audit vs tax exit opportunities
And accordingly, I began following through with all the steps.

The FDD team supports corporate clients and financial buyers (e.g. Thank you! Report Top.

Tax accounting jobs tend to pay more than general accounting jobs. Now if this is an area you’re considering, I strongly encourage you to check out our map of the landscape of Accounting & Audit Exit Opportunities, including Transaction Services / FDD to find out: Exit Options | Mapping the post-accounting & audit landscape.

You must be logged in to reply to this topic. We’ve been where you are and can help you forge your swift exit. within 2-3 years at most), since you'll sort of have to start over at the bottom.

Tax people tend to be precise. 4) Is it a good idea to do Tax for a bit, and then move to Audit, or would you rather do it the other way around? “Audit or tax?”. This particular post covered Big 4 Financial Due Diligence (FDD) — a subset of the Transaction Services (TS) department, with other roles coming soon! Big 4 - audit, advisory, consulting, tax exit opportunities. In comparison, audit has more exit opportunities, tax is more niche. People also choose tax for many reasons. I didn’t know which one I wanted!

), in reality corporate clients will carry this out themselves in-house, with a reputable Strategy Consultant (e.g. 806 8067 22 Registered Office: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE.

The farther along you get in either audit or tax the more likely you are to be stuck there for your career. map of the landscape of accounting exit opportunities, CV/Resume advice for Accountants/Auditors.

If you do tax, then for your whole life you will be doing tax..unless you go to some type of graduate school.

University experts will answer your questions here >>, © Copyright The Student Room 2017 all rights reserved. You have no experience. It always made me question my resolve and doubt my decision. How to approach finding and applying to such roles (i.e. I personally enjoy the planning aspects of it as well as helping both individuals and businesses to save as much money as they can. The first independent insight to the post-accounting & audit career landscape. No one tells you this stuff!”.

Auditors can have a life during their busy season. If you work hard and make partner, then either will be very rewarding.

90+ pages dedicated to help you avoid pigeon-holing yourself, break into genuine strategic & commercial roles and make the best moves of your career. I'm not sure banking or consultancy would fall in to traditional accountancy exit ops. Click here to register. There is still plenty of demand for them where I'm at and it's a very lucrative career. I would say do it sooner rather than later (e.g.

To contrast, the audit group typically functions as a team.

. The tax preparer works his or her magic from the comfort of their office every day, enjoying (relatively) routine and predictable day-to-day work. The tax preparer works his or her magic from the comfort of their office every day, enjoying (relatively) routine and predictable day-to-day work. I looked into accounting organizations, I tailored my resume for an accounting position and I began completing internship applications with the firms on campus. In many cases, you are responsible for parts of the tax work as well as the financial statement audit. I recommend that you strongly consider the following factors: 1. Tax accountants usually work in the firm office, while auditors travel constantly and work out of their clients’ offices. So I know there is a lot of us who are strongly rooting for one side over the other.

Tax season sucks. Auditors work with clients from day one, where as, tax staff might not see clients for the first one of two tax seasons. Corporates and PE firms often don’t have the spare capacity or deep technical Accounting expertise within their own in-house Finance teams to support on day-to-day deal execution (such as M&A and other transactions).

4) If I had to go back, I'd choose to do tax first again even if I do decide later on to look more into auditing. I think that a tax position that gives you the opportunity to work on a diverse array of entity types could be good for some people. Transaction Services roles are idolized, and recruiters often mis-sell you vanilla accounting roles often playing on the goal of getting into Private Equity and/or becoming a C-Suite Executive. Are you interested in having your own firm someday?

We’ve created a digital guide specifically to help those of you applying for more commercial & strategic roles.

Tax accountants typically work individually; where as, auditors work in teams. There is room for estimates and interpretation, but tax work generally requires specific data.

How is it different to Investment Banking/M&A? “I was in your spot just a couple years ago.”.

My firm is starting to branch out into not just offering tax planning, but also financial, insurance and retirement planning since they really all go hand-in-hand at tax time, so I'll be taking more exams after the CPA exam to help my employer start establishing that portion of the firm. You should be thinking about your accounting career path way before your senior year in college.


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