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Intake & exhaust duration @ .050" and LSA are commonly available on most camshaft sellers' websites (e.g. This calculator is useful for finding out your IVC @ .050" number when your cam is a brand like Comp Cams which typically only provides you with an IVC @ .006" number. Just place an order over $99, and we'll drop the shipping and handling charge. Camshaft Valve Timing Degrees Calculator Find out your camshaft's valve timing events @.050" lift by inputting intake & exhaust duration @.050", LSA, and intake centerline. Cam Degree Calculator: Wallace Racing BACK to Calculators Use Advertised Durations - usually at .006" If you use .050" Duration numbers the opening/close will be at .050" Cam Calculator: Advertised Intake Duration: Advertised Exhaust Duration: LSA: Intake Centerline: Input All Values please Advanced Engine …

You can tweak any of the four events in the calculator to learn what the resulting duration, lobe separation, and advance would be under the new conditions. ! Summit Racing or Jegs).

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If you only have an IVC @ .006" number, then that IVC number will need to be converted to IVC "@ .050 lift" in order to use this calculator correctly.

You can calculate your @ .050" valve timing numbers here based on intake/exhaust duration @ .050", lobe separation (LSA), and intake centerline. Get up to speed with special offers and event info! Learn More, Over 1 Million parts from more than 1000 trusted brands, more parts added all the time. This is the second component in overlap and is a compromise between reversion at low rpm and part throttle and the positive effects of scavenging higher in the power band and WOT. Use commas to separate multiple addresses. The camshaft timing card included with your cam provides the essential specifications for installing your cam correctly.

For a written guide on choosing a cam from the Summit website using the calculator's outputs, read How To Purchase The Perfect Cam.

In the middle area, change the centerlines and see what it does to the individual events and the resulting Lobe Separation and … We just learned about a new tool that pretty much eliminates the confusion and uncertainty, courtesy of our friends at Summit Racing, and their partners in developing it—the cam experts at Cam Motion. How the Cam Timing Calculator Works The Summit Racing Cam Timing Calculator does two things: It converts duration, lobe separation, and advance into the four individual timing events that will ultimately dictate engine performance. That new tool—your new secret weapon—is the new Summit Racing Cam Timing Calculator.

Even when we fully understand the individual timing events and how each of them interact in a four-stroke engine’s piston and valve motion, the complexity of it all can bring confusion and uncertainty to the cam selection process.

It also works the opposite way. However, Comp Cams will typically provide valve timing numbers '@ .006" lift'.

Our famous Summit Racing catalog and specialty catalogs too! !

(*excluding holidays). Powered by Summit Racing - courtesy of Cam Motion, How the Summit Racing Cam timing Calculator Works. Learn More. This calculator will help you rapidly determine the perfect camshaft for your application. The idle gets rougher when we open the valve earlier BTDC, but we net more airflow on the intake stroke. Pumping losses are caused by pressure working against the piston when it’s on the upstroke after BDC.

If opening the intake Atdc or closing the exhaust Btdc, enter as a negative (-) number. Notes: Our customer support team is available 7 days a week to help you. An interactive camshaft calculator where engine builders can see how valve overlap (and boost efficiency) is affected by a camshaft’s physical design.

In previous articles, we’ve talked about the importance of Considering Individual Timing Events When Choosing a Cam to help us determine the duration, lobe separation and advance needed. Camshaft Lobe Center / Duration Calculator: Intake Opens BTDC (ATDC is -) : (in degrees) Intake … Your headquarters for the hottest new products! Intake/exhaust duration @ .050" and … PONTIAC POWER RULES ! It helps rid the cylinder of burnt gasses, but it’s a compromise. This is the first component in overlap and the most important to idle quality. Opening too early before BDC decreases pressure on the piston that could be used to turn the crank, but reduces pumping losses. This is the least critical of the four events due to high residual cylinder pressure blasting out of the cylinder even before the piston hits BDC.

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We trade low-end torque for high-end horsepower when we close the intake valve later after BDC.

In general most street engines will have 20 to 30 degrees of overlap and most performance cams will have 50 to 60 … In the middle area, change the centerlines and see what it does to the individual events and the resulting Lobe Separation and Advance. Featured products from your favorite shows!

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To learn how to use the calculator and find a cam based on results, watch How the Summit Racing Cam timing Calculator Works.

In the upper area, calculate individual valve events and lobe centerlines by entering Intake and Exhaust Duration, Lobe Separation and Advance. Learn how your comment data is processed. For accuracy in comparisons, always use figures measured @ .050 in. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the lower area, enter individual events to generate the cam's required Intake and Exhaust Duration, Centerlines, Lobe Separation and Advance numbers. Holiday shipping notice: Order now to avoid delays! Camshaft Secret Weapon: Choose Perfect Cam with New Summit Racing Cam Timing Calculator, Considering Individual Timing Events When Choosing a Cam. Find it and several other helpful calculators and tools to help you determine compression ratio, gear ratio, CFM requirements, and more on Summit Racing’s Calculators and Tools page.]. It also works the opposite way.


This is especially important for cars with electronic injection which are dependent on idle vacuum to run correctly.

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! Some cards also include overlap and valvespring specs.

Calculate Camshaft Lobe Centers and Duration. We’ll beat any advertised price on an in-stock product. Terms of Use | Privacy and Security | Site Accessibility

A small donation would be appreciated. It includes lobe lift, net valve lift, timing points at the advertised duration, duration at 0.050-inch lift, lobe separation angle, and the installed intake centerline.

How a 4-Stroke Engine’s Piston Motion and Valve Events Interact.

Camshaft Calculator: For a more accurate calculation try Larry Meaux's Pipe Max.

Here’s a quick recap of the four events in order of importance: This event has the most control over the powerband.

[NOTE: Looking for the Summit Racing Cam Timing Calculator? We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product (proof of advertised price required)!


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