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The ending is a tad anticlimactic, but it's still an impressive piece of videographic art, for the most part. Of course, it’s their decision to remove that game that has led to so many remakes. You're thinking how in the world is anyone going to reproduce the corridor in Dying Light? The beautiful, surreal, terrifying horror game was available as a free download until Kojima’s infamous exit from publisher Konami led to the company taking it off the PlayStation Store. Called Unreal PT, the remake comes with VR support, allowing you to further immerse yourself in the teaser's terrors.

Removing it from PSN — and making sure players couldn’t re-download it — only enhanced its appeal — as evidenced by this fan work. A 17-year-old fan is remaking cult classic PS4 game P.T.

A self-proclaimed PC remake of P.T. in terms of view, motion, unsettling edits and lighting. A Silent Hills P.T.


If Konami hits the port with a copyright strike, Qimsar promises to “personally upload” the remake to anyone who wants to try it out.

The 3D novelty adds some density to this video game remake, but it was released at a point in the 3DS’s life cycle where that feature wasn’t being focused on.

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Kojima, del Toro, and Reedus would also all reconvene for the creation of Death Stranding, an upcoming PS4 exclusive with a story that becomes more convoluted with every new trailer.

Gets Especially Bizarre Fan Remake.

I was half-expecting Lisa to be a Zombie or Herobrine, but she's a bit more detailed than that. has had its fair share of remakes over the course of it becoming a cult classic, but this one is rather bizzarre. Maybe it is.

There was a problem.

The original version of the popular game Myst was actually created using HyperCard as well, and the similarities between that game and the new remake are quite apparent. Heather Alexandra. is the closest we're currently going to get to Kojima's horror masterpiece.

The cult classic horror game P.T. For this reason, Trawick made some changes to the game, in his own words, "some stuff is stripped back, some stuff is added; you'll just have to play it to find out.". Kairo then connected three separate stories with the internet as the converging point.

What's that? Xbox One's game creation suite isn't the most obvious place you'd start looking for a remake of P.T., but this one is rather excellent all the same. The key difference here is that SmoggyChips’ take is called Corridors, although it does bill itself as a port of P.T. has had its fair share of remakes over the course of it becoming a cult classic, but this one is rather bizzarre. They talked about how much work they’ve put into the remake already in a Reddit thread. Right now on, you can download Unreal PT from user Radius Gordello. in all of its black and white glory, the game can be downloaded for free on Trawick's page, but the experience may not be quite as familiar as most fans expect.

They’ve released the first build of a planned full remake of the game for Windows PC. because it was recreated using HyperCard, an extremely outdated development tool that was used for Macs.

The horror game known simply as P.T. But rest assured there's more to House of Wax than Ms. Hilton's iconic death scene. has been remade in so many different fashions before, most fans of the playable teaser know all of its ins and outs. Modder SmoggyChips is leading …

remake is in the works.

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Through a little over a month of work, I was able to almost completely accurately bring over everything about the original game over to the Unreal Engine by studying speedruns of the game, regular no-commentary walkthroughs, and through my own copy of it on my PS4. from January remains available to download on GameJolt, however, which may portend good news for Qimsar’s project.


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