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Note: Version 1 is limited to 300 rows of data.

Details on how to access the trading rooms are posted daily in the main chat area on BlackBoxStocks. Here is an example of her methodology on her killer $BA trade (click here to see larger image Anatomy of a Trade-BA), Mike is a long-standing member of the BlackBox family. In August, the store will open with more great new gear!

As you’d expect, the Black Box Stocks system includes real-time quotes. 1.

BlackBox has partnered with TastyWorks to bring our members some of the best commission rates in the market! BlackBox offers a wide variety of educational resources.

New subscribers can use our special sign up link to receive a $20 discount off of the first month ($79.97). The channel is active from pre-market through post-market. What is included in BlackBox system / scanner information? Black Box Products and services Black box is a platform that is solely focused on the equity and options markets. How do I get the Tasty Trade Discounted Rates?

Download the app here: Desktop Browser For Android platforms, use Google Chrome and select the ‘enable desktop’ option. While there are other automated scanners on the market that offer additional functionality, nothing is as straight-forward and easy-to-use in our experience as BBS. More details coming soon! Simply click on the main menu, select ‘Options Chat’ for the Options trading room.

Q & A – Key Points About Selling Options Part 13, Pin Risk – Key Points About Selling Options Part 12, Options Assignment – Key Points About Selling Options Part 11, Exercise Options – Key Points About Selling Options Part 10. Usual Suspect Alert – This is another pre-market alert that notifies you when there are stocks that have repeating patterns of large intraday moves. Price Spike Alert – Whenever there’s a significant price advance within a short time frame, a BBS Price Spike Alert is issued. If so, please let other traders know what you think about it. Also watch the Calendar on BlackBoxStocks for other upcoming classes! There are two membership levels currently available: a monthly plan for $99.97, and an annual plan for $959. Contact us at for the special commission rate details. The BlackBox affiliate program is a great way for you to get paid for referring new members! The development team is hard at work on the BlackBoxStocks mobile app. Check out the stats from October!

For Android platforms, use Google Chrome and select the ‘enable desktop’ option.

Additionally, through our Private Twitter accounts you can also receive our system alerts through push notifications straight to your mobile device. Use the instructions below to set up your Twitter notifications and our alerts will be sent to your phone or tablet! Registering for classes is easy with the BlackBox Calendar! Steps to sign up for BlackBox E*Trade discount(s). Our algorithms are similar to those used in extremely profitable ‘high frequency trading’ (HFT) strategies. Retracement Alert – This alert is triggered whenever a previous big mover has retraced to a low-risk entry point, providing you with an opportunity to profit from the next leg up. Download the app HERE.

The development team is hard at work on the BlackBoxStocks mobile app. For Android platforms, use Google Chrome and select the ‘enable desktop’ option. Use the instructions below to set up your Twitter notifications and our alerts will be sent to your phone or tablet!

You can now download BlackBox options data to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis!

In the following sections, we’ll take a detailed look at everything that’s included with a Black Box Stocks subscription….

Catch up on the latest BlackBox videos through our  Channels! (click here for a larger image Stats). Current monthly subscribers can also take advantage of this offer to upgrade their membership! To join, click the following link: A popular platform with active stock and options traders, BlackBoxStocks is a highly-advanced scanner and daily trade alert system that makes it incredibly easy to identify names that are beginning or on the verge of making explosive moves. is a leading AI-based financial forecast startup. To order, send an email to and include: your item; your size; and ‘Team BlackBox gear’ in the subject line. They do not consider technical analysis, news, or market conditions. ... How does BlackBox work on mobile? Our chat rooms and community via Discord is also available via mobile. Click here to subscribe BlackBoxStocks Education channel. At BlackBox, we offer a variety of educational sessions to help you improve your knowledge and trading profits! LARGE BULLISH ALERT: This alert triggers when a yellow call sweep (opening transaction) fills at the Ask and meets the minimum notional amount traded.

Hosted on Discord, the Black Box Stocks chatroom is well-organized and a great resource when it comes to trading education.

The development team is hard at work on the BlackBoxStocks mobile app. They do not consider technical analysis, news, or market conditions. REMEMBER – System alerts are algo-driven! The channel is active from pre-market through post-market. For stocks, you can limit the results to certain exchanges and prices. Also, follow the BlackBoxStocks team on StockTwits and Twitter for news, watch lists, and updates!

We also pay $250 for every yearly member you refer to Blackbox!

Do you have any specific questions or comments about this platform that you'd like to mention? July 10, 2020 . Written by Eric Updated over a week ago Redeeming a Gift Card I purchased a BlackBox gift card, how do I redeem it? The BlackBox alert gurus have been hard at work refining the alerts on the stock side of the platform. How do I update my username, credit card or email on file with BlackBox. Be sure to bring your questions to our Q & A sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays after the market closes and don’t miss our 100% Fridays!

Does BlackBox have an app? To access the options key, simply click the “?” next to the OPTIONS title (on the Options tab).

Black Box Stocks is far more than just a software platform that scans stocks and issues signals. Be sure to join our live options trading room on Discord and trade live with Maria, Teresa, Charlie, Naymish, Spectre, Jenny, ThuhKang, McDeggins, Mel, Mike, and the rest of the crew. I purchased a BlackBox gift card, how do I redeem it?

We are also beta testing an email version that will automatically go to your Inbox and include dark pool data! BlackBoxStocks © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Please note, these alerts are called roulette because they are highly speculative. Teah hosts a live trading room for lower priced stocks on the main BlackBoxStocks site during regular market hours. Continuing education is a critical component for achieving consistent profits in the stock market. Simply click, then click “Follow”. Want options alerts pushed to your cell phone or tablet? We also pay $250 for every yearly member you refer to BlackBox!

For Android platforms, use … BlackBoxStocks is web-based and works on any mobile device, anywhere, including iPhone and Android devices. Another neat feature of Black Box Stocks is the platform’s live audio broadcasting functionality. Does BlackBox have social media accounts / reviews to view? The next OIC class, How do I fix an options position?, will be on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 4:30 EST. Do you have questions?

BlackBoxStocks Education YouTube Channel!!

Tastyworks, Inc. and BlackBoxStocks, Inc. are separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other’s services and products. Here are some quick tips for analyzing options alerts!

Note: A quick way to narrow down alerts is to focus on alerts that are following the market trend (e.g., call alerts on green days).

Long before the market opens, our trading system uses proprietary algorithms that alert you to the most active stocks and options. Education is an essential component for success in trading. We allow each user to have as many login sessions on the same computer as they would like, and also one mobile device concurrently. What is your stock/options alert success rate? Do you know someone who needs to upgrade their trading with BlackBox? Headquartered in Dallas, TX, BlackBoxStocks was officially launched in 2016 by founders Gust Kepler, Eric Pharis, and David Kyle. Give your special trader the gift of a full year of trading with BlackBoxStocks!!! What do the different tabs do in the Alert Log?

Black Box Stocks is a real-time algorithmic stock and options scanner platform with enhanced social media features. Register for any class you like! Here is an example of great options flow that we like to see (click here to see a larger image Flow Basics). To access the stock alert key, simply click the “?” next to the ALERT LOG (on the NASD/NYSE tab). The charts produced by the software are very nice looking and included are a large number of indicators, markup tools, time frames, and customization options. Once your membership is confirmed, you will be added to the feed. Always feel free to ask questions before entering a trade.

They provide clients an automated trading algorithms scanner, real time web browser and mobile app for automated trading algorithms is the heart of their proprietary alert system.


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