benq el2870u best settings

There was a degree of dithering evident but it was well-masked on the shades shown in this test.Performance in the white saturation test was strong overall.

Getting that extra red in the lower and middle saturation targets makes an easily seen difference in image quality. The video review is designed to complement the written piece and is not nearly as comprehensive. The gamma curve shown below is for our ‘Test Settings’, with things tracking quite close to the ‘2.2’ target centrally as measured by the colorimeter. 57fps) instead, avoiding any VSync latency penalty at frame rates near the ceiling of operation or tearing from frame rates rising above the refresh rate. To ensure the GPU driver is setup correctly to use FreeSync, open ‘AMD Radeon Settings’ and click on ‘Display’. The purple block appeared lilac towards the top and quickly transitioned to pink lower down, with the pink hue readily shifting with head movement.

Also note that FreeSync only removes stuttering or juddering related to mismatches between frame rate and refresh rate. You’ll see this error in all picture modes. AMD FreeSync is a variable refresh rate technology, an AMD-specific alternative to Nvidia G-SYNC. If you’re not actively viewing HDR content on the desktop then having this enabled can make things appear flooded and washed out, so it’s only supposed to be activated when it’s specifically needed. I just don't understand some of the comment these so called reporters make(or whatever title they have), "Ultra HD is more than just 3840x2160 resolution" Erm, yeah, not it isn't. This is the lowest amount of latency you can typically achieve in a 60hz display, and it should pose no problems for professional gaming at 60hz. This gives lighter shades such as white a bit of a grainy appearance, but not the ‘heavy’ or ‘smeary’ graininess seen on some rougher matte screen surfaces. This certainly helps things look more appropriate and enjoyable to view than on models with significant gamma calibration issues, which fortunately this one didn’t have.

Such an option does usually exist – it may be called ‘sync every frame’ or something along those lines rather than simply ‘VSync’. The blue block appeared deep blue throughout.

One such feature is called Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+), which detects the ambient light and color temperature in the surrounding environment to optimize picture quality. But they were extensive enough to make it seem like a fainter repetition of the object behind it during motion. Another important area of HDR is contrast.

This requires that the frame rate comfortably exceeds the refresh rate, not just peaks slightly above it. While it’s color accuracy in SDR mode is great for a TN panel, its HDR performance at the time of this review was poor, making it difficult to recommend for those buying this for HDR content. There was quite widespread overshoot (inverse ghosting), with a bit of bright trailing behind objects. For most games and other full screen applications that support HDR, the BenQ EL2870U will automatically switch into its HDR mode when the appropriate setting is selected in the game/application itself. The luminance uniformity of the screen was good overall. The BenQ supports a variable refresh rate range of 40 – 60Hz. Click here to see the latest price from Amazon. This is related to the aforementioned perceived gamma shifts and TN viewing angle weaknesses. The BenQ EL2870U offers various ‘Picture Mode’ presets; ‘Standard’, ‘HDR’, ‘Cinema HDR’ ‘Low Blue Light’, ‘Game’, ‘Photo’, ‘sRGB’, ‘Rec.

Dirt Rally provided a similar experience, with the monitor showing decent contrast overall. And more noticeably fairly widespread overshoot, which was mainly quite faint but had some more noticeable instances mixed in as well. You could see a trail that was significantly brighter than the background colour and that looked somewhat colourful. Refer to the article for comparisons with this and various other scaling levels (including no scaling). Further up the screen they were too readily blended and a fair degree of detail in these dark scenes was lost. Author: Adam Simmons Date published: September 9th 2018. Enemies, trees, houses and other objects stand out in a more distinct way, for example. We found this too aggressive, even set to ‘1’, giving an artificial look to the image which we didn’t find appealing.As usual, if you’re running the monitor at 3840 x 2160 and viewing lower resolution content (for example a Full HD video over the internet or a Blu-ray, using movie software) then it is the GPU and software that handles the upscaling. The default trace is quite light, averaging around 1.9. It also has a peak brightness that creeps just a bit above 300 cd/m², falling short of the 400 cd/m² minimum requirement for any level of VESA DisplayHDR certification.

Others will need to use a degree of scaling or at least use application-specific zoom. The table below shows key readings taken using a Datacolor Spyder5ELITE colorimeter, alongside general observations, using various settings on the monitor. It could be revealed by raising its position on the screen or lowering your head a bit. You retain an excellent level of ‘desktop real-estate’ with a significant work area, whilst (properly scaled) text appears crisp and readable. Things simply looked flooded and universally bright, which is not what a true HDR experience is about at all. Detail levels were good for the central mass of the screen, in dark areas, with details such as car tire tread patterns visible in a believable way. ‘AMA = Off’ provided a fair amount of trailing behind the object, strongest for the dark background (top row). The first is ‘Full’ which will use an interpolation process so that all 3840 x 2160 pixels of the screen are used. The monitor offers flexible scaling functionality via HDMI and DP, including the ability to run 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) at various refresh rates including 60Hz, 50Hz, 24Hz and 23Hz. The default is ‘Off, unless application specifies’ which means that VSync will only be active if you enable it within the game itself, if there is such an option. This is a good practical speed for such photography, highlighting the key elements of perceived blur nicely. Refer to the article for comparisons with this and various other scaling levels (including no scaling).

Gamma reduced further. Where possible, the monitor dynamically adjusts its refresh rate so that it matches the frame rate being outputted by the GPU. As shown in the image above, the monitor uses the standard RGB (Red, Green and Blue) stripe subpixel layout. The ‘Low Blue Light’ (LBL) settings reduced contrast to as low as 626:1 with the ‘Reading’ setting – not an extreme reduction for the significant changes made to colour channels with those settings active. Any readings provided here have the potential to be highly misleading. The following observations were made from a normal viewing position, eyes around 70cm from the screen. LFC (Low Frame Rate Compensation) is not supported by this monitor, as that requires the upper limit (ceiling) to be at least 2x the lower limit (floor) of FreeSync operation. This was most obvious when moving your head backwards or forwards whilst looking at the monitor. You’d therefore select either the third or fourth option in the list, shown in the image below. The HDR emulation mode (SDR content) did not have a significant measurable effect on latency, however. There is a list of GPUs which support the technology here, with the expectation that future AMD GPUs will support the feature too. The Lagom tests for contrast allow specific weaknesses in contrast performance to be identified. All but the first few blocks were visible against the background – these should appear nicely blended for a monitor tracking the ‘2.2’ gamma curve. The most eye-catching of this were some bright halo trails when driving at night, where dark shades moved against a significantly brighter background. This title has a lot of high-contrast scenes where bright elements such as explosions and light sabers are set against the deep dark depths of space. From a normal viewing position it was masked by a bit of graininess from the screen surface and wasn’t distinct from the background.The greyscale gradient appeared quite smooth overall. There are 3 ‘Display Mode’ settings in ‘Picture Advanced’ section of the OSD, which are relevant when running non-native resolutions. This is linked to the frame rate itself, which FreeSync does not change – although it makes these fluctuations far more palatable, it’s still nice to have your framer as high as possible in terms of visual fluidity.As noted earlier, this model has a 40Hz (40fps) floor of operation for FreeSync and doesn’t support LFC.


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