blaser r93 calibers

Montoursville, PA 17754.

Open Country Kelvin Lite Pant As Low As $148! We have built lots of prototypes and have tried many calibers that are currently unavailable from Blaser, such as 300 Blackout, 6.5 mm PRC, and 28 Nosler. The RD 17 comes with original Blaser saddle mount included. It was founded in 1957 by Horst Blaser, developing the drilling Blaser Diplomat. Blaser rifles are created for hunters by hunters. The receiver or frame can thus be made lighter, of alloys, contributing to the reduced weight of the rifle. [4] In 2015 there had been produced more than 100000 complete Blaser R8 rifles. The quick detachable rings I have listed for about $227, extra barrels at $664, and either a magnum or standard bolt head at $203. Featured IN-STOCK: Red Dot & Reflex Sights, Featured IN-STOCK: Personal Defense Weapons, Demo, Used, Blemished, and Refurbished Products, Atlas Bipods and Accu-shot Monopods (B&T Industries), Bartlein Barrels for Accuracy International Rifles, Operators Suppressor Systems - LIQUIDATION, Knight's Armament PVS-30 US Army Buy-Backs, Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4x24 ZQAR - Only $439.99, Noblex (Formerly Docter) Compact Monocular, Mauser M18 Spectacular - Starting at $399, *** 25% Off All In-stock Delta Waders!!!

There are myriads of accessories that are also available for the Blaser through Sigarms not to mention the European cartridges not offered in the States but that you can special order. [11] All of the Blaser sport optics products are price positioned in the highest premium class. Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH (pronounced: Blah-zer) is a German firearms manufacturer of high-end shotguns and rifles both for the hunting and tactical market.

[5], Blaser merged with SIGARMS in 1997, but continues autonomously producing and developing hunting rifles. 635 N. Loyalsock Ave All this interchangeability means that with several barrels and two bolt heads (standard and magnum) and the option of a synthetic stock, the R93 can cover the entire spectrum of game and conditions you expect to encounter.

In 2017 Blaser started producing binoculars [8] and the following year also telescopic sights [9][10] and Reflector sight called RD 17. R93 rifle. In between in ascending order of better Turkish walnut and more metal work on the side plates and thus cost are the Prestige and the Luxus. One source I've read stated that the Blaser R93 is the number one selling rifle in Europe and in one review in Shooting Times, it was named, "Bolt Action Rifle of the Century".

Blaser had neglected to include a scope base, and as Blaser bases are particular to both the gun and the scope rings you intend to use, they proved hard to get. When production of the R93 ended in 2016/2017, there had been produced more than 200 000 complete R93 … In the first 10 years, over 100,000 of the R93 Action-Bolt rifles were fabricated. The belly of the forend holds two captive screws accepted by two pillared receptacles on the underside of each barrel. The new WSM calibers have recently been added. The bolt pull is in a straight line back and then forward into battery; there is no up and down motion. The bolt utilizes a "patented Radial Locking System that expands a full 360-degrees to make rigid contact inside the barrel for an exceptionally strong, solid lockup" (a quote from the Blaser brochure, Sigarms, 2003). mounts and 1" rings and a Leupold 3x9 compact comes in at 7 lbs. ***. The following models are currently available. | 635 N. Loyalsock Ave, Montoursville, PA 17754 Sigarms customer service has told me some who buy an R93 will buy both bolts for just this reason. [citation needed], Last edited on 21 September 2020, at 17:35, "Blaser: The Evolution of German Hunting Rifles", Blaser USA: Luxus - Production of R93 stopped, Blaser Bling!

To my notion there is a definite audible and tactile "click-clack" to working this action. The bolt face is recessed to enclose the cartridge head and has a big, no-nonsense extractor. As well as the usual slide forward and backward of a tang safety, there is a slight up and down maneuver required which was initially foreign to me, but this quickly resolved with practice. The bolt fits inside a breechblock or I would say a shroud to which the bolt handle is attached and rides on two guide rails as the action is opened or closed.

Recently we have decided that we want to start producing and offering aftermarket barrels for the R8. With the action open this is what holds the barrel in the forend channel. All rights reserved. These are very unique looking rifles, immediately catching the eye wherever they are seen. The Blaser R93 breaks down into the four major components — stock, barrel, bolt and magazine — with the use of a simple (and supplied) Allen wrench. Popular Calibers in Stock, Others available to order. Dryshod Southland High Veil Whitetail Boot, Dryshod Trailmaster High Camo/Timber Boot. The uniquely designed Blaser R93 is made in Germany and is certainly a rifle but may be more aptly described as a system. This certainly raises possibilities in a family where one member (I am left-handed) shoots from the "wrong" shoulder. | EuroOptic, Ltd Blaser makes their barrels by hammer forging. That's right; one can take a right hand R93, remove the bolt and replace it with a left-hand bolt. Blaser makes their barrels by hammer forging. About Us 5 ounces. With the safety engaged, it is also uncocked and vice versa. The R93 is not very light by today's standards but is certainly not too heavy. The standard rifle weighs in at 6.6 lbs. All rights reserved. Dealer retail prices are usually somewhat below these catalog figures. I can buy that. [citation needed].

