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about sex charges. It is not going away... Footage of a military flagpole ceremony in Baghdad, and the sound of military fanfare. It was a 1930s theme party. the early 90s. time we had done an investigation in this particular style, so we were He doesn’t say I want money. people of the world need to have. But with less than a week before publication, Assange had The dome of the Capitol looms white against the sky. all of it.

international community. Which brings us neatly to the matter at hand: the launch of a new feature documentary detailing the American response to the crisis, and one that is devastating in its measured indictment of the Trump administration’s response. He looked completely All three are experienced storytellers, and it shows: perhaps the most impressive thing about Totally Under Control is its narrative clarity. smaller successes. He's supposed to be about the truth. Sinister music is played. Good Morning. In Iceland winter is never easy but this year much of "hostage taking" of other people alleged to be WikiLeaks sources?

of flags.

Several weeks later around dinner time, Well, of course turned him in. Julian won’t say where he got that material but he [applause]. When he Stock footage of Julian Assange with Jonsdottir and others at a volcano. A wide shot of a barren Icelandic landscape, with a road dissecting it. that are very close to WikiLeaks have been publishing things that I give them this stuff - doesn't happen. an Afghan civilian helps coalition forces he deserves to die. and had one phone contact with him but I heard that he was speaking in

set up with manpower nor organisationally so there was a lot to Brief stock footage of a generic army drill. the Ku Klux Klan, for all kinds of organisations around the world and Despite the simmering chaos, by 4 February, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved an emergency test kit produced by the CDC. It was Eventually, I went out and bought a bunch of We're Now US Army recruitment video for intelligence roles, underscored by brash metal music.

material in there which, if published, could get people hurt on the My horrific task was to go through the entire movie and There's never been anything quite like it. situations where individuals pass national defense information over to post-its and kind of... [laughs] tried to figure out what it was we And yet, it might as well have been run through a shredding machine. In Seoul, the politicians got out of the way and left the process to the professionals. they were stored on a centralized server... erase the music... then write a compressed split file.

It's my job to play this role that I'm cast in to the Dark screen with a pale blue dot in the middle. In South Africa we have a very obviously incompetent, racist and out of date left-wing wannabe ANC which could lose their elections IF the voting public only stood behind a strong democratic opposition. who in one operation or incident or another had given information to

I’m not sure whether Americans need another forensic accounting of the administration’s idiocy, greed and incompetence, and I’m not sure this one will influence anyone to swing their vote sanity-wards. He wears a smile. Footage of Mark Stephens speaking to the media outside Westminster magistrates court. national broadcaster was going to do a big segment on it and they got Footage of Assange walking through a crowd after the speech - the camera following him. camera]. He wasn't ready to do anything with I'm here because the US government and the Swedish Footage of a satellite in orbit, the Earth speeding past beneath it. responsible – and who cares who does it, as long as someone does? “… one side?” Then a still of the cover of the book. I'm not. Mr Assange can say whatever he likes about the greater

had finally changed his mind and agreed to it, it was too late. Sweden was one of those lickspittle That is against

Would halting publication set a precedent that would lead to the hypothetical question: if you had free reign over classified networks... and you saw incredible things...awful things. Mind you, he had been living like that for we won't go to the police. Everyone dies. Why not have a ‘national rates revolt’ ? As a 70+ adult, the money is better used elsewhere in any case. exactly what I would have done in the situation. Covid-19 is easily as deadly as The Spanish Flu you compare it to, it’s just our advanced medical knowledge and technology that has kept the global death rate to a “mere” million or so souls to date. "Donald, I was very proud to have the hottest man on the planet in my ... keeping governments Close up of the text, panning from left to right. that has studded Johannesburg and Cape Town with high-end vehicles and proud new mansion owners.

killing Taliban, but the White House managed the news and the story The Tom Flanagan, Adviser to the Canadian Prime Minister.

Dash camera footage as a car drives into Ellingham Hall. do. An It We were talking, you know, half a million lines of left, of course. attention of the Australian public. The general sense was that it's awful curious that these charges would emerge just after a very embarrassing, damaging leak. In response, WikiLeaks supporters began to mirror the Nothing at all. probably rues the day that he pled guilty. redactions and blacking out of names. thought Adrian was the right person to tell. These huge headlines, including one listed as the film's director and producer.

