burma trail wwii

We have to go 133 miles like this but we do not mind anything now that we are nearly at the end of our travels. public. A slow run to Bombay in a liner converted for troops, two days by train across India, troopship to Singapore, same trooper to Rangoon - arriving after about three months travelling with stopovers in army camps.

Jennifer had one toy with her - a baby doll which shut its eyes when laid down, it was an object of great fascination to the Nagas! The contributions also give an insight into the colonial-style living of that era which was to be shattered by war and later by the postwar bid for independence in India, Burma and Malaya. Stilwell maintained control of the CAI by having his own liaison officers in the unit. We started out for TAMU. Of the 3,000 men who had gone out, only 2,200 returned and only 600 of these men were considered to be fit for further operations. And some of our coolies seem to have run away which is annoying, but we seem to be able to manage without them. Jill Ricketts Joined party at TAMU The march was fairly easy as it was mostly down hill and of course we are getting into training.

Completed in 1939, it functioned for three years as a vital supply route to the interior of China from the outside world, carrying war goods transported by sea to Rangoon (Yangon) and then by train to the Lashio railhead. Here their supply lines were stretched to the limit and only a minority of the Japanese Army was stationed there – the majority were in the Pacific region. Lieutenant General William Slim's Offensive June 1944 - March 1945 Map b) Mandalay-Meiktila Area Approach to the Irrawaddy River and Seizure of Meiktila December 1944 - March 1945 Map c) The Economic Radious of Transport Aircraft from Air Bases January - May 1945. However, though the Japanese army had become defensive in mentality, this did not mean that it was passive. Whilst we were waiting in the camp at Tamu those in charge made arrangements for small bamboo chairs on poles to carry the children and a larger one for Mrs. Wheeler who could not walk. We had three buses between the party.

The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not Sep 23, 2018 - Explore Kyaw Thura Tun's board "WW II BURMA FRONT", followed by 369 people on Pinterest. Hence we took the opportunity to swim/wash in a river whenever it offered! We were ready to leave this morning hours before we need as we were all woken up by mistake at 4. I think that at a couple of the more or less finished camps Latrines had been dug but nowhere else! We passed a party of British Tommies on the road and we waved madly at them!! It seemed heaven to us, after the Loondwins. The day passed the same as usual, the scenery here is really worth looking at, lovely hills and trees. The only places where there were any modest habitations were either wooden or bamboo were Tamu and Palel until of course we reached Imphal.

We did have toilet paper with us I am glad to say!!? Baby Young Aged 6 weeks, Mr. Roach Joined party at TAMU There is an acute shortage of water, and we are rationed to a pint or so each. Our highest point was about 7,000 ft. We were up early before 5 a.m. and marched for ten miles until we were about three miles from PALEL. However, the first assault by the Chindits was portrayed as a success by those in charge of Allied forces in the Far East. Message 1 - A3338804 - DIARY OF THE TREK OUT OF BURMA 1942 Posted on: 12 December 2004 by tfitzp.

By moving south, the CAI would have to engage the Japanese in combat. For the first time, the Japanese army had been seriously weakened where the Chindits had taken them on. History Map of World War II: India, China, and Burma 1944/45. In the event that you consider anything on this page to be in breach of the site's House Rules, please click here.

It will be marvellous to start off, as an enormous party of non-Europeans had arrived this morning and had filled up the camp. Omissions? We had our meal and rested all the afternoon. At this time, China was ’governed’ by Chiang Kai-shek though his country was in disarray with the occupation by the Japanese and the rebellion by Mao Zedong’s Communist Party. We marched seven and half miles, climbing for about five and the remainder going down to the camp. Nan Crawford Aged 4. A BBTC extra assistant arrived in the morning to deal with the stores arriving for the evacuation camps, a Mr. Middleton by name.

The Chindits used classic guerrilla tactics against the Japanese, attacking Japanese forces where they least expected an attack. We left YUWA early. Archive List > Diaries > Individually Contributed Diaries. They found only light Japanese resistance and many Japanese posts were manned by just a few soldiers.

Despite the losses to the Chindits, the boost to the morale of Allied forces, especially in India, was huge. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Padre. John Mustill Aged 3, Mrs. Crawford Phillip Young Aged 4 Field Marshal Sir Archibald Wavell had given a seemingly eccentric British officer the task of organising a military force that could operate behind the lines of the Japanese. We walked the last couple of miles along a jungle track. Corrections? Merrill’s Marauders were three thousand men who volunteered to go on a secret mission in World War II. It was in Burma, that Orde Wingate and the Chindits found fame and it was in Burma where the Japanese Army suffered serious military setbacks that led to them retreating back east.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'historylearningsite_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',129,'0','0'])); The Japanese had advanced to Burma as her army had steamrollered all before it between 1942 and 1943.

The description of the flying-boat passage out to Burma, with interesting stopovers [some with hotel accomodation] was great.

The whole camp was up and ready to start at dawn, the other party coming with us, the coolies were late in turning up! We stopped at a place called MAO for lunch. Officers were expected to train as well as men and discipline played a very large part in their training. We had just got our bedding and nets ready for the night when there was a most terrific storm and most of us got drenched. The Indian camp which is further downstream, through which we had to pass to get to ours was burnt down owing to the Cholera outbreak. We finally got started about 11:00.a.m. See more ideas about Burma, Burma campaign, Wwii. Burma was criss-crossed with jungle, mountains, rivers and mangrove swamps. Illustrating: Third Burma Campaign. We had dinner in the refreshment room on the station, the officers who were using it as a mess waited until we had finished. He had his wireless and we listened to the news and heard messages from people in Rangoon to their families in India. I have got some nasty blisters, which are painful.

We arrived at TENGNAUPAL Camp about 12:15p.m.

We are over 6,000 ft. up here and it is pretty cold. We were rather late getting started this morning, the coolies were ready before us, and we were still eating our porridge!!

Fay and I found an attractive pool in the river that runs by the camp and had a lovely swim.

Although our journey was not exactly comfortable, we were much better off than those who came later, or found themselves up in the North of the country and hoping to fly out from Myitkyina. So the drill was that when we camped for the night, Burramia proved him self adept at getting a fire going and would assist the Padres in cooking the rice and dishing it out to everyone. Malaria was a very real problem.


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