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• No initiation • No House minimum The Cataraqui Golf and Country Club is a private members club, established in 1917, for the enjoyment of its membership and guests. With numerous membership options, we have the right choice for you. By the end of your first round, you’ll recognize why SCOREGolf has consistently called this one of the best courses in Canada. This is a one-year trial membership with all the benefits experienced by a Senior Golf Member.

961 King Street West, Kingston, ON K7L 4V6. “The longevity of Cataraqui’s design is proof of the genius of Stanley Thompson.”, “Another Stanley Thompson design, Cataraqui has all the trademarks of the legendary architect — finger-style bunkering, subtle-sloping greens and distinctive one-shot holes. *Premiums are non-refundable For more than a century Cataraqui has offered a membership experience at a premium golf course. Members in our Unlimited Golf Categories are very fortunate to have included with your golf membership reciprocal golf privileges at a number of fine golf courses at no additional charge! Featuring one of Stanley Thompson’s most timeless designs, restored under the watchful eye of Doug Carrick, one of Canada’s leading golf architects, Cataraqui is among the best courses in Canada. 100, or click on the cover image of the membership brochure above. Today this holds true as Cataraqui Golf and Country Club continues to provide, high quality golf, curling and social facility with in the City of Kingston. • No House minimum Once you have registered and validated your account you will be asked to create your own User Name and Password. • Complimentary golf for accompanying children under 12 • Access to the clubhouse and club amenities (with the exceptions of club storage and lockers) One will never get tired of trying to better Cataraqui’s par three holes, which are often identified among the best in Canada.

• No initiation 961 King Street West, Kingston, ON K7L 4V6. For more information, please contact Chief Operating Officer Daniel Beauregard at, call 613-546-4221 ext. • Standard 4 hour, 5 minute rounds of golf • House minimum of $250 • Convenient charging privileges when you use club facilities and services

The Cataraqui Golf and Country Club is a private members club, established in 1917, for the enjoyment of its membership and guests. All first time users will need to register in order to access the members only area.

Bold and fun. The only private golf course between the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa to the northeast, Cataraqui is the perfect members’ course. The Cataraqui Golf and Country Club is a private members club, established in 1917, for the enjoyment of its membership and guests. LIMITED PLAY TRIAL MEMBERSHIP: Come and find out why Cataraqui is the best private club in Eastern Ontario. We look forward to seeing you all on the course and will do our best to provide our membership with the best playing conditions possible every day. • 18-hole Stanley Thompson-designed course The south Kingston course near Lake Ontario requires more brains than brawn as tall pine trees line rolling fairways.”, “Halfway from Montreal to Toronto, Cataraqui’s fine parkland course makes for a pleasant stopover.”, —Tom Doak, the Confidential Guide to Golf Courses. • Great food and beverage experience LEARN TO GOLF: • 5-day advance tee time booking privileges • Access to discounted green fee package

Give Cataraqui a test drive with a limited one-year membership allowing you 25 rounds of golf for just $2,499 + HST. In other words, it is always a delight to play and caters to golfers of varied abilities. • Complimentary golf for accompanying children under 12 • Welcome program, including an assigned member and PGA Professional, to help meet other members, arrange foursomes and integrate into club life Known as Canada’s greatest designer, when Thompson arrived in Kingston in 1931 at Cataraqui, he took a handful of holes already in the ground (dating back to 1917), and turned the course into a masterpiece. Welcome to the 2020 Cataraqui Golf Season. Today this holds true as Cataraqui Golf and Country Club continues to provide, high quality golf, curling and social facility with in the City of Kingston. • Access to discounted green fee package • Receive five, 1 Hour Golf Clinics (Expires November 2020) Both offer preferred pricing rates for our members. Situated in a picturesque part of Kingston near Lake Ontario, Cataraqui is one of the masterworks of Stanley Thompson, Canada’s greatest golf designer. Classic, elegant, welcoming—Cataraqui is a private club that offers great golf, curling and social membership opportunities for those in Kingston and surrounding area. For the trial period a premium* is added to the fees which will then be used to reduce the entrance fee when moving to a full golf membership in the Fall. A golf course genius, Thompson’s work includes Capilano in Vancouver, Banff and Jasper in Alberta, St. George’s in Toronto, and Highlands Links in Nova Scotia. Easily walkable and visually spectacular, for more than 100 years, Cataraqui has been the heart of golf in Kingston. • Expert Instruction with a PGA Professional and access to an excellent practice facility • Fee: $5,999 + HST We also have some great relationships with Crown Colony G&CC in Florida and Deer Ridge Golf Club in Ontario. Today this holds true as Cataraqui Golf and Country Club continues to provide, high quality golf, curling and social facility with in the City of Kingston. 100. Consistently considered one of the top golf courses in Eastern Ontario, and the only true private golf club between the GTA and Ottawa, Cataraqui has few peers.

