Further evidence emerged in 2017, when police tested a DNA sample from Maskell with tissue preserved from the original investigation into the murder, tissue presumed to belong to her assailant. Director Ryan White and the activists he profiles get full credit for bringing attention to an unsolved cold case and putting pressure on police to pursue the investigation. Christian Schaffer. A witness reported seeing Cesnik's car returned to its designated spot around 8:30 pm (Nawrozki and Erlandson, "With new lead"). She maintains her claim that earlier childhood molestation by an uncle5 are true, but she initially claimed that he also abused each of her ten siblings. Anne Arundel County Cold Case Files. [1] Her body was discovered on January 3, 1970, near a garbage dump in the Baltimore suburb of Lansdowne. He died in 2001, police said. Alison Knezevich. On January 3, 1970, the father and son found Sister Catherine Cesnik's body near a wooded embankment in Lansdowne, Baltimore County, a ten-to-fifteen minute drive from where her car had been found. Catherine Anne Cesnik SSND (born November 17, 1942; disappeared November 7, 1969) was an American Catholic religious sister who taught English and drama at the formerly all-girls Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland. "Recovered Memory Therapy: A Dubious Practice Technique." Sister Cathy, she alleges, became aware of the abuse in the Spring of 1969, and was killed because she planned to report it. At the very least, evidence indicates that the techniques used in recovered memory therapy can elicit both true memories and constructed fantasies, and it can be difficult if not impossible to distinguish between the two (Stocks).4 Wehner herself has made statements that she later retracted, claiming they were false memories (Doe v. Maskell 2-4). The autopsy found no evidence of rape ("Glydon Girl, 16, Murdered").9. An autopsy found Cesnik died from blunt force trauma to the head, according to police. Reprinted at "Exhumed priest's DNA doesn't match evidence in case of 'Sister Cathy' slaying from 1969." Annual Review of Psychology. The investigation had these exhumed. A. Joseph Maskell after securing an order from the state's attorney, according to Elise Armacost, director of public affairs for Baltimore County Police. Her body was found on September 29 in a wooded area in South Baltimore. [5] Cesnik had three siblings. Was Billy obsessed with his former neighbour for reasons we can never now know? Psychiatric Annals 25, 720–725. Suspects Four and Five: Billy and Ronnie Schmidt. The Baltimore Sun. Their activities earlier that night can be traced with a fair bit of certainty. January 8, 1970, A1. "Priest's DNA does not match profile from cold-case murder of nun." In the Court of Appeals September Term 1995. As the only real link between Maskell and the murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik, however, her claims on that point must be given the greatest scrutiny. "Baltimore archdiocese pays settlements to a dozen people alleging abuse by late priest." Recipe born from efforts to re-create Chik-Fil-A's fried chicken. [citation needed] The case remains unsolved. Everything2 ™ is brought to you by Everything2 Media, LLC.

"Attracting Assault: Victims' Nonverbal Cues." However, there is currently no physical evidence linking Maskell to the murder. May 2017.

Last updated May 17, 2017.

Among others, he claims that the police tossed Catherine Cesnik's "vagina" on the table during an interrogation, wrapped in paper (The Keepers, Episode 6, "The Web"). Eventually, the case went cold. Marika Sturken, among others, has noted that evidence does exist of abuse in the Franklin home. The role of recovered memory therapy in Teresa Lancaster, a victim who has been most supportive of Wehner, makes for an interesting comparison. A video taken by a local TV station made it possible to identify one exposed document as a standard psychology test (Schaffer). Social Work, Volume 43, Issue 5, September 1998, 423–436. [3] Her paternal grandparents, John (Jan) and Johanna Tomec Česnik, were Slovenians who emigrated from Yugoslavia,[4] while her maternal grandfather, Joseph Omulac, came from Yugoslavia and maternal grandmother, Martha Hudok, came from Austria. The police deny that this happened, or even that it could have happened. He had spent the evening of November 7 in the company of Brother Peter McKeon. In particular, she began speaking about abuse by other men, facilitated by the priest.6 She stands by many of these and relates them in The Keepers and elsewhere. He was permanently removed from the ministry in 1994. When interviewed for The Keepers, he admitted he had been the caller, but claimed the information was false, and he had no idea why he said it (The Keepers, Episode 6, "The Web"). Betty Grayson and Morris I. Stein. Did they witness some aspect of the crime? Sam Bower­man, an FBI profiler who has examined the case, finds Catherine Cesnik's killing consistent with murder by a stranger, though likely one who lived in the area (Nawrozki and Erlandson, "Police hope people will see clues"). Cesnik was 26 and on a sabbatical from the Roman Catholic Church. On Friday November 7, 1969, Sister Cathy left her apartment after 7:00 pm for Edmondson Village Shopping Center. [13], Netflix produced a seven-part documentary series about the case called The Keepers, which debuted on May 19, 2017. Catherine Anne Cesnik was born on November 17, 1942, in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is also possible she had already been abducted or killed and one of the killers returned her car at 8:30, though that scenario requires the killer or killers to have acted within a very short time-frame. Harry Bannon, a homicide detective who worked on the case, was also convinced that Koob, at the very least, knew more about the killing than he revealed (Nawrozki and Erlandson, "With new lead"). Testimony offered was deemed not credible-- a point which will be addressed shortly. [8], In 1995, Teresa Lancaster and Jean Wehner (née Hargadon), former students at Keough who claim to have been sexually abused by Maskell, filed a lawsuit against him, the school, gynecologist Christian Richter, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, the Archdiocese of Baltimore, and Archbishop William H. Keeler. They were last known to have been at shopping centers in the area, the same as Cesnik. In 2016, the Baltimore County Police Department (BCPD) reassigned the case due to retiring officers, prompting new interviews and further investigation into the alleged sexual abuse at Keough. This is huge news regarding Sister Cathy’s case. 49:289-318. Franklin's conviction was later overturned in 1995 and, in 2018, DNA evidence led to the conviction of the actual killer ("George Franklin"). The theory that Maskell killed Sister Cathy Cesnik or had her killed because she was going to reveal the truth about abuse at Archbishop Keough packs a powerful dramatic punch. An attempt to extend the Statue of Limitations for this case failed. All of this occurs while Wehner's father serves on the police force. She has called her previous claim of sexual abuse by nuns "absurd" (Doe v. Maskell 4). After moving back to his family home, Billy became increasingly reclusive. He has made conflicting statements about his relationship with Sister Cathy. His then-wife states that he returned home on the night of November 7 with blood on his shirt. When she didn't come home, her roommate reported her missing the next day. The Evening Sun. Joe Nawrozki and Robert A. Erlandson "2 sue priest, alleging sex abuse."

Without additional evidence, how does one determine which of her claims are true? The trial court dismissed the action as time-barred by the statute of limitations. Acts of Memory: Cultural Recall in the Present, 231-255.


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