amanda keller weight loss

I had to do something about my weight for the sake of my health and self esteem. I exercised. Exuberant and bright are two words that could easily be lent to Amanda. Breakfast radio and TV presenter Amanda Keller opens up about health, her struggle to fall pregnant and staying fit in her 50s in an exclusive interview with Good Health and Wellbeing. I've never been interested in the various fad diets that hit the world every now and then. Having said that, I feel that it's a damned good way of losing weight, easy, tasty and I didn't measure anything although I did cut down on portion size.

I also added half a teaspoon of cinnamon as I'd read it helped to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, plus it tasted pretty good too. How difficult was it to change your diet? The first effect I noticed was that I put on my usual size 20 clothes one day and l looked as if I'd delved into the rag bag and put on the first thing I'd laid hands on. I'll also coat a chicken breast in olive oil and garlic or sea salt and depending on the size, have a half or third for dinner and the rest the next day as a chicken, avocado and salad sandwich for lunch or a chicken salad for dinner that night. “I find that sometimes after making sure everyone else is fine and happy, you get home and feel exhausted. What do family and friends say about your fabulous transformation? keeping the spark alive for that long? 8 Most Effective Exercises For Weight Loss Fitness. What’s the secret to flicking that off switch? “Radio is daily, TV is every now and then, so I’m home for dinner most nights and I’m there when the kids come back from school. Q. Considering I was addicted to junk food and eating, it's a great result. She admits it would have been easy to just count herself out, but her interactions with the people she loves are her lifeblood. Shoes and clothes shopping, what bliss! But I just can’t keep control of my weight if I don’t do these relatively strict — well, for me — things.”, Like the famed mantra about journeys of a thousand miles, Amanda says changing your. It’s a hard lesson.”. “I was in New Zealand with my girlfriends recently and these are the things we talk about – we’re the generation dealing with elderly parents and kids – and I don’t know if previous generations ever really had both those things [together]. Amanda Keller is the co-host of WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda Breakfast Show, ... Adam MacDougall is the creator of The Man Shake.

How did it work for you? I'm not very tall.

I heard him but I didn't listen, if you know what I mean. The … Amanda Keller is Having The Time of Her Life. Q. Your metabolism just shifts, so I’m more careful that I used to be. At 56, Amanda’s one of thousands of Australian women juggling a busy professional life as well as the responsibilities of being a mother, wife and friend. I didn't eat bread, biscuits, pastries or sweets at all and I have since stopped eating red meat, which I'm certain has helped my cholesterol. We’re good parents together. . . “It probably looks busier than it is,” she says. The Mediterranean way of eating is simple, fuss free and is not a fad.

As Jeff Goldblum said in an interview, ‘Accept, enjoy, be gracious, be grateful’.

“The world just feels mean at the moment and so something that’s as exuberant and bright as Dancing – there’s just something life-affirming and fun about it. If you constantly give in to ‘I feel terrible’ or ‘I feel tired’ it will overwhelm you,” she says. When we sit down to chat, it’s over forkfuls of salad (edamame and roasted sweet potato  For the first couple of weeks, I'd be hungry when I went to bed but not so that I couldn't sleep.

Then we have a cup of tea and maybe some breakfast afterwards — you can build it all into your lifestyle.”. It’s her warmth; a sense that even though she’s been up since the crack of a sparrow’s hoo-ha recording her daily Sydney radio show with friend Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones on 101.7 WSFM, she has a generosity of spirit that’s impossible to fake. The scales registered my weight at 97 kg! Amanda Keller has spoken candidly about the heartbreaking moment she thought she had miscarried, following years of struggling to fall pregnant via IVF. I would have loved to have known all that when I was 14,” she says. Was there an unexpected aspect to it all?

Q. Her healthy eating and dedication has kept it off for six years! Is there a secret to  I always went to bed about 9.30 pm because as I was still working, I'd wake at 5.30 am, having a long commute into the city for work. At the same time, there’s also the ‘liberation of the Third Act’ – once your kids have left home and you’re thinking well, do I want another career reinvention? Once a year we all meet up (some are in Sydney, one’s in Melbourne, another’s in Bathurst and one just moved to New Zealand) and it was so life affirming to just laugh hard together,” she says.


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