bl3 moze build mayhem 10

Here's a link if where i find this:, Weapon: All you need is the Yellowcake, which can be drop from: "fish slap, Tyrone Smallums, or Joey Ultraviolet" and you need the anoint that gain 300% weapon damage against enemies above 90% health, this is really hard since mayhem 2.0 is broken, so good luck. VOTES : 0. Builds and character discussion for the Borderlands series. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This high damage build can easily melt bosses with the right weapons in hand. You can farm this from Cartel minibosses Fish Slap or Tyrone Smallums, or Joey Ultraviolet himself. Wait for incoming nerf. Bulletstorm Moze Build by JoltzDude139 (lvl 65 Mayhem 10) Moze build by Noodl updated 3 weeks ago. All you want here are the first few levels of explosive skills. With extremely high splash damage, Moze can take down mobs in an instant with a few grenade throws. This build focuses to greatly increase Moze's DPS during fights. Even though I agree that Moze got some much needed improvements, a Sapper class mod with an assault rifle with a huge mag is much more reliable in my opinion. Just wondered if there are some good mayhem 10 moze builds right now. Mayhem 10 Moze Builds?? Don’t get too close.

Bottomless Mags + 1HP All Shield's Build | Moze level 65. The 150% damage to grenades when a skill is active applies to stickies like the new Kaoson SMG which is great on Moze, though it requires Auto Bear to be active. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BorderlandsBuilds community. I have deleted all of those, but it makes you immune to radiation damage and also boosts radiation damage, which is perfect for this. Moze build by sccruz updated 3 weeks ago. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. You may opt-out by. Your Grenade is sort of whatever here. Past this, between Moze’s explosive and splash damage skills, and her ammo regenerating abilities, it’s pretty easy to use this constantly to clear entire zones and not run out of ammo, especially with the new heavy SDUs you can buy. As you can see my class mod has doubled the key skill in this tree, Torgue Cross-Promotion, which gets me up to 60% Splash damage and a 30% chance the explosion will double in size. Mayhem 10 may be tough in Borderlands 3, but with this Amara build, you literally cannot die.

Shield: The one you need is the red suit, so you won't kill yourself with the weapon, you should get the anoint that after exiting Iron Bear, you gain 75% shield and health for 25 seconds, you can get one from "Atomic", this one is easy, and you don't need mayhem mode for this, but you get more legendaries in mayhem mode, i hope.

Moze build by sccruz updated 3 weeks ago. Close. We’ll just start with the weapon itself, the Yellowcake launcher with the 300% damage on enemies over 90% health Anointment. 0%. So, here’s the best endgame Moze build in Borderlands 3. O.P.Q., Yellowcake, Kaoson, Sand Hawk, Boom Sickle, and Redistributor (for mobbing) seem to be Moze's "best" weapons right now. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. VOTES : 0. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. 0%. The key here is that it’s a rocket, so you’re one-shotting most normal enemies with that 300% damage increase, plus that Anointment says 90% health, meaning the red bar. Shields and relics haven't changed from Mayhem 1.0; Old God, Transformer, BBB, Otto Idol, Victory Rush, etc are all still very relevant and useful. As such, any enemy or boss you use this against, it will do 300% damage against their entire shield and armor bars., Bottomless Mags + 1HP All Shield's Build | Moze level 65. This is the one we go all the way down for, hitting all the perks that have the potential to regenerate ammo. Not a ton of strategy here, just some points into shield stuff for survivability and Drowning in Brass for more gun damage. I’m using the elemental ASE anoint to get some different elemental damage when I get out of Iron Bear (though it’s not DPS efficient to bother doing that most of the time), mainly when I’m going up against Fish Slap who is mostly immune to radiation damage. Joltzdude Build. Build Strengths Works Against Boss or Multiple Enemies.

VOTES : 0.

;). There’s no point going all the way through for grenade skill as you simply won’t use them. So, I’m just picking this Mind Sweeper for the five points in the Torgue skill, and also mine has weapon damage on it. This Borderlands 3 Moze Build guide has been updated for level 65. The "meta" class mods for Moze right now are Green Monster and Blast Master, but Mind Sweeper is also starting to see a lot more use while Sapper has fallen out of relevancy due to Moze's recent sustainability improvements. Create new build ... (lvl 65 | Mayhem 10 | Bloddy Harvest) Fl4k build by Noodl updated 2 weeks ago. Instead, I have to be content with a Recharger for survivability and the Anoint that gives me a shield and health boost after getting out of Iron Bear which you can use against tougher rooms of enemies. Thanks to its innate power and a new Anointment, it can chain clear entire rooms full of badass and Anointed enemies, as well as one or two shot many bosses. BL3 - Moze. Also the scourge /ION cannon and maybe new yellowcake? Rockets have a more limited Anointment pool, and Cartel drops are more likely to have new Anointments on it, so you’re likely to get this one without that much trouble. compared to other vault hunters. I haven't tried this build and didn't explain good, (sorry if i have bad english) but you can look in the link and try it yourself, and i just wanted to share this, have a nice day gamers. But farm as much as you can before then, including some of the new Mayhem 6 weapons from bosses, because there’s nothing that can run through most of them more quickly.

Sapper has fallen out of relevancy due to Moze's recent sustainability improvements. It won’t do any damage so it won’t matter what it is. Use it while you can, before Gearbox nerfs it. Builds . I would advise farming this on Mayhem 6, then once you get one, use it to farm a Mayhem 10 one, as it will still do a ton of damage even at Mayhem 10. VOTES : 1. MOZERKER 5.0 by Ki11er Six. Have a lvl 57 moze but never bothered gearing up for her because of how underpowered she was (is?) Have a lvl 57 moze but never bothered gearing up for her because of how underpowered she was (is?)

High DPS Moze Build.

Bear trooper double mini gun build melts all bosses and eats through mobs. compared to other vault hunters. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change. I pair this gun with the “very hard” invincibility drone modifier because the explosion will usually blow up the drone and then whatever it was guarding in a chain reaction. VOTES : 0. BL3 - Moze. Browse all Amara, Fl4k, Moze and Zane builds for Borderlands 3. A ‘Borderlands 3’ One-Shot Everything Moze Yellowcake Build For Easy Mayhem 10 Farming Paul Tassi Senior Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Mainly looking for a build that can do the cartell event /takedown on mayhem 10, personally like either SOR + explosives build (1 hp +350% shields bonus type shit with all healing = shields and multi hitting grenades and whatever 'splash' weapons you kinda like) is sorta wanting a very specific shield and artifact as well to work really good so is a tad limited (front loader for the same effect as thin red line which is also boosted by the com chosen and deathless for another 'reduce hp increase shield' effect) you can have a 100k shield that's constantly refilled by constantly getting restored by health vials or grenade usage or even a skill now where crit kills = 10% shields restored, ah lovely - just checked and i've got a tortoise front loader - +40 capacity -10% health and 5% health regen\second, or the endless mags + explosives build (ammo regen and explosives boost the com that adds explosive dmg to any weapon if you go without reloading personally i like to get endless mags capstone then explosives till FFYL grenade skill then get a few skills in SOR for gun dmg\DR while shields are up and drowning in brass stacks - 60% gun damage for skipping the explosive capstone) basically can use about any gun where the fire rate isn't outpacing that regen - with crits and 2 redistribution and constant ammo regen that's basically 15% of the mag\second - not even taking into account means of destruction procs refilling 10% of the mag.


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