bambi benson teeth
Call Us Today at: (919) 298-2098, © 2020 Axiom Dentistry. The reality TV personality has a small star drawn on the back of her right leg which symbolizes spirituality and truth.

Malaysia is a stuck up wannabe Shaunie that forgot she used to be the ops.

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So I think she lightened her skin .And Bambi needs attention so she will obviously put her mouth where it don’t belong, First of they can Leave Malaysia alone because she is very Classy and she has been the whole show And for the other Ladies you all are professional and Beautiful young Women all this drama is not necessary because at the in of the day you all have Beautiful Children that will be watching you in the near future so you all need to get it together Because Ratings is not worth it Family is Love all of you God Bless ❤️, I cant stand Evelyn. They are as follows: Picture Above - All the Tattoos of Bambi Benson. Like fake surgery.

But do not condone decrimination in any form. Like I said, Bambi has every right to speak up for a friend just like OG spoke up for Cece and Tami spoke up for OG. No! Regina Woods Offers Expire: 11/18/2020, Includes: exam, cleaning*, fluoride application and X-rays, Includes: exam, necessary X-rays and consultation. At Axiom Dental, our mission is to provide comprehensive dental services that will enhance your smile as well as your health and comfort. This was said during the “Basketball Wives” reunion. She grown enough to fight the battles she started.

Og is an idiot threatening to kill people on the show. Listen I been team OG from the start, I think she is gorgeous and educated, intelligent woman with a beautiful body and complexion….evilyn is jealous shes scared n shes intimidated

But EVELYN is?

OG was a perfect fit. They all do.

Get your life OG, I think that shaunie has to step up and speak out about her friend Evelyn. Since then, Malaysia has responded by sharing a side by side photo of herself as a child and adult. I dont like Evelyn attitude but I’m not gone be ok with what OG is doing because right is right and wrong is wrong and yall know she sounded dumb and look dumb saying the skin color BS when it 4 other dark skinned woman on that show so miss me with the BS OG using ass. That just make her look like a basketball groupie.

It does not matter if she know her for one second if she’s my friend I’m going to stick up for her cuz I would want somebody to do it for me that’s not first time someone said Malaysia bleach her skin so don’t act like y’all ain’t heard that mess before she told the first shot at OG and OG throwing it back, First off I’d like to say all African American women of color yellow brown dark light we all are beautiful in our way whatever makes us comfortable that’s what we do it is so sad that people like OG comes to this country and the envious of the beautiful black women that are here you came into this world the way God wanted you work with it change your attitude make people like you beauty comes from within and your attitude makes you ugly OG Malaysia you are a beautiful and I mean beautiful and I do not swing that way LOL but stay that way whatever makes you comfortable in life do it this is a journey we’re going through this is not the life that God has set for neither one of us so grow the hell up OG and get yourself a real job and get around people that really want you around them the cast basketball wives it’s not for you I am from Louisiana and I’ve been through a lot as far as skin color and is sad cuz we all the same in our way I’m beautiful inside and I’m beautiful outside and I think very highly of myself I’m not no better than no one else but I’m better than that Crystal. She never bullied, she just talked sh-t. OG is always threatening bodily harm because she plays football.

Otherwise these girls wouldn’t be trying so hard to fit in. Obama’s father was from Africa and I think it is ashame that our people are talking so ugly about an African woman.

Bambi placed her tiny teeth in 2013. Who cares though what celeberity hasn’t had surgery. Her breasts have had a raised and bigger appearance in the recent days which is clearly the result of her surgery. Shaunie kisses het a-s all the time.

And salty. Those high end h**s love talking crap about OG but get scared when she confronts them or makes a threat. I believe it all along before OG mentioned it, I was saying the same thing , Malaysia used to be darker than that, I real think she is bleaching,go back at all the season of basketball wife , you will see the difference in her skin color. Required fields are marked *. The second time Benson had her teeth modified is not so long back. To be clear.

Just because she plays football don’t mean she can’t get her a-s whooped. So at times, especially if you wear makeup often, your skin will greatly differ in complexion.

Shaunie you really need to fix this. Girl bye right time wrong show.

As a result, she stays on guard claiming don’t like her for all of these stab in the dark reasons.

You are so right and by those call her a ape shows their ugliness and ignorant,like you said fist she is a person not a animal with feelings and she is pretty as well, she may interject where she need not be sometime but that is just being a friend, they have try to drag and her and she shown them that they can not and has made it clear a joke is a joke but when it goes too far it becomes annoying. Yall have nothing to say when fired Basketball Wives come out from under rocks to defend OG but you’re upset that a childhood friend is speaking up for Malaysia.

You have had some cosmetic surgery look at her nose as a child it was flat now it’s pointed narrower take off all the make up it’s not the same. A post shared by ✨The Bam✨ (@adizthebam) on Nov 16, 2018 at 1:13pm PST, One fan told the beautiful family: “Bambi twin He’s a beautiful golden baby congratulations to you both this is definitely gonna bring you guys even closer.


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