beko customer service reviews
My washing machine has been faulty for almost a WEEK. As it’s outside of guarantee, Beko refuse to do a thing. !Appalling customer service, just kept giving me different numbers to call, and went round in circles! Do not buy Beko because if it goes wrong they just do not care! My Beko American Fridge/Freezer broke down after 1 year and 4 months. Not a review of a product, but a review of Beko the company. I gave him my Guarantee Ref No which Beko e-mailed me when I bought fridge 10 months ago. I would never buy from Beko again. No point wasting time talking to a hired buffoon.Next step, contact a consumer group.Do not buy from Beko. Likely, my rights are still covered by European Consumer Law.. Have never experienced staying on the phone for 1,5hours without being even connected to anyone. There is no After Sales help. Confirmed he did not have part, would need to order and return visit in 3 weeks. After hours on the phone engineer turned up on the 11th of June, just to say he doesn't have parts. Still requested management call back. THIS DISHWASHER IS USELESS....IT LEAKS ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!!!!!! No engineer came and we called BEKO again only to be told this had been rearranged to the 16th September. Only model number appears. I WILL NEVER BUY BEKO AGAIN. I have had second hand washing machines last years longer than this thing. Thank you for your comment, I’ve already asked for the full chain of correspondence to be passed to your complaints department on three separate occasions, I’ll await a reply from there again, so far people have responded to something else and studiously ignored the request to acknowledge an official complaint entirely. Why are you ending the calls after selecting option for product that needs repair and it is under 12th months old?!

Nightmare! We've encountered nothing but problems ever since.We're kept on hold for at least 40 minutes before anyone answers the phone. Will never buy from Beco again !!!!! Washer dryer is great does what it says on the tin, washes and dries cloth well. ! Terrible service and unreliable product. Absolute crap! A waste of my $2000. Time consuming, a total waste of time and very, very frustrating.Having now read the hundreds of negative reviews on Trustpilot it is clear that Beko's customer services policy is to cut customers off from lengthy phone calls and not allow them to use the website form for reporting faults.We are gutted that we have spent so much money on a Beko product which is now faulty and that Beko feel it is satisfactory to ignore their customers and actively make it impossible to have faults put right on their products.Many companies have proved that it is possible to offer excellent customer services during a crisis such as Covid-19, but it seems to me that Beko are hiding behind this situation and using it as an excuse to avoid helping their customers.We will never buy a Beko product again. What a nightmare! Recommended to all. If I wasn’t such a wimp about conflict I could’ve been entertained all through lockdown with the emails alone. So all in all I will have to had to wait months before I can even use my washing machine again. He assured us someone would be in touch but it could take a further 1-2 weeks before an engineer could come to the property! The worst customer service ever. I finally got through to, let’s say, a “man” who was so unhelpful and hung up the phone when I couldn’t find my warranty code. When I first made contact I was advised "wipe down the suction parts with a hot steamy cloth and I bet that will resolve the issue". Manager called at 5pm, very rude, refused to give name, denied they had promused call backs, refused to admit any fault or make any apologies for a young family being without a washing machine, in a pandemic for over 6 weeks!!!!


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