azur lane sos rewards
Anti-Submarine Warfare in Azur Lane refers to the mechanics behind battling enemy submarines. The Dorm in Azur Lane lets some of your ships to rest, you can provide them with food which will automatically give them EXP. As you reach a higher level commander, you can upgrade the Canteen and the Merchant to increase the speed and cap of daily replenish (Oil and Coin). If you have problems 3-starring a map, get more levels on your shipgirls and clear it over and over until the threat level becomes green.

I believe Azure Lane is a Chinese game so do they speak Mandarin or Cantonese or do they speak Japanese?

These starters are based on the Chinese version of Azur Lane, so we can probably assume the game is based on the Chinese version's statistics (Japanese and Korean version have different starters, events, required exp and drop rate). Constantly level up the ones you use the most using books. Think of the long-term returns rather than the short-term time investment. You should save your Gems for things that only Gems can buy. Lecture Hall is also a good method of getting exp - it stores a percent of the exp level 100 ships receive and distributed to all shipgirls stationed there. The enemy's reconnaissance force has been detected up ahead - prepare to intercept them! Check your Craft menu in the item section frequently to see if anything is ready to be crafted yet. PS: i know ill get two Hippers now, and i know i 'm complaining but yeah, i'm still complaining XD. While rarer grade units should be retired for medals so that you can exchange for better units or Universal Bulin. Report!

Shipgirls can be limit broken with another copy of the same ship or a bulin of the same color. The one I don't get is the cat, I NEVER hear him make any noises at all but people swear he does. The button opens an interface where you can search for and access SOS Rescue Missions, as well as view your Signal Sensitivity, Signal Range, and remaining SOS Signals. The mission shows up in Personal Assignments. 119k members in the AzureLane community. In WG's "January Missions 2019" page there's a section to do some Azure Lane missions and get some rewards like an Admiral Hipper flag. Usually, Azur Lane's events would have two levels of difficulty, one for new players and one for veterans.

Enemy submarines fire torpedoes. These missions will reward enough resources to continue playing the game throughout the week. The overall rule is that you clear the fourth map of every world until you are strong enough to do the next world. Commission projects can also sometimes reward you with Blueprints. You must complete stage x-4 of the chapter following your current Signal Range. If the signal does not appear after 16 attempts, or 8 hours, then a signal is guaranteed to appear. Signal Range dictates the range of SOS Rescue Missions you are able to find. After completing the tutorial, you are given a starter ship (we have a guide to the Starter Ships) - Javelin, Z23 or Laffey. Sink all Fleets on the map: Air Supremacy : Actual: 80. The higher the level gap between your fleet and enemy ships are, the more damage you will take or the more your bullets will miss their target. Login Rewards [edit | edit source] Day Reward 1 100x : 2 200x : 3 200x : 4 3x : 5 2x : 6 2x : 7 1x : Retrieved from "https://blhx ... Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Enhance any character 10 times. If a fleet runs out of ammo, all of their attack damage will be halved if you force them to have another battle. Those two levels give about the same amount of rewards, except for the final trophy.

Reward. Commander, we need you on defense! I already bought Hipper, so I guess I'll use the spare on Roon or something. I might actually start playing regularly for this. It can be received from Tarath near the Auresco, Rear Gate in the Kingdom of Torna. Free Fire: What Is Magic Cube And How To Get It For FREE? Modifiers to ASW from gear, skills, Meowfficers, or Fleet Tech do not apply. Boss: 24 (): Base XP () 210, 231, 252, 312 Required Battles: 3 battles before boss appears: Boss Kills to Clear: 2 boss battles for 100%: Star Conditions: Sink Boss Retreating will not cause the mission to disappear, only completing it or allowing the timer to run out. As of September 2020, no ship in the game is capable of reaching the cap. Such as inventory space, dock expansions, and Wedding Rings. Excellent. He makes some grunting sounds. Thanks for the heads up. Muhammad Kumar - Nov 03, 2020 | Mobile Games. The contribution from total fleet base ASW can't exceed 15, which is reached at 360 total main fleet base ASW. "Freed from his plight, Azurda left wearing a broad grin.

Enemy submarines can be encountered on event maps and in SOS Rescue Missions. The others can be placed wherever you like. You need to play a total of 20 battles to post in this section. If you have submarines, you can also field them to get some extra damage in as well. Units that can be retrofitted will have the Improve option in the status screen. Most of the food can be exchanged with Oil, so if you ever reach the Oil cap, you should invest in food so that Canteen can automatically replenish per day. Unlike regular sorties only the boss fleet can drop schematics. You need to clear out the daily raids every day - they give gold, plates, book, and boxes. Since you cannot receive a SOS Rescue Mission for a chapter you already have an active rescue mission on, it is recommended to use multiple SOS Signals before attempting the rescue missions, such that you have increased odds of finding the rescue mission needed to increase Signal Range. Priority the points for new ships and gear in events. The Japanese version has Japanese voiceacting and the NA version is just a port/translation of the Japanese version. Earn that flag, some camo, 3pt Aurora, and 10pt Hipper captains. Signal Range starts at chapter 3, and increases when you meet two conditions: For example, if your Signal Range is chapter 4, and you wish to increase the range to chapter 5, you must both clear and S-rank the boss node on the chapter 4 SOS Rescue Mission, as well as complete stage 5-4 in chapter 5. These characters can be used to raise the star of other characters, which will increase the cap of their stats.

The CPU will also instantly launch artilleries and airstrikes as soon as the meters have been filled. Thus, the NA version also has Japanese voiceacting. 100x Coins. Sigh, Hipper is the reward... but i bought her already and she is on.... well Hipper.... why wasn't Belfast.... Oh well, at least Aurora is the final prize. Event bosses and Sirens generally surface much quicker. Included in the rewards are Bulins, characters that are mainly used as strengthening materials. Complete 3 Daily Challenges with the quest ship in the fleet. Those two levels give about the same amount of rewards, except for the final trophy. . Acquire 3 "Torpedo Tempura" (will be automatically consumed).

In Azur Lane, there is a wide variety of missions that can be cleared daily and weekly.


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