caribbean wedding traditions

In Puerto Rico, the religious ceremony is of great importance.

Custom dictates that the first piece of this cake is offered to the priest or pastor who celebrated the wedding Mass and then the next piece is reserved for the bride and groom. Many Caribbean customs have evolved over time through European, African and Colonial influences. These traditions are no longer as vivid as marriages take place in town more often. A traditional wedding in Jamaica involves the whole community whether or not they are invited to the wedding.

A Sacred Cake. Jamaica is a popular destination for couples looking for an exotic destination wedding. She has experience working for Sky Vision Enterprises and she is interested in topics concerning history and culture.

Whether you want to reconnect to your Caribbean roots or you want to check out the stories and history of the islands, the cultural traditions of the Caribbean are there to be enjoyed. In the Caribbean, the bride and groom traditionally go to the church together from the family home of either one of them, followed by their guests. You can bask in the tropical climate and enjoy the culture and traditions that are unique in each island. Caribbean culture – Caribbean languages, religions, festivals, art forms, values, customs, sports, and other forms of self-expression – is dynamic. However, most of the carnivals share the inciting calypso music, feathered costumes, strong colors and joyful atmosphere. Generally, everyone is welcome to the wedding, especially during the procession that makes its way to the religious ceremony. A similar custom occurs in the Netherlands Antilles, except the couple plants a lily-of-the-valley. to see each other for the first time during their first look. In Jamaica, a traditional wedding is an event of such utmost importance that the family prepares well in advance. Weddings in the Caribbean islands sometimes borrow from American wedding traditions, but for the most part, they carry a distinct flavor all their own.

Invitations to the wedding ceremony are usually personal, through word-of-mouth. The bride and groom used to receive gifts from the mayor, but this custom has been abandoned. Everyone can join party which follows the ceremony; however wedding gifts are much appreciated. This is where both sides of the family get together to celebrate the fact that the couple will be starting a new life together. A dark fruitcake, usually with a liberal lacing of rum is served at wedding receptions in Jamaica. The wedding cake is a huge cake with a traditional recipe passed down from generation to generation. In Cuba, a traditional wedding in wealthy families is a big party at which music and dance are essential. Jamaicans usually go to church on the Sunday morning after the wedding reception and then organize a second wedding reception!

People can mingle with the procession and may also follow the religious celebration in the church from the outside.

There’s usually a lot of music and dance but also a lot of rum in a Caribbean wedding: even the wedding cake is soaked in this delicious drink. However, in Jamaican villages it is still common to marry according to tradition. There are a lot of similarities in weddings between other cultures, such as: giving the Bride away, and family and friends being a huge part of the couple’s special day, lots of food music and dance’.

It is customary for the priest to bless money that is given to the couple: a symbolic gesture that is done with coins.

It’s in the spirit of the Caribbean people not to miss any occasion to celebrate, which is why different carnivals talke place at different times of the year.

In the Caribbean, the marriage ceremony usually follows the Christian tradition, in particular the Catholic tradition. For this reason, many couples come to the Caribbean islands from all corners of the globe to be married. We'll take you to Jamaica and also we'll go to Cuba and Puerto Rico, discovering some typical wedding traditions on the way. The reception party is a lively event filled with loud music, dancing, toasts, food, and gifts, that tends to go all night. Some ingredients in these cakes are kept in jars for months before the wedding date which is a tradition that has been passed down. The Taino people were very friendly and welcomed Columbus and the first European settlers – this attitude is still present, and you’ll find the inhabitants of the island to be always friendly and helpful.

They serve the cake with a rum sauce that sits in a crock pot with dried fruits for several weeks prior to the wedding. Attending a wedding in the Caribbean is a unique opportunity to experience a party that knows no bounds. The wedding traditions in the Caribbean were mostly influenced by African and European cultures. In the Caribbean a rich fruit cake called ‘Black Cake’ laced with rum is covered with fondant icing is especially popular on the islands of Barbados, Grenada and St. Lucia.

Jamaicans usually offer the leftover pieces of cake to those who could not come to the wedding. The celebration is usually an all-night event, especially in Cuban weddings, and requires upbeat island music. There are no longer any old traditions that are carried out. In an exceptional setting and accompanied by the sound of local musical instruments, weddings in the Caribbean islands are great celebrations that can last up to three days.

In the end, the entire local village may be present at the church ceremony even if some people did not receive an invite from the bride or groom. Once the couple have said "yes", the groom offers these coins to the bride.

The wedding guests are not only close family or friends because in some Caribbean islands, wedding invitations are given by word of mouth! Another wedding tradition in Puerto Rico is a bridal doll, dressed like the bride and covered with favors, known as “capias”, decorated with the bride and groom’s names and date of the wedding. Caribbean Wedding Traditions Weddings in the Caribbean islands sometimes borrow from American wedding traditions, but for the most part, they carry a distinct flavor all their own. Families rent out a beautiful traditional house for the occasion and hire vintage cars to make a beautiful procession through the streets. The couple do have the engagement or engagement party prior to the wedding day. With the clear turquoise water and tropical sunsets, what’s not to love? Handwritten invitations are rare and used only to invite someone special. In Bermuda, the couple plants a cedar tree on their property during the reception.

Thinking of a wedding on a dream tropical island, look no further The Caribbean is the perfect destination if you seek romance, sun, sand and beautiful panoramic scenes. Enjoyed by all the guests and there will be slices of wedding cake saved for those unable to attend the wedding reception.

The traditions … Caribbean culture – Caribbean languages, religions, festivals, art forms, values, customs, sports, and other forms of self-expression – is dynamic. Jamaican wedding cake is a fruit cake with rum and requires a long preparation time. After a Dutch wedding, the couple plants lily-of-the-valley in their garden so that they can renew their love for one another every year when the plant blooms. It is amazing how both religious and ancestral wedding rites have been blended with the culture of the African ancestors of the people of the Caribbean. The cake is a dark, black, rich cake, which is a spiced fruit cake soaked in rum. If you’re looking to throw a Jamaican wedding, here are the ultimate wedding traditions you should know about and incorporate. This is where the couple go away to enjoy and relax following the wedding. Everyone that attends the wedding mingle with each other and may also follow the religious celebration in the church from outside the church. The Caribbean wedding traditions are really interesting and exciting due to the fact that many Caribbean islands follow the wedding traditions of the Americans while the others create a peculiar blend of the African and European cultures which is typically Caribbean and could be found nowhere in the world. A traditional rum-flavored wedding cake is hidden from guests with a fine white table cloth, where wedding guests have to pay for a small peek. Some ingredients in these cakes are kept in jars for months before the wedding date.

The villagers are accustomed to take to the streets to witness the procession of the bride and groom and their families. Many Caribbean customs have evolved over time through European, African and Colonial influences. The bride will arrange a hen party and the groom will arrange a stag before the wedding, at which time the couple spend time with close friends and family to enjoy their late moments of single life. Caribbean island wedding information She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in history and anthropology from Grand Valley State University. The doll will have mementos and souvenirs pinned to it and guests will pin money onto the doll, King Attarney Wins ‘Canada Rumble’ Sound Clash. As is generally the case in the Caribbean islands, a couple who cannot leave the island for their honeymoon is entitled to one week vacation during which their privacy is respected by all.


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