can i run with a broken finger

Tape your messed up finger to another finger and avoid the being part of a wall for a free kick. Often, the only way to be certain is to get an x-ray of the finger. Gently press your fingernail, then watch how long it takes for it to turn pink again. This is an x-ray of an oblique (diagonal) fracture of a metacarpal.

In some cases, your doctor may strap your broken finger to the finger next to it, known as buddy taping. It may need treatment to heal properly. bridge exercise with a knee tuck on a swiss ball, This Week Last Year: Bonking, Doping, and Cheating (oh my!) For more help from our Medical co-author, including how to determine the severity of the injury, read on. The tip of my middle finger is bending towards my palm. I have buddy-taped it for almost 3 days now and it's, "I really liked how this included a step-by-step with pics. If the fracture is unstable, the injured finger will need to be immobilized. PubMed Central Temporary splinting, ice, and pain control are helpful supportive treatments.

To treat your finger properly, you should first determine how severe your injury is. I don't imagine you'll have anywhere near as long off or have to be so cautious once you're back at it.

You should also get immediate medical care if there is a lot of blood coming from an open wound on your finger. This article has been viewed 881,207 times. Sign Up to Receive Our Free Coroanvirus Newsletter, Slideshow: Care for Bumps, Bruises, Sprains, and Strains. It will usually be the result of some kind of impact or collision. If the finger is not aligned correctly, it may affect the healing of your finger and cause permanent disability. Your doctor may be able to give you some gentle hand exercises. I didn’t bother getting it x-rayed because it is a waste of money. But these could still be signs of a fractured or broken finger and require immediate medical attention. Ouch, bad enough once getting a broken finger, Going to do what what you all have said and not run for a couple of weeks, see how it feels then. If the fracture is severe, you may see bruising. It may be 3 to 4 months before full strength returns to your hand. There are 3 bones in each of your fingers and they are all arranged in the same manner. Can I treat my broken finger by taping it to an adjacent finger and avoid a doctor visit? strength-training exercises that use grip strength, which include upright rows or Thanks anniemurph, looks like my dog is going to get some really long walks. If it didn't occur at work I'd still tell your employer that your finger is broken but that you haven't seen a doctor for it yet and then see what they say. Exercises you can try include the following: You should avoid certain exercises with an injured finger, such as the following: Read more: A 15-Minute Strength-Training Workout Using Only a Pull-Up Bar. All rights reserved. The best prevention for finger fractures is safety. 2. Smart Grocery Shopping When You Have Diabetes, Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats, Coronavirus in Context: Interviews With Experts. A broken finger can preclude you from certain activities and make your daily life awkward, from driving to sending a text message. Keep your finger elevated as you ice it, above your heart. It is really swollen and bruised. If the pain and swelling does not go away, you should get medical treatment to confirm the finger is only sprained and not fractured or broken. Moving it will stop it getting stiff. After I finished the sets, though, the finger definately ached. I haven’t tried them yet, but plan on playing around with them at some point in the near future. But provided you stick to the proper guidelines and follow the advice of your doctor, you can at least keep working out with a broken finger.

As the swelling continues, the finger will become stiff and difficult to move. I think I broke my finger. Injuries may range from simple bruises or contusions to broken bones. The tape should not squeeze or pinch your finger.

Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A week ago, I broke my ring finger. But for fitness enthusiasts, you don't need to sit out your entire workout — you can still exercise with a broken finger. ", "I had broken my finger and I did not know what to do.

You're not alone. Most fingers are broken by machines or as a result of sporting injuries.

The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse A broken finger occurs when you fracture one of the bones in any of your fingers. According to an October 2014 study in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, grip strength correlates with injuries in hands. Control Swelling. The same goes for the bridge exercise with a knee tuck on a swiss ball that Bud Gibson had turned me onto.

BTW, everything I read says you are better off continuing to exercise while healing *unless* you are damaging the affected area. ", "The most helpful tip was to go see a doctor as soon as you can after the injury.

Once your finger is more comfortable try some walking and speed it up as and when you can that way once you are able to get back to running it will be easier for you. Support wikiHow by

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Trustworthy Source The time off is killing me. training. Watch out for numbness or tingling as well, since these can be symptoms of nerve damage caused by a broken bone. A 54-year-old member asked: Will you be able to move a broken finger? Activity may aggravate your injury and cause increased pain, so it is best not to use the injured hand until your follow-up appointment with your orthopedic surgeon.

Close menu. A broken finger or thumb usually heals within 2 to 8 weeks, but it can take longer. Swelling and bruising will appear quite quickly. In some cases, there may still be some range of motion and only dull pain.


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