blood hag 5e

This sisterly bond meant they might also reconcile, perhaps if a source of mutual hatred presented itself,[8] and while these relationships were largely lacking in emotion they were often the closest hags had to "friends". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Your size is Medium.Speed. They would modify their clothes with bits of gore and refuse, wear bits of skin and bone, spin cloth from innards and put all manner of litter in their hair, and those were only the things they would wear. When making a saving throw against a spell or other magical effect, and roll a 1, you can reroll, taking the new result even if it is a 1. As was said, all things came in groups of three, good, bad and strange alike. General Information Their skin changing color, their eyes becoming sunken and their fingers becoming as sharp as daggers. Examples: Black Morwen, Auntie Wormtooth, Rotten Ethel, Vallu Gsmom. [3][12] Conversely, the heinous deeds of hags earned them powerful enemies, good-aligned dragons and giants being known to hunt them and kill them if given the chance. Night hags typically live in the Underdark, and Lower Planes, and have purple, black, or rarely pale white skin. The hags put a spell on me, three times three, and made me their slave for a thousand days. [17], Apart from gods, hags were known to be spiritual in sense that they had their own superstitions, the most famous of them being the Rule of Three. Their children feel a sense of comfort in these environments.

Sometimes uniquely gifted and particularly wicked mortal spellcasters, like wizards, sorcerers and even warlocks, would be invited or allowed to compete for a spot in a coven, typically if the pair of hags had some use for the unusual member. The Brew of Black Eyes for example required a sliver of hag tongue, the Brew of the Beloved needing the warty scalps of each creator as well as the hair of a dozen fair maidens, and the Brew of Cegilune's Blessing demanded a blood-stained idol of the goddess and ample portions of the creators' flesh. This is true for their generally marginally better-looking offspring, though they look less like a drowned corpse than a sea hag would. Desperation was the best bargaining tool of a hag, the common factor in a majority of their dealings being that others sought them out for help even when aware of their wicked ways out of sheer sense of necessity. Magic returned threefold upon its source, many spells were cast by chanting a phrase thrice, and covens required at least a trio to function. [2], Weird magic items could be things like mummified toads that spewed clouds of ink, bottles of wasps that stitched wounds, mirrors that shattered into clouds of glass, jars of death slugs, undeath-sensing eyeballs or containers with memories inside. Various depictions of hags Not everything in a hag's home was magical; some had magical uses but others with strange creatures, bits of lore, and things of magical origin. The decrepit frame of hags belied their supernatural strength and swiftness, for the crones could crush smaller beings one-handed and easily jump obstructions in their path. You regain use of this trait once you complete a short or long rest.Horrific Appearance. Hags that were liked were might be avenged, those who owed debts might have that debt moved to the killers, and hags that were hated or had debts to hold over others were happily sent off and the killers treated to relative cordiality. 4e Hags typically shuddered at the thought of having to share their homes and under ordinary circumstances would do no such thing. The Brew of Black Eyes gave the drinker nightmares that prevented them from sleeping properly and allowed the hags to force them into telepathic correspondence. [1][4][5][10], At the end of the ritual, the life essence of all hags in the coven was bound to the eye, allowing all members to see what the eye could see so long as it was on the same plane as them, the eye being able to see in the dark. Three was the typical number of members in hag covens,[1] most commonly with each hag being a different type,[4] but any grouping of hags larger than that, the maximum in a single coven being thirteen, usually ended in catastrophe. You can have up to three iron tokens active at once. Languages. [7], Though this time was horrible, it was merely a phase; Cegilune's hateful response proved unwise as her younger rivals had far more collective worshipers then she did, and those that weren't killed were driven to the dark wilderness of the world. [3][8][10], Hags were almost universally unique in their exact forms and mannerisms, but there were typically common physical traits between them. So long as the hags of a coven remained close to each other, they might gain powers such as the ability to scry, control the weather, command nature, create plagues, divine the future, lay wicked curses, defeat some goodly champion or manipulate death, depending on what mission they were bending their magic towards. Out of a belief they were smarter, had less distortable desires, or were simply less greedy than those before them, there were those occasional few who continued to deal with hags and whose deals each hag remembered down to the letter. ", -Yeagin Silverfist, Blind Dwarf Fighter, recalling how he lost his sight. Want to know a dark secret? Your creature type is both humanoid and fey. Cegilune was unaware of her waning adoration until her eternal beauty was ended by her first wrinkle. This scheme typically ended with her revealing her true nature and attacking the victims while they were still within killing distance. [7], Cegilune's flaws were already evident as early as when she first appeared. [2] The land itself would become hostile, trees and vines attacking and dragging off passersby and fog turning the air toxic while concealing sinkholes and quicksand. Your darkvision has a range of 120 feet.Dreamer Walker. After years of slowly corrupting mortals one at a time, a hag's community of choice would run out of benevolence and the residents would become grim and hostile towards outsiders as a result of their own misery.


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