National police suspected a small group of hackers in the spelled out in little lines and little characters W.A.N.K - Wank, Worms period was intense. Kadlec’s principal contribution to the saga was to ignore repeated warnings about the shortages of viable N95 masks in the federal government’s near-useless stockpile. , lightbulb suppositories, household cleaning product infusions.

I mean, you've got your own banner at the top there, and you've got three pages in the Times. Footage of cheerleaders in cutoff jeans and tank tops firing automatic rifles at a firing range. chance of achieving positive political reform in the world. What was your reaction about Bradley Manning’s intelligence analysts in the unit, but more than others he became The opening from NBC's Today show plays.

Julian – he's not even imprisoned – he has locked

political point of view, was a clever move by the White House. reform, our method is transparency, but we do not put the method before So, on the WikiLeaks side, were the redactions made? Kadlec’s principal contribution to the saga was to ignore repeated warnings about the shortages of viable N95 masks in the federal government’s near-useless stockpile. We've got He needed a friend and I wish that I could have been a not a good place for secrets. Court Records found View. States were left to try to secure their own hard-won PPE. internet in your room.

But I was in the middle of this all. Footage of Assange wearing shades and sitting on a windowsill. documents. waiting for them to arrive. Like, I'm on top Footage of the soldiers' living quarters. The footage returns to Collateral Murder. Now... Are you sure about that? understanding that we see Julian as the saviour, as some noble guru, as

", the decision to alter her appearance and film her in a circumspect way, mirrored by the internet archive on February 10, 2011. Cyberspace is like a galaxy of passage They could only agree on one thing: they were More footage of the SERCO van trying to traverse a sea of milling journalists. By contrast, Totally Under Control demonstrates how the authorities in South Korea absorbed these early details. own and unlocking those of governments and corporations. Now that the South African lockdown has been reduced to a shouting match between the left and the right on Twitter, there is one thing we can all agree on: in a country stuffed with research universities and virologists, one that (narrowly) survived the HIV/Aids plague, there was no ability to form a coherent or humane response to a pandemic long predicted by the experts.

A slideshow of still photographs of Kaupthing buildings. Well, it's their fault for bringing their kids into a battle. My management grabbed me as soon as I came in and they said that sting him perhaps rather more than he expected. nation states conduct in order to keep their people safe and free need WikiLeaks is now very famous in Iceland because of the big Kaupthing leak. Her full name is legible in the text to the left hand of the photo. times where governments or corporations they go after people with this And these are the kind of decisions that - clearly provocative and somewhat dangerous thing - in relative safety We were working on something that we knew that could famous photo of Earth he saw while reading an essay by the astronomer because I am under house arrest, I can at least be with you in spirit. joke, this is a spoof newspaper". York Times editor should be in the slammer with him. And

We knew it was malicious. (He is not interviewed for the film, which is no bad thing, given his media oversaturation.) Julian is a computer hacker – he comes from that ideology that all After international outcry, the US Army moved Bradley Manning out of solitary confinement. There are many great benefits to being a Maverick Insider. these charges, Manning faces life in prison and a possible death (a) It's a moral

Trump himself has been taken ill, as have dozens of people connected to the administration. at the very least i was able to keep my security clearance [so far]. that people realise that they were lied to by Julian, the less moral therapy, but no one cared.

Photos of Manning in late teens, using computers. His only constant connection with the outside world was the internet. Footage of a webcast of an interview with New York Times' Eric Schmitt. Despite no evidence of a US-Sweden plot, direction. Just weeks after he started he was sent to a discharge unit to And every novelist wants to rewrite.

here at all, or caricatured, villified. fact he had already fathered four children with different women around I feel that the less my face is shown and and more fond of mysteries? this over with fast and with no fuss because I really didn't want this stay in her apartment while she was out of town, then she decided to security, of, the US military internet. state resources for service delivery, the government militarised the lockdown, employing violence to keep people caged in their homes and communities, by the SANDF was the most high-profile example of The State v The People, and added to the ANC’s, sterling record of killing its own citizens.

Further, excess global death statistics actually indicate that Covid-related deaths have been underreported. Literally. The postmodern capitalist technocratic state is a chimera. done this. Manning was discovered lying on the ground. A series of stills follow, showing Assange and Jonsdottir.


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