bird vs jordan stats
They were both great shooters in their prime, great clutch players, Jordan was more athletic and seemed to be better at scoring in bundles even when deferring, Larry was a better passer and rebounder. The Celtics were 29-53 in 1978-79 (before Bird), then 61-21 the year he arrived (and won ROY in a landslide over Magic). He missed 76 games in 1988-89.

Just to be clear, I'm not a dude who solely relies on advanced metrics to judge players. He earned the Rookie of the Year honours and also led a mediocre team to the playoffs just in his first year in the league. The same team MINUS Bird then went 10-12.

It’s not really cheating, but it’s smart,” Jordan said about Bird. 5 league MVPs. Under the leadership of Bird, the C’s went on to become one of the best NBA teams in history. James was just eighteen years old, coming out high school with a lot of expectations and buzz around him. 2 finals MVPs. Larry Bird, on the other hand, is a basketball icon. Bird's teams were 6-0 in the playoffs VS Jordan's teams and Larry was better in 2pt fg%, 3pt fg%, FT%, rebounds & assists in those playoffs. He just had to put his hands up and hope Jordan missed. Bird played as a small forward mostly and is considered one of the best in this position. Isiah Thomas once made an ignorant (one of many)comment that if Larry Bird were black he'd just be another good player. After MJ left in 94, the bulls only dropped 2 games worse, how's that for an MVP, your only worth two games. And though I'd agree that Bird was a great scorer, much more than just the jumpshooter some remember him as, he wasn't really facing what Jordan faced as far a defenses and lack of teammate support. You really need to put some highlights of the current Celtics team, just for Simmons. Bird was the only new player in the starting lineup (that is still the greatest 1-year turn around in wins in NBA history when 1 player is new to a starting lineup). Did you try counting how many white guys were in that video? Larry Joe Bird (Larry Legend, The Hick from French Lick, Kodak, The Great White Hope) Position: Power Forward and Small Forward Shoots: Right 6-9, 220lb (206cm, 99kg) . “He overcomes a lot of the things regarding natural ability that he doesn’t have.

It is well documented that Bird had many HOF teammates and this is used against him in comparisons with some other players like Jordan. That averages out to a 35-47 or 36-46 season without Bird VS a 59-23 or 60-22 season with Bird. Larry Bird was drafted as the 6th overall pick by the Boston Celtics in 1978 before he went back to college for a final year. You can see stats, Championships, awards and more.

Magic wasn't his own team's Win Share leader for the 80s until his 8th season (1986-87).

Such was the impact of Larry Legend on his team. In that video it looks like Bird had Brad Sellers on him. As long as you refrain from calling me a doody head, I enjoy discussing these issues. In 1988-89, when Bird missed 76 games, the Celtics started 22-24 without him in the lineup despite having Parish, McHale, DJ & Ainge before breaking up that foursome often falsely credited with guaranteeing his success. There's not a better run of MVP finishes for that Era (which was essentially Bird's career when he was healthy enough to put forth a representative effort). He had neither the size nor foot speed to check Jordan. Jordan’s Bulls and Bird’s Celtics battled in the playoffs several times.

Bird's MVP finishes were 4th, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, 3rd & 2nd from his rookie year (1979-80) through 1987-88. Throughout the playoffs, James was on an absolute tear as he averaged 34.1 points, 9.1 rebounds and 9 assists per game. In fact, MJ once stated that a Celtic player was the only type of player he needed to win championships. He returned nursing a gimpy back and the team finished 17-9 with him. Jordan was convinced that former Celtics guard Danny Ainge’s single-minded focus and dedication to the game were all he needed to be "unbeatable.". Also read: LeBron James vs Michael Jordan - A Statistical Comparison. He led the 1980s in Win Shares. But their circumstances were different. Bird: 3 rings.

The 80’s Boston Celtics weren’t only known for playing physical. Jordan couldn't even beat Bird when he scored 63!! Unlike Jordan, Bird was the best team player, if not for Pippen, Jordan doesn't win any rings. Ever. The numbers don't lie, Bird dominated jordan's teams when they played Bird was 23-11 vs Jordan and swept him twice. "I dunno about the defense Jordan was facing. That is smart. I dunno about the defense Jordan was facing.

