boxing vs kung fu
Combative fighting is no longer the focus in modern Kung Fu. Kung Fu styles like Taichi (Chinese: 太极) and Qigong (Chinese:  气功) are practised as a mainstream fitness/health exercise. Indeed, if combat training is not methodical, the profound techniques of kungfu become a liability instead of an asset. Kung Fu vs Muay Thai: two stand-up fighting styles that derived from similar cultures of the Far East. One represents traditional martial arts while one is arguably the more practical and competitive style. Kung Fu is an ancient martial art that has been created around 2500 years ago.

They fought for the first time in the Wu Lin Feng World Championship in 2015 in what was dubbed the “Fight of the Century” . That makes a lot of sense and maybe the best explanation for any combat art comparison. Thai boxing is younger: it has been around for 600 years but also has a rich history and traditions. Martial arts fans love pitting one fighting style against another. A more recent and more publicized battle between Kung Fu vs Muay Thai was the one between Buakaw Banchamek versus Yi Long.

Thai boxers on the other hand practice their skills by sparring. Take this with a pinch of salt. In conclusion, a Kung Fu practitioner stands very little chance against a trained Nak Muay in the ring. An opponent using Western Boxing is very fast. Kung Fu, just like Karate, is generally known to a wider audience, especially thanks to famous adepts and actors like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. Or it is just a matter of one fighter being more skilled than the other. Head butts were also part of the original arsenal but it has been restricted in the modern sport. Practicing forms and poses don't prepare a fighter for a real battle with skilled opponents and it is not a very effective way to learn either. All by KO in matter of few minutes. It would be helpful to smoothly count “1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, ...” as you perform the four patterns of each sequence, performing the pattern smoothly and with force as you count it. And if he understand combat principles and apply them, his chance of defeating a Western Boxing opponent is much enhanced. Take your pick as we look at the arguments for each art. Yi Long has also taken on several other renowned Muay Thai champions including Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee, Sitthichai Sitsonpeenong and Saiyok Pumpanmuang. Kung Fu vs Muay Thai: two stand-up fighting styles that derived from similar cultures of the Far East. I practice Muaythai as it’s suits me most, mentally and physically. The event – 2 Chinese martial artists from Hong Kong travelled to Thailand to fight in challenge matches against Muay Thai fighters. Because they are unable to apply complex kungfu techniques skillfully, many kungfu exponents, including some masters, mistakenly think that kungfu techniques are too flowery and stances are too cumbersome for combat.

I move my left leg a slight step to my left into a left Bow-Arrow Stance and swing my right reverse fist upward at his right ribs, using the pattern “Throw ball in Waves”. Chinese fighters have learned their lesson and started training and adapting to Thai kickboxing fighting style. It’s Kung Fu vs Muay Thai – which is better? Why? But he must not merely use the techniques. In the beginning practice the sequence slowly, ensuring that the form of each pattern is correct. So, how would you respond to fast, deceptive punches. They are also “real”, which in this case means they are “straight-forward” without being “tricky”, compared with the deceptive punches which can be “real” or “apparent”. As everyone knows, Kung Fu started in China. This allows Nak Muays the opportunity to have a taste of what actual combat is like. The first “Lohan Strikes Drum” or “Throw Ball in Waves” would have broken his arm or ribs, rendering him inefficacious to continue combat.

Differences Between Boxing Punch vs Traditional Martial Arts Punch Posted on February 4, 2013 May 13, 2020 by admin This post looks at the differences and relative advantages/disadvantages of the a boxing punch compared with a traditional martial arts (Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu) punch. It is also trying to get an Olympic recognition. The problem is not due to the kungfu techniques and stances but due to the lack of skills in using them. Immediately, and almost irrespective of how Darryl responds, I move my left leg diagonally forward and swing my right reversed fist upward at his left ribs, using “Throw Ball in Waves”. An understanding and application of combat principles will help to overcome this situation. There are hundreds of fighting styles in Kung Fu with Shaolin being the most widely-practised and well-known style around the world. Learn how your comment data is processed. Muay Boran transitioned into Muay Thai around the 1920s with the introduction of gloves, referees, rounds, time limits and boxing ring.

In a real fight, the opponent will be put out of action with just one or two strikes.

Muay Thai versus Taekwondo In the end, though, Buakaw was declared the rightful winner as he clearly won two of the three rounds. It lacks the grace and fluidity of Kung-Fu’s moves, which are more pleasing to the eyes. These days, Shaolin Kung Fu is largely practised for performance and entertainment. (*NOTE: Source is challenged and disputed by many Chinese as having no proper citation or documented evidence. The one exception is Sanda, the Chinese kickboxing style developed by the Chinese military. This continues to be the key focus in modern Muay Thai sport. The venue, the fabled Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok – perhaps the most hallowed stadium in all of Muay Thai. The Chinese monk lost on all occasions. Again, Kung-Fu places its focus on forms while Muay Thai embraces sparring as a major part of its training. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Muay Thai fighters from all over the world and a lot of Chinese Thai Boxing adepts competing against each other. Same as Karate, Kung Fu is built around forms while the main focus of Muay Thai is sparring. Most importantly, it is always fun to discuss and dissect these types of match-ups. It is not uncommon for many kungfu students, even after many years of kungfu training, to find it hard to fight against Western Boxing opponents, especially if the training of the kungfu students consists mainly or solely of form practice. As Western Boxing opponents are fast, it would be disadvantageous to match them with speed. Actually there are many. Muay Thai training focuses on developing devastating striking power and sparring practice which in contrast with Kung Fu. What are their weaknesses. The traditional Thai martial art is now referred to as Muay Boran. In your training, once your techniques are correct you should focus on skills. These tournaments allowed Kung Fu practitioners to pit their skills against each other of different styles with no protection or weight class. These are the earliest documented match-ups between Chinese Kung Fu and Muay Thai that I have found in my research. Remember, there are no rules in a street fight. It’s the proverbial “style versus style” match-up. Next, practice the sequence smoothly but with force, treating the four patterns as if they were one long pattern. An opponent using Western Boxing is very fast. Throughout Kung Fu history, “Lei Tai” (Chinese: 擂台 translation: elevated boxing stage) full-contact competitions were held. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thai martial arts’ origins date back to about 600 years ago and it was created out of a need for a fighting art on the battlefield. And even ordinary folk practiced the art as a form of self-defense. A person might know all the fighting skills in the world but doesn’t have the heart or willingness to fight in a street fight or real-life situation. It also shows why proper body conditioning and great stamina are so important to become a complete fighter. Actually there are many excellent kungfu techniques a kungfu exponent can use against a Western Boxing opponent. Which of the two arts is more suited for real-life situations? Can you please explain how a kungfu exponent can fight against a Western Boxing opponent? It might even give us a clue as to which will prevail. It is true that kungfu techniques are more profound, but they fail to realize that combat efficiency depends on many other factors.


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