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Rangi embraced a Saowon woman, who Huazo introduced as Koulin, Rangi's friend from the academy. As Kuruk began to materialize, Jinpa attempted to drag her to the surface. Having realized that none of the Yokoyans were helping Kyoshi, Kelsang sought out her hiding place in the village and took her into his care. More of these coming soon.

[52][68][7] By her forties, she would no longer "take any BS from anyone". ], Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World, https://en.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=Avatar:_The_Last_Airbender_(season_1)&oldid=2878775, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Despite their efforts, the spirit took blood from them and declared Kyoshi the Avatar, prompting Jianzhu to sever the spirit's hold on Kyoshi and drag her away, leaving Yun behind due to Jianzhu feeling that he was no longer of use. He has many insightful quotes to share throughout the series. Hei-Ran noted that she had never heard of the name, and Kyoshi should as Kuruk knew about it. Contents. She asked her where Yun was and rumbled the foundations of the building to intimidate them. However, the King was left cowering on his throne as Kyoshi dispatched his guards in a single move and admonished him in turn for daring to defy the Avatar. Kyoshi once again rejected him as her teacher, whereupon the angered master began to earthbend the building down. At the time of her birth, the country was destabilized by the Yellow Neck uprising and marauding bandit groups known as daofei. Believing that she had finally reached the Fire Lord, Kyoshi introduced herself to Chaejin, who confused her with his regal attire and resemblance to Chaeryu. “Because you won’t.”.

She was in shock at her own actions and did not know how she would explain the situation to the court. Love interests Angered, the spirit dragged Yun into a cave as payment for the attack, and Jianzhu sealed the cave with his bending, trapping both the spirit and Yun. Not wishing to be locked up by Kyoshi, he told her he was not being given much of a choice to fight her or not, and Kyoshi responded that she was not giving him a choice. She was only able to bend very large pieces of earth without any precision; regarding these abilities as useless for her servant job, Kyoshi rejected Kelsang's urgings to get training and generally refrained from using her bending at all. Tanned[5] Zuko strikes first, sending multiple fire blasts from his fists. One of my favorite moments was definitely when Rangi and Kyoshi were at the lake in Hujiang! Jinpa and Kyoshi flew to Capital Island with Huazo, the noblewoman complaining about her hunger. [42], As Nyahitha and Jinpa discussed the escalating tensions, Atuat informed Kyoshi that both Rangi and Hei-Ran were livid with her.

However, when they meditated in preparation to meet the spirit, Jianzhu lit some incense that rendered Kyoshi and Yun mostly immobile, but Kyoshi was able to open her eyes and see what was happening. Flying Opera CompanyKyoshi Island inhabitants Rangi told Kyoshi that although the Avatar can be reborn, Kyoshi could not and that she deserved happiness; that she deserved to feel loved, not afraid. Turf Wars Part One (flashback) (chronological)"The Meeting" (actual) (release order) [60], In the centuries after her death, several details of Kyoshi's life faded out of public memory. [21][52] Despite that hard stance, she generally preferred to not kill anyone and was known to be more forgiving toward less dangerous foes.[3][29]. The situation seemed hopeless as Kyoshi had no apparent access to earth to battle the pirate queen and her followers. Kyoshi is the earthbender in the opening sequence of The Legend of Korra. Hei-Ran approached at that moment, meeting Kyoshi again for the first time in a year. [45], When they arrived at the palace, Kyoshi attended Zoryu's assembly in the Fire Lord's private theater. [23] Her most spectacular known feat was using the Avatar State to separate her home peninsula from the Earth Kingdom mainland and push it far out to sea to create Kyoshi Island. Before she left the Southern Air Temple, Jinpa was assigned to the Avatar as her personal secretary by the Council of Elders. I don't think this is the actual point of the picture, but I choose to believe that this is a young Avatar Kyoshi and her earthbending teacher. Most notably, it became a point of pride for Kyoshi Islanders to attribute her birthplace to the locality,[61] and one of her successors, Avatar Aang, also falsely believed that she had been born in the area that later became Kyoshi Island. Kyoshi showed an extraordinary level of aptitude with the last method. Kelsang and Kyoshi decided to keep this revelation to themselves as they did not want to invalidate Yun as the Avatar right when a treaty was about to be signed with the ruthless band of pirates known as the Fifth Nation. Kyoshi's chainmail she wore under her robes was inspired by. Standing before his army, Chin demanded their immediate surrender, and Kyoshi warned him that she would not sit idly by as he took her home.

She also wished to train so that she can bring Jianzhu to justice by exacting revenge on him for killing Kelsang and Yun, whom she felt guilty about for taking away his Avatar identity, due to believing that he would have done a better job than her. Similarly, she was naturally talented with airbending. Kyoshi had a difficult early life. [21], Afterward, Kyoshi and Lao Ge returned to the rest of the group to find that they had successfully freed the prisoner. When she realized that his shock had changed into hateful dismay without regret, she realized that he would never change his ways. Focusing on Nyahitha's flame as she meditated, Kyoshi experienced an extended vision of Kuruk's life from his discovery as Avatar up to his first experience meditating to the Spirit World. Though Kyoshi was only tangentially responsible for Chin's death, she herself saw little difference between causing the circumstances of his death and actually striking him down, and would claim to have personally killed him for generations afterward. [29] Overall, she had a very strong sense of justice,[1][3] influenced by her early life, and little patience for those who caused suffering just to benefit themselves. She informed them that Atuat would be arriving soon, as well as Hei-Ran. Female Angry when the adults began to make excuses for Kuruk, Kyoshi pled with Nyahitha for help, who tried to discern what could be wrong with Yun. Founder of the Kyoshi Warriors and Dai LiFully realized AvatarGovernor of Kyoshi Island (formerly)[6]Leader of the Flying Opera Company 36" wide by approx 60" long, 5mm china silk on light bamboo staves. [18] At his disciple's urgings, Jianzhu allowed Kyoshi join the party.


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