Includes: • 18-hole Stanley Thompson-designed course

• Complimentary golf for accompanying children under 12 after 4:00 pm on weekends One of Canada’s most celebrated courses, for the last two decades, Cataraqui has stood the test of time when it comes to SCOREGolf’s biennial ranking of Canada’s top courses. Each reciprocal arrangement is unique and full details are available from our head golf professional. Details: • Well-appointed locker room facilities for a nominal fee

Elegant and stately. • 7-day advance tee time booking privilege • No initiation fee Long established as the sport of choice as the weather cools at Cataraqui, curling entices people from all walks of life to find camaraderie and friendship in the game.

• Club storage, for a nominal fee FULL TRIAL MEMBERSHIP: • Access to all the men’s and ladies league events (excluding the Championship events) • Access to all the men’s and ladies league events (excluding the Championship event) within tee time restrictions Trial Membership options are only available for new golf club members.

• 18-hole Stanley Thompson-designed course Finding a way to sum up Cataraqui in a few words is difficult—maybe we’ll just call it great.

For more than a century, Cataraqui has set itself apart.

We are pleased to offer this Introductory Golf Membership for the golfer. This is a one-year membership with restricted access to 25 rounds of golf • Receive one, On-Course Lesson (Expires November 2020). • Restrictions on playing times: tee time availability - weekdays after 4:00 pm, weekends and holidays after 2:00 pm Stanley Thompson • Play anytime after 6 pm and it does not affect the number of allotted rounds • Fee: $1,299 + HST • 4 day advance tee time booking privileges • This one season category is available for novice golfers only * * * * * “If Toronto's celebrated St. Georges Golf and Country Club is Thompson's version of the Sistine Chapel, then Cataraqui is the Pieta in St. Peter's Bascilica — not as well known but no less important an achievement.”. A Junior golf member with a minimum age of 16 on or before April 1st and preferably 3 continuous seasons of golf membership at Cataraqui Golf & Country Club is eligible to apply. Details: To do so, click on the Member Registration link below and enter your Member Number, First Name and Last Name as they appear on your account statement.

• Club Amenities, complimentary club storage, well-appointed complimentary locker room facilities and great food and beverage experience A Junior member is a person between the ages of 12-18 inclusive on or before April 1st, sponsored by a senior playing member who shall be responsible for the behaviour and financial cost incurred by the Junior. That includes tremendous award-winning curling, a classic Top 100 golf course, wonderful dining options and event hosting opportunities in the attractive clubhouse, as well as regular social events with the friends you’ll meet at the club. Most historical accounts suggest the majority of the work Thompson undertook at Cataraqui was on the back nine, which has several of the best holes in Canada, including the incredible and dramatic par-three 15th. Includes: • Fee: $2,499 + HST 961 King Street West, Kingston, ON K7L 4V6. • Ability to invite guests for golf, dining, or business * * * * * • Access to the golf course; 10 times per season for 18 Holes or 20 times per season for 9 Holes (Expires November 2020)

• Opportunity to participate in club-organized competitions, league play and social events (certain restrictions will apply) For more information, please contact Chief Operating Officer Daniel Beauregard at, or call 613-546-4221 ext. Over that period, other Eastern Ontario courses have come and gone — but Cataraqui has held its spot on the country’s most prestigious golf course ranking for past 20 years and ranked as high as #52. • Standard 4 hour, 5 minute rounds of golf A Tremendous Private Membership Experience in Eastern Ontario. • Access to week end lottery process But don’t take our word for it—Cataraqui has been honoured to reside comfortably in SCOREGolf’s ranking of the Top 100 courses in Canada for more than 25 years. Experience all that Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, SCOREGolf top 100 golf course, has to offer with the assistance of our PGA of Canada, Golf Professionals. On behalf of the greens maintenance staff, I’d like to welcome you to the golf season here at Cataraqui Golf & Country Club. As a member you’ll have access to our elaborate practice facility and short game area, as well as our course, designed by Stanley Thompson, Canada’s best architect. * * * * * With a spectacular location adjacent to Lake Ontario, Cataraqui Golf and Country Club is the ideal setting for your unforgettable wedding. Includes: • Club amenities • Use of reciprocals are not available “Thompson’s understanding of the qualities of harmony, rhythm, balance, emphasis and proportion continue to work their magic on golfers today.”, —John Smith in The Golf Courses of Stanley Thompson, “Cataraqui is a fantastic members course that can be enjoyed over and over.”. * * * * * With an elegant clubhouse, terrific practice facilities, and curling in the cooler months, at its core Cataraqui is about great golf. We currently have reciprocal arrangements in place with courses in Ontario and Quebec.


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