This is contained wholly in the barrel chamber. Each "petal" is in effect a mini-lug expanding equally to point of contact inside the barrel with the others distributing back thrust equally throughout the 360-degrees. The rail standard used is the Zeiss ZM/VM type. Blaser R8 Pro Success Brown with Leather Trim - Stock The R93 series can change calibers in minutes with very little effort. The Sigarms 2003 catalog shows eleven 22" barrels available for mini (.222, .223), and standard cartridges from .22-250 to .30-06 and eleven 26" barrels chambered from .257 Weatherby to the .416 Remington Magnum. Blaser gunsmiths transform quality components of high-grade steel and precious walnut to create a truly stunning masterpiece.

R8 Serial Number 100,000 Showcased at IWA « Daily Bulletin, Blaser Primus binoculars - report from IWA 2017, Blaser Infinity riflescopes - video IWA 2018, Blaser Infinity riflescopes - report from IWA 2018, Blaser Infinity rifle scope comparison review, Blaser Infinity rifle scope comparison test,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 17:35.

and an OAL of 44".

The Blaser R8 GRS Long Range is perfect for taking first place in a weekend competition and can be chambered in one of the most powerful calibers for long range .338 Lapua Magnum. [7]. Bino Packs, Alaska Guide Creations Kodiak Cub Bino Packs, Alaska Guide Creations Alaska Classic Bino Packs, Alaska Guide Creations Stalker Hydration Pack, Firearm Accessories and Suppressor Covers, Barrett BORS - Barrett Optical Ranging System, Crux Ordnance Tripod Components & Accessories, Daniel Defense WAVE Suppressors & Muzzle Brakes, Geissele Automatics Mounts & SOPMOD Parts, Griffin Standard Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts (SPRM), Griffin Cantilever Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts (SPRM), Griffin Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts (SPRM) Ring Sets, Griffin Accessory Interface Suite for SPRM, Negrini Factory Replacement Polypropylene Cases, Night Eyes Headlamps and Handheld Predator Lights, Oakley Standard Issue Apparel & Accessories, Remington Defense Rifles, Chassis, & Kits, Sitka Sale, Closeout, & Clearance - New Items Added, Sig Sauer ROMEO-MSR 1x20mm 2 MOA Compact Red Dot Sight, Sig Sauer ROMEO1 Reflex Sight 1X30mm BLACK, Sig Sauer Romeo7 1x30mm 2 MOA Red Dot Sight, Holosun HS403B 2MOA Dot Only 20mm Micro Reflex Sight w/ Shake Awake, EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Sight .223 Ballistic Reticle, Holosun HS510C Multi-Reticle Circle Dot Open Reflex Sight w/ Solar Failsafe, Shake Awake, and QD Mount - HS510C, EOTech Holographic Sight QD Mount 518.A65, Knight's Armament PVS-30 US Army Buy Backs, Sig Sauer SIGM400 TREAD 5.56 NATO 11.5" MLOK 30rd PCB Pistol PM400-11B-TRD, Barrett REC7 DI 5.56 NATO 10.25" Burnt Bronze Cerakote M-LOK Handguard Pistol 18022, Christensen Arms CA-15 Recon 223 Wylde 16" Tungsten, JP Enterprises JP-15 .223 Wylde Precision Rifle JP-15MR, Daniel Defense DDM4V7 5.56mm NATO 16" 1:7 Black Rifle, Armalite M15A4 Special Purpose Rifle 5.56x45 Flat Top 20" A2 Fixed Stock (1) 30rd Magazine, Armalite M15 5.56 Defensive Sporting 14.5" Pinned and Welded Bbl Rifle, Kestrel Ballistic & Technical Weather Meters, Blaser R8 Custom Rifle Moose Motif Serial RR025246, Blaser R8 Long Range .338 Lapua Magnum Complete Rifle, Blaser R8 Stock/Receiver Ultimate RH W/Adjustable Comb a082UL12, Blaser R8 Baronesse RH Game Roe Deer/ Red Deer Stock Receiver a0820810, Blaser R8 Standard Short Barrel 3006 with sights, Blaser R8 Professional Savanna Big Bore Rifle, Blaser K95 Jaeger 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Complete K95_Jaeger, Blaser K95 Standard Barrel 308 Sights K95_bbl_std_308, Blaser K95 .22 Hornet Standard No Sights Barrel, Swarovski BT Ballistic Turret Instructions.


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