cat breeders brisbane
NORWEGIAN FOREST CATS. I live in Bracken Ridge,Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Whenever possible, visit the cattery in person.From time to time breeders and other parties refer to the Queensland Feline Association Inc about matters in which it is not appropriate for us to become involved. North Queensland Animal Rescue - Pet Rescue and Foster - Cairns, QLD. We are very excited and proud to share with everyone our baby boy, GUYSNDOLLS BASHIRS LEGACY and in the background our, beautiful GUYSNDOLLS SAPPHIRE'S ROSEBUD in their very first ad, yes they are our precious little STARS ;-). You can also find us on facebook now, please come and visit our page and see. Brisitsh Shorthair Cat Breeders, QLD   Maine Coon Cat Breeders QLD    Ragdoll Cat Breeders Queensland, QLD   Bengal Cat Breeders QLD.

These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. If you live in Brisbane and you’re trying to adopt a Munchkin kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Munchkin cat breeder. Our first kitten, ACF AOE Diamond, CC of A CH, QFA.Emerald,FCCQ. lots of pictures of our Ragdolls, Show results and lots more !!! In Brisbane, Breeder Registration is essential to breed and sell pedigree puppies and kittens. Cats Queensland accepts challenges from all recognised councils for higher status. a great achievement for us, Guysndolls, and our Lilac Bi Colour Boy, TICA International Best Lilac Point Bi Colour, TICA Asian Region Best Lilac Point Bi Colour, TICA .......... he is the No.1 in the World ............ Lilac Ragdoll, CFA ........ he is the No.1 in Japan in all the colours, was awarded the same placings for the Chocolate Classes, Sire: FILENSIO BIG BEN (IMP UK) - Dam: OZMAGIC DEMIA, Devoted to Breeding Big, Beautiful, Healthy, 100% Pure Traditional and 100% Old English Lines, NORWAY, USA, UK, SWEDEN, JAPAN, CANADA & NZ. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. Cats Queensland is a family-oriented council with friendly shows and pleasant social occasions that all exhibitors are welcome to attend. Find Us on FaceBook Email Us . All kittens are sold with a bag ... Glevum Cattery is located in Brisbane Australia. Peninsula Animal Aid - Dog & Cat Adoptions - North Brisbane, QLD, Abanza & Alanza: Balinese, Siamese and Oriental Cat Breeder - Brisbane, Queensland, Glevum Cattery - Persian and Exotic Cat Breeder - Brisbane, QLD, Dreampoint Birmans - Birman Breeders Aust - Brisbane, Queensland, Mantang - Cornish Rex Cat Breeder - Brisbane, QLD, Kiewa Cornish Rex - Cornish Rex Cat Breeder - QLD, Vanwillow & Byanda - Turkish Van and Oriental Cat Breeder - Brisbane, QLD, Emmel Tonkinese and Mandalay - Tonkinese and Mandalay Cat Breeder, QLD, Vakker Maine Coons - Maine Coon breeder, Brisbane, Birchfield British Shorthair's - British Shorthair Cat Breeder - Brisbane, QLD, Von Cattery - Sphynx, Elf & Bambino Breeder - Brisbane, QLD, Cenglow Abyssinians - Abyssinian Cat Breeder - Queensland, Brisbane, Akila Abyssinian - Cat Breeder - Brisbane, Queensland, BLAZER American Shorthair Cat Breeder, Brisbane Queensland. cats and kittens for sale and adoption in Queensland. House-reared Turkish Van, Oriental and Siamese kittens; vaccinated, weaned, litter-trained; detailed information kit supplied with every kitten. We have consistently offered a wide variety of judges to our exhibitors, including judges from Brazil, the Czech Republic, the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and all Australian States.

Box 2253 Breeding Quality Cornish Rex in Brisbane, since 1984. Some things like grooming are obvious, but some breeds have health issues not present in others, while others may have special dietary requirements. Queensland Abyssinian Cat Breeders. Members of Cats Queensland have access to computerized registration and pedigree services. Tasmania.


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