bristol city council housing bidding

It is currently taking 16 weeks to assess a new application or to assess changes of circumstances on an application. Please be aware that government guidance around Covid-19 is subject to change, and moving home could be suspended again. This week we’v, Definitely need saving from Coronavirus lockdown b, Today’s UK Coronavirus Lockdown Boredom Video is, Celebrating Easter Sunday with the Mormons. Other housing options. Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. Read our guide: Housing in Bristol is reaching crisis level and those bidding on Homechoice Bristol are finding it a very long and extremely stressful process. Remember that although bidding should be in priority order, there are occasionally conditions attached. They may run credit and affordability checks.

You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances. Before you apply, it may be useful to check if you qualify for HomeChoice Bristol. After you've registered your details, you'll need to complete the online application form. Housing Associations can be very strict on bidders they accept. Before you apply, View next section Who can apply

Use our online assessment to see your options (this is not to apply for Social Housing or to bid for properties). But you cannot see how many people are above you for other properties you are eligible for but cannot bid on because you have registered three bids. You must not give us false information or withhold information to get a property. We will contact you once your application has been assessed. What are Housing Associations.

Who can apply, View next section How the banding system works This is a new development at Imperial Apartments.

The website contains information about the council's housing policy and allows you to apply and then bid for properties online.

It doesn’t matter at which point you bid because it is worked out on your need in the system. You don’t even need to be on the register to access this. Most importantly, make sure you are in the right banding. A range of apartments is being offered in this development on a 12-month ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCY basis with a Private landlord called CARIDON. Bidding on a property. We recommend you check the website every week for suitable properties. You must be eligible for social housing to apply for a property through HomeChoice Bristol.

Fewer people want the sixth floor in a high rise in Hartcliffe. View next section How to apply They may have caring responsibilities with elderly family members. How the banding system works. There's a high demand for social housing in Bristol. Read our Privacy Policy for more information. Once you have registered your household, completed and submitted your HomeChoice Bristol application form your application will be assessed and you will be told if you qualify to be included on HomeChoice Bristol. If your circumstances change. They won’t take people with a background of antisocial behaviour and new builds may have a mix of property owners and social housing tenants.

Always file away paperwork very carefully as even years down the line, this can be incredibly helpful. 1.1.6 Queries on the policies and practices detailed in this scheme, or any aspect of the provision of the rehousing service, can be directed to: Bristol City Council HomeChoice Bristol (TS), PO Box 3176, Bristol BS3 9FS For further information on HomeChoice Bristol see Find out more about Bristol HomeChoice

One current annoying feature of Homechoice Bristol is that when you have used your three bids, you can see how many people are above you. Forget bidding on houses.

This means by bidding you are maximising your chances and could even be bidding on as many as nine properties in your three bids. For more information about the Housing Register and other housing advice, contact HomeChoice Bristol. Bristol Launches School Attendance Taskforce. Pay your rent, report a problem and get information about living in a council property Finding a home Looking for somewhere to live, homeless or at risk of losing your home, and the Housing Register.

Chopsy Bristol 2020 (c). Are they a short bus ride away? I had a spare five minutes so I called the council's disabled social worker team, because I 've been waiting for a call since March, to find out if autism still isn't disabled enough. What are Housing Associations. It’s really important to make sure you are maximising your chances of winning a bid in an honest, effective and ethical way. View next section What are Housing Associations, View previous section Other housing options, View next section If your circumstances change, View previous section What are Housing Associations, View previous section If your circumstances change, Coronavirus (COVID-19): service updates and health advice, advice if you're worried about becoming homeless, check if you qualify for HomeChoice Bristol, HomeChoice Bristol housing options assessment, Find a home to rent with a private landlord, Social housing lettings scheme: have your say, your application reference number, this will be the same as the registration number given to you when you registered your household, the band your application has been assessed into, the number of bedrooms we think your household needs, make any necessary changes to your band and priority date, log in using your reference number and memorable date.

Thank you for your co-operation.

This is because when they are putting up several flats in one building, they may list three in one bid. Please be aware that government guidance around Covid-19 is subject to change, and moving home could be suspended again. Read the criteria on the Homechoice website very carefully. This is a new development offering a range of apartments. Look at all the properties on the bidding cycle. Google Earth is also very good for working out what neighbourhoods you are not familiar with are like. What is HomeChoice Bristol?

Your application could get rejected if you don't qualify. Not only are they unethical, they could be discovered with simple investigation. How to apply, View next section What happens after you apply Ultimately, careful bidding, flexibility and just waiting the time it takes should see genuine priority cases rehoused in a council or Housing Association property at some point. If you'd like to know more please read our cookie policy. Keep an eye on Spotted Bristol type Facebook pages.

You can put a bid on up to three properties each week.

Refusing a property you have actually bid on will harm your application. If you council investigate and find you to be lying about your circumstances then not only will they not help, they make take action against you. There's information about becoming a private tenant, affordable housing and housing support for vulnerable, older or disabled adults on our housing pages. It will list every property, the number of people bidding and their ‘effective’ date from when they were eligible for that band. One advert was clear that bidders had to be working due to the expensive nature of the heating system.

Your application will be put into one of four bands, depending on your housing need. You'll need to register your details first. The council investigate homeless cases very carefully and only people who have a strong Bristol connection and have lived in the city two years prior to being homeless will be eligible for emergency housing help. 2 bed: £822.73, A brochure of the development can be found here, See latest news below for further details, Any queries please email You must tell us if there are any changes in your circumstances so we can: To tell us about a change in your circumstances: We'll let you know of any changes to your assesment, once we've reviewed your application. Properties are advertised and people on the housing register who qualify for that size of property can express an interest in the properties they want to be considered for. Please check that the details on your housing application are up to date and make sure that you are in a position to move before bidding for a property. The properties at Imperial Apartments are private rented  tenancies, with a Private landlord. Details of the banding system on the Home Choice Bristol website. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 1 Bed/Studio: £693.12 In the spring of 2015, the banding allocation changed. View next section What is HomeChoice Bristol? Please check that the details on your housing application are up to date and make sure that you are in a position to move before bidding for a property.

Are they on the same bus root? However remember that those above you may have bid on something they are not eligible for – read the additional notes for each property at the bottom carefully. I’ve never been to the Playhouse in Weston Super, Bristol will be getting a pantomime @bristolhipp t, Really missing seeing banging West End shows today, This has been such an interesting evening, One Nig, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child now won’t open, In a clear out, I’ve come across some show T-shi, Bristol Christmas theatre season in 1988/89. You can use this service to register and apply for social housing in Bristol. There are many people bidding on properties against you, all of whom have their own set of difficult circumstances. The form remembers the details you used when you registered. Proudly powered by WordPress Central Bristol needs a much better approach to drug use on the streets which should come from a place of support. Do not lie, manipulate or make yourself intentionally homeless.

Facebook users generally offer lots of helpful advice in response detailing how long they waited, in which band and at what position their winning bid came.

HomeChoice Bristol is the name of the scheme that Bristol City Council and our partner Housing Associations use to allocate our properties within the city. If you are falling down too far on one listing, but another listing you haven’t bid on you would be higher if you did so – swap. Details of bidding on the HomeChoice Bristol website. If you have been allocated a housing officer to deal with directly them work with them.


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