bosch ice maker self test

Use the height-adjustable feet. 0000008462 00000 n

This machine has lately started making a buzzing sound that seems to be originating from the ice maker. • For 5 minutes after the ice maker begins a “harvest” cycle. 0000022556 00000 n

0000023571 00000 n Unplug the refrigerator and reconnect any loose connections on the wire harness for the main control board module and the display control module. Fault: The temperature in the refrigerator compartment is too cold. Remedial action: Buttons cannot be pressed. Freezer evaporator sensor. To reset the control, wait until the ice maker “parks,” then unplug the refrigerator for 5 seconds, and repeat the test. After auto diagnostic test, E06 is displayed, if evaporator sensor fails. Fault: Warning signal sounds, alarm button 5 lights up. Freezer compartment temperature sensor is defective.

Register for free and enjoy many benefits! It’s easy to replace a worn or torn gasket. After checking this section, additional help can be found by calling the Bosch Customer Interaction Center, 1–800–944–2904 (toll-free), from anywhere in the U.S.A.

Possible cause: A fault caused the freezer compartment to become too warm in the past. If the water pressure is sufficient, use a multimeter to check for power to the water inlet valve. <<3ECE032293D70E47B8C474B1E60F24BC>]>> ޶��z@@E/�b���&� ���l0��L���0K�$��PL̎�1oi���Y�ZfǢ5��O�qq3c��f�)�-�JK ���k�T-:��^�����X��+������?�^�3��\t��#���%Y�˕�iÔ���c�gX�s��;���LL��ڔ9%��m�����4{A�� e�-=XQ&��(�5;��l[����V�핒U��(�R�m�)ي�%%>+Ͼ�$�D�r��S�����%��H-�J�J)Ȳ�Wh��.��q}ݸ��qC9��q#8.��F�p����.�4.��\�D.��9�M� �qA:n$Ǎ�AJ�Ȑ�Q���%,|��IS�Ϝ5{����t[FfVv�=�p�

See how the different components in your refrigerator work together to cool your food. This is the way the ice maker is designed to operate. Choose a symptom to see related refrigerator repairs.

Clean the appliance with a soft cloth, using lukewarm water and a small amount of pH-balanced dishwashing liquid. 0000003026 00000 n Check main voltage, Largequantities of fresh food placed in the appliance, Large quantities of fresh food are being frozen, To switch off the warning signal, press the alarm button 5, Ensure that there is adequate ventilation, When the fault has been eliminated, the alarm button 5 goes out shortly afterwards. Page 24: Appliance Self-Test If you need service, first see the section “Eliminating minor faults yourself” of this book. Fault: The refrigerating unit switches on more and more frequently and for longer. 2 4 1: Self Test Failed as Door was open. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a06a7298d31696f333069ce6a7bc000d" );document.getElementById("d9c02b491f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

� @x YpI���zkT�m�,Z��Q�����`ڪ����`ϱG Enter your zip code below to view estimated delivery dates. The display goes out. Remedial action: Start appliance self-test (see chapter Appliance self-test). If the E11 code returns after you restore electrical power, replace the display control module. Ice tray heater or icemaker electronic is faulty. We have a Bosch B22CS80 refrigerator. Wipe the door seal with clear water only and then thoroughly wipe dry. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Remedial action: When the alarm button 5 is pressed, the temperature display 4 stops flashing. 0000031608 00000 n Frozen food is at risk! Check main voltage, Main voltage is to low. Fridge evaporator sensor No failure message during normal operation. 0000024698 00000 n The appliance is touching adjacent units or appliances: Move the appliance away from adjacent units or appliances. ��`�Tbn2Lb|���d���+��X�pW™��1�Q�A�A�A��D�lFY&i��L��o39I�d�Ƞ�x�)�)�+����ffN����D��3�1�1��~f4dpb�dx�hĚ ��ca�dX��)PR�E���5���� `b7 �gT��0 ɋ�? 0000002060 00000 n Fault: The interior light does not function. Discover quality, perfection, and reliability. Keep track of the models you own in your profile. ���P�@�4��uuu~�*�����m���[--���l �JJJ���`�����ZRD17�#MP�fKKk@R����$�c�����@�rec@�R�Z�u�p����2��Y1��@,R�,P�7�� �

Pack strong-smeltingfoods in airtight containers, Bosch Refrigerator 3-door model-French door. • For 5 minutes after the ice maker begins a “harvest” cycle.

0000024083 00000 n At Bosch, we continuously aim to improve our website and the information we provide. trailer


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