br710 engine overhaul

We continue to be at the forefront of developing and providing comprehensive service packages for managing engines throughout their life-cycle. Gulfstream V / Rolls Royce BR710 Citation X / Rolls Royce AE3007 Embraer 600 Legacy (135/145 series) / Rolls Royce AE3007. We are able to combine knowledge inherent to the designer, with the data generated from engines in operation and supply chain network to deliver services which create value for our customers. approved service centres in the CorporateCare network, BR710 powered aircraft are enrolled in CorporateCare, Trent 1000 durability improvement explained, Research and University Technology Centres, Annual General Meeting & General Meeting 7 May 2020, Rolls-Royce Holding Plc Gesamtjahresergebnis 2014, Ausbildungsmesse bei Rolls-Royce Deutschland, The excellent low noise and emission characteristics of the BR710 ensure access to all local airports around the globe, The BR710 is the cleanest and quietest engine in its class, with margin to spare it has capability to meet future, tougher rules, The BR710 is the first member of the successful BR700 family with more than 3,600 BR700 engines in service with customers worldwide, By the end of 2016 the BR710 had accumulated about 9.9m Engine Flying Hours since EIS with about 3,000 engines in service, Compressor aerodynamically and mechanically derived from larger engines provides excellent reliability, Single-crystal blade material offers improved durability, Shrouded blades provide performance retention capability and prevent rapid deterioration of engine fuel burn, Two-shaft high-bypass ratio engine with 48 inch diameter fan with 24 solid-titanium wide-chord snubberless blades to minimize noise and maximize performance, Stiffness provided by the fan blade casing further improves performance retention, Cold bypass air and hot exhaust are combined in a forced mixer that gives good propulsive efficiency and low noise generation, Technical publications and annual training, Lease engines while your engine is in the shop, Mobile repair team travel and labour cost, Nacelle - including cowls, engine build up, corrosion and thrust reverser unit maintenance (BR725, BR710 and Pearl® 15). Our goal is to make it easy to do business with us no matter where in the world the call comes from. Line Maintenance, Bombardier Global Familiarisation The record for maximum time for an engine on wing (i.e. When combined with its remote location technicians, the company has more than 100 field service personnel available for dispatch around the clock, every day of the year, anywhere in the world. If you have aircraft, engines and/or parts that need to be sold, we can arrange to do so on consignment.

Keep up to date with the latest announcements, reports and publications from Rolls-Royce. We have a fundamental role in meeting the environmental and societal opportunities and challenges that the world faces. The excellent low noise and emissions levels ensure that Full Compressor, Combuster and Turbine Overhaul; Fan Blade Change; Fan Blade Blending; Forward Fan Case Change; Exhaust Nozzle Change; Acoustic Panel Changes; QEC Change / Conversion; VSV/VBV Dynamic Rigging and Inspection; Top Case Inspection/Repairs; Fuel Nozzle Changes; LRU & Accessory Change; Engine Mount Change / Conversion “These newer engines are more modular and accommodative to on-wing maintenance,” continued Meador. Throughout our history, we have set out to achieve extraordinary goals. In addition, we provide worldwide, rapid response to customers through our Field Service network. All rights reserved. New Services – HTF7000, BR710. “We recognize the challenges our Rolls-Royce operators face due to the limited number of BR710s in the available loaner pool,” commented Greg Martin, Vice President, Business Development, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia. The BR710 provides excellent take-off and climb performance, which allows aircraft to reach cruising altitude more quickly than airliners and to fly above commercial traffic - saving both fuel and time. It's time to consider CorporateCare Enhanced. “This brings our technicians closer to large concentrations of aircraft and allows us to address an individual operator’s unique needs.”. The service offerings range from Foundation Technical Support, covering technical assistance requirements through to Operational Data Analysis, enabling decision making informed by comprehensive data management solutions. The BR725 has a bypass ratio of 4.2:1, and is 4 dB quieter than the predecessor BR710. Trent 1000 durability improvement explained, Research and University Technology Centres, Annual General Meeting & General Meeting 7 May 2020, Rolls-Royce Holding Plc Gesamtjahresergebnis 2014, Ausbildungsmesse bei Rolls-Royce Deutschland, First flight powering the new Gulfstream V (G550) took place November 1995, First flight of the Bombardier Global Express took place in October 1996, Followed by its specific BR710 engine certification in January 1997, A 2-shaft, high-bypass-ratio engine with a single-stage low pressure (LP) compressor and 10-stage high pressure (HP) compressor, driven by a 2-stage HP turbine and 2-stage LP turbine respectively, Single low emissions annular combustor with 20 burners, Long life on wing, low fuel burn and excellent environmental performance that contributes to low operating costs with maximum reliability, BR710 powered aircraft have established world records in the field of speed, altitude and range, All components of the engine are optimized to keep noise to a minimum, Acting as original equipment manufacturer to maximise your engine availability.


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