best gekiga anime

If you watch anime in part for cathartic moments with multi dimensional characters, then this is the anime for you. From the very talented Kyoto Animation, this is an anime for anyone who enjoys slice of life anime mixed with fantasy and comedic elements. In the vast dark expanse of space, criminal organizations and smugglers are an everyday problem for the police.

However, this bald guy with an awful taste for costumes, known as Saitama, hides the kind of power we’ve only witnessed in Dragon Ball Z. Saitama is in fact so strong that he always defeats his enemies with just one punch, regardless of how terrible they are. He seeks to do good with his new abilities all the while uncovering the mystery of his power’s origin but will this strange being share his same moral compass? It turns from a story of corruption within the upper class of society into an exploration of the underbelly of the world as Johan leaves hell in his wake. It presents a fascinating sci-fi story in which a mad scientist, Rintarou Okabe, with the help of his two friends, Mayuri and Daru, creates a machine he baptized as the Phone Microwave. Waking up the next day she is shocked to find the giant head of a dragon staring at her on her front porch. Studio feel., who brought you My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU! Cowboy Bebop makes the top of the list for not just avoiding this issue but managing to make sense of utilizing an entire galaxy as a setting and still maintain an interesting story with sympathetic or enticing characters. From studio MAPPA, the creators of Terror in Residence and Yuri on Ice, comes an anime that challenges our perception of what makes someone a true hero or villain. It is set in a future where humans can be transplanted from machines, enhancing their physical and cybernetic abilities.

As seinen is not in itself a genre, although it seems to behave like one (nowadays there are as many fans of seinen as there are fans of any anime genre in particular), you’ll see we have included in our list very different types of anime; from mystery and horror to action and sci-fi, with a little gambling in between too. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji is a show where we’ll see the main character being beaten, humiliated and taken advantage of constantly, and even though he never loses hope and has his little victories, Kaiji is definitely not the typical triumphant hero. Psycho-Pass is a brilliant sci-fi police seinen. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji is one of MADHOUSE’s many masterpieces. This show gives us the lamest superhero (in appearance only) we’ve seen so far. He wakes up to find he is a living weapon.

These are all particular traits of most seinen shows and they make Tokyo Ghoul one of the most representative anime of this demographic.

Steins;Gate is an original high-quality show that will blow your freaking mind. In this way, the police can apprehend or neutralize criminals before they actually commit any crime, pretty much like Minority Report (has anyone seen that awful movie?). Gekiga is a term coined by Yoshihiro Tatsumi in the 1950s to separate his more adult works from the generally kid-friendly titles that dominated the manga scene at the time. 1: Serving in the Dark, Una gru infreddolita: Storia di una geisha, Samurai Executioner, Vol. Kiseijuu offers a refreshing spin on the alien invasion premise and does not pull any punches when it comes to delivering on violence. It expands from the source material to expand upon these moments into something more coherent whilst still playing into the same structure of jokes that fans of the source material will be used to. One Punch Man may appeal more to young adults, but it’s still absolutely ridiculous and absurd. Hellsing uses covert operations to eliminate all sorts of threats and when needed will bring in one of the greatest threats known to man, a vampire named Alucard. When I’m not watching or writing about anime, I write poetry and short stories. I enjoy long walks on the beach, reading dramatic poetry and studying philosophy... or I would if watching anime didn't sound way more fun! Hinamatsuri will catch you off guard with some oddly interjected comments or intense situations that stem from the protagonists use of her powers. This is a great pick for any fans of anime who like horror and gore mixed in with their science fiction. Episode 1: The Earth is destroyed. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji is the story of Kaiji Itou, a good-for-nothing young man who one day finds himself owing a lot of money to the wrong people. While categorized as being aimed at young men entering their 20s and onwards, or whether it is shounen, shoujo, or josei, anime is meant for everyone to enjoy, regardless of gender and we hope you find some seinen anime recommendations on here to add to your watch list. I’m an avid anime fan and writer born and living in Toronto, Canada. It’s a unique coming-of-age story that combines comedy and drama to create something inspirational.


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