belews lake history
Though we were only a few yards from the shore, a depth sensor indicated the water was 22 feet deep. Now I was 15 feet under water in Belews Lake, seeing for the first time what the fish see every day.OK, so it wasn't like probing the wreck of the Titanic, but it was a lot of fun for someone who had never dived before. In addition to anglers, the calm waters and lush forests of Belews Lake attract boaters, nature-lovers and adventure-seekers. A man-made reservoir, Belews Lake covers 3846 acres behind a rolled-earth dam. A man-made reservoir, Belews Lake covers 3846 acres behind a rolled-earth dam. You can help support our work by becoming a subscriber today. A small feeder creek that enters Belews Creek on the east side is known to many locals as "Stokesdale Creek" because its headwaters are around the town of Stokesdale at the junction of US 158 and NC 65 east of the lake. Also, because of the "hot hole," warm water is always in the upper part of the water column, so the lake doesn’t experience a fall turnover except in the extreme backs of creeks where the warm water doesn’t penetrate, according to Richardson. This spot is tough to miss, with two creosote poles sitting side by side right on the tip. STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — Officials in Stokes County are currently looking for a person who went missing at Belews Lake over the weekend, according to a … Contact Us. It was created in 1973 by the Duke Energy corporation to provide cooling water for the corporation's Belews Creek Steam Station, a coal-burning power plant. Beginning in 1986, however, Duke Energy changed its practices and selenium no longer entered the lake.

In my head was playing the classic disco-era hit ``Float On,' by The Floaters. Small fish paid little attention to us as we continued to scout the area. "I catch most of my fish here in about 25 feet of water. November is likely to find Richardson in Belews Creek and East Belews Creek, two of the lake’s three main tributaries. The one tiny piece of property that affects the character of the lake the most is the man-made hot-water discharge canal that flushes water used to clean the plant and returns it superheated into West Belews Creek to Belews Creek. "You can catch fish from 5 to 50 feet deep at the same time," Richardson said. He feels like the lighter weights of the first two rigs will make for a better drift and more bites. Richardson will set up off the point and fish around it with a topwater bait — typically either a Zara Spook or a Magnum Pop-R — or a small crankbait.

"The creek gets a lot of pressure, but there are a lot of bass that come back in here.". 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Take a tour of this northern Piedmont reservoir’s best fall spots. I had never been scuba diving before. Forests, waterfalls and mountain streams are abundant in the surrounding area, and Hanging Rock State Park is 15 miles to the northwest. The irregular 88-mile shoreline, mostly undeveloped, is filled with coves and bays. The effect is both beautiful and eerie. The upper third will be stained to dingy; the middle will be stained to clear, and the lower third will be clear to extremely clear. The fish consumption advisory was lifted in August of 2000, and Belews Lake was removed from the list of impaired waters.

"This place really starts turning on in mid-October and is good through February.". GREENSBORO — Two people were shot at Four Seasons Town Centre early Sunday evening, a Greensboro police spokesman said. The lake is over 100 feet deep in spots and can reach depths of 130 feet near the dam. Founded in the early 1800s as one of the first gold rush towns of north Georgia, Burton was a farm town of around 200 people. Belews Lake Vacation Info - Lakelubbers. "The fishery is getting good, getting great," said Richardson, a former pro bass fisherman who cut his fishing teeth at Belews when conditions were suboptimal, at best. A total of 225 new cases of COVID-19 cases were reported to Guilford County, marking the highest daily number of new cases to date. On my right was Stephen Williams, a member of the Rockingham Sheriff's dive team and a former Navy SEAL. But then it was time to get serious. The only thing is, fishermen will need to get used to fishing light baits in deep water in heavy current — often in excess of 3 or 4 mph. I fish around a little point on the right; I let the current sweep my bait across the point.".


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