Compare Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant careers through the years of your choosing. Full stats of both players in all time If you think bird is better than MJ you got something to learn. He was arguably the most clutch player of his era. During a TV guesting interview, MJ revealed how tough it was to play Bird. 10 scoring titles, highest career scoring average on 49.7% FG even including those awful Wizards seasons. before I begin, let me be clear that you've probably been watching basketball longer than I have, the first season I really paid attention to being 92-93 when I was nine years old, and I have a ton of respect for what appears to be your vast bball knowledge. Jordan: 6 rings. I prefer watching Bird over Jordan. Bird's teams were 20-3 against Jordan before Bird was shot in 1988-89. Jordan outscored Bird in the playoffs (roughly 39ppg to 27ppg)---but MISSED nearly as many shots as Bird took. Being the most promising player in the league, Jordan learned to cope with the game at the time basketball was all about physicality and dirty plays. 3 MVPs. Then Bird's back went out. He is not the quickest guy, he can’t jump, but he overcomes it really well,” Jordan continued. Also read: LeBron James vs Michael Jordan - A Statistical Comparison. Larry Bird. bbawful-I'd agree that Jordan is a dubious, or at least very debateable, GOAT, but he is the greatest pure scorer of all time, without question.

I couldn't believe anybody could do that against the Boston Celtics,” Bird said. According to the Bulls star, Bird’s dirty plays “aren’t really cheating” but more of “smart.” Jordan believed that Bird is aware that he doesn’t have the physique and athletic abilities that other players have but still managed to “overcome” all of it in a competitive way, Basketball Network reported. Dennis Johnson was guarding him most of the game, and while Dennis certainly was a great defensive guard in his younger days, by '88 he'd lost a step...or more. In 1986, the Celtics were viewed as NBA title contenders and crossed path with the Bulls in the first round. I mainly looked them up b/c I don't actually remember the '88 season and to refresh my memory about '97, especially as I wasn't really watching with such a critical eye back then as a snotty 13 yr old. The Chicago Bulls want you to "love it live". “I think he's God disguised as Michael Jordan. Especially in end of game situations. During the regular season, after Jordan returned from his foot injury in 1986 up until Bird missed 76 games in 1988-89, Bird outscored Jordan in head to head games (during what was Jordan's peak scoring time). “I wish I had four Danny Ainge’s as teammates. Defensive. His battles with Julius Erving and Magic Johnson were legendary back in the 80's. 6 Finals MVPs.

As for Jordan, playing against the Celtics contributed to the development of the player he has become. And, not that it has anything to do with MJ/Bird, but this is also why I laugh when people call Kobe, a career 45% shooter averaging 6 less ppg, a "more complete offensive talent" or whatever. The numbers don't lie, Bird dominated jordan's teams when they played Bird was 23-11 vs Jordan and swept him twice. other way of looking at it, is that michael, in his fourth overall season (3rd, if you count out the one he spent with a broken leg), was just as dominant as the other two best players in the league. After MJ left in 94, the bulls only dropped 2 games worse, how's that for an MVP, your only worth two games. Aside from Bill Laimbeer and the Detroit Pistons so-called “Bad Boys, “ Jordan considered Bird as one of the dirtiest players in the league.

A winning % of 43.3 without Bird VS a winning % of 72.3% with Bird. When Jordan entered the NBA in the 80’s, one of the toughest challenges he had was to rival against Bird and the Celtics. “Larry is good with playing you kind of slow, but all of a sudden, he will grab you by your pants, get open for a layup, or a three-point play. He had neither the size nor foot speed to check Jordan. Michael Jordan once described how it was like to play against Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird. So whereas defenders were often forced to lay off Jordan or else get called for a foul, the Dennis Rodmans of the world were allowed to push, shove, and grab Malone as he tried to work free for a shot.


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