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She loves to write, and loves to become immersed in a story.

I want to report, the stories with clarity, the right facts, and the right nuances to take them into what is really happening”. Adrienne Arsenault Appears on The National Role. Frontline reporter and co-host of CBC’s The National, Adrienne Arsenault, travels the world to countries hit by war, famines, disasters and conflict, and she always finds “family” wherever she goes. Yet you’ll find an even more searing indictment of Attawapiskat’s leadership in a televised report from the CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault. That segment is a year old, but it’s getting a new life on the internet thanks to a Twitter-based resurrection campaign led by blogger Richard Klagsbrun. Her investigative work on security has seen her cross Canada and pursue terror stories across the globe. “And the truth is, I didn’t really realize there were any other channels but CBC!”. and people of our vibrant Beaches community.

He produced the early Hockey Night in Canada programs, directed series for Canadian television and helped launch the first telecommunications satellite.

Schedule times are currently displayed for: ©2018 CBC/Radio-Canada. As part of her role, she continues to travel, having just come back from Colombia.

It’s why she’s always love to write and report about things that impact peoples’ lives, “Everyone has a story,” she says.

Sneak peek behind the scenes of the America Votes special, How He Made $2.8M Trading Stocks Part-Time At Home. “In a letter dated Sept. 20, 2012, that was written by Deloitte to Chief Theresa Spence and copied to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, [the] auditing firm says that of 505 transactions reviewed, more than 400 lacked proper documentation,” CBC News reports.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Adrienne Arsenault has a jagged, fist-sized rock. Communities renew campaigns as B.C. CBC News made headlines on Monday by publicizing a scathing audit report on Attawapiskat, the impoverished northern Ontario Cree community led by hunger-striking chief Theresa Spence.

Ray even tested the kids with quizzes when watching TV, asking to see if they could tell the difference between a show that was live or taped.

This website uses cookies to personalize your content (including ads), and allows us to analyze our traffic. She won a 2015 International Emmy for her work covering the Ebola crisis. “We had a big radio with a major antennae.

She’s a big fan of sports, attends a local Boot Camp when she’s got the time, and if she can, visits the Beaches, which she describes as a “transportive” kind of place. Ms. Arsenault didn’t intend to profile Attawapiskat’s economy. Arsenault has been telling people for years that she has a crush on her job.

So how did the former “head girl” at St. Clement’s School in mid-town Toronto end up covering some of the biggest breaking global news stories of our time? The Beaches Living Guide was launched on July 15, 2004 at The Beaches Lions “I also was babysat on a TV set,” Adrienne laughs, “I had my naps during the taping of shows like, The Trouble with Tracy, an early CTV sitcom. How professional ballet students go to school even during COVID-19 Added 3 hours ago 03:25. It’s not too difficult to figure it out. There was an error, please provide a valid email address.

Gym owners, patrons frustrated by renewed COVID-19 closures, COVID-19 outbreak at Winnipeg nursing home prompts calls for government to take over, Canada could be poised to follow Europe's COVID-19 trends, says expert, Ontario to increase hospital capacity as bed space runs low, Why 2 provinces haven't adopted COVID Alert app, COVID-19 antibodies may disappear quickly, new study finds.

For historical image resources, please contact the CBC Image Research Library, which has an extensive archive of still photography dating back to the 1950's. She won a 2015 International Emmy for her work covering the Ebola crisis. Arsenault began her career at CBC in 1991, as an editorial assistant for The National. Follow Adrienne Arsenault on Twitter @adriearsenault. All content including images on this site are intended for Media use only.

There is a major diamond mine in the region. Community Corner -

Yet the town itself has zero private economy — except for a few cafés and the like. C’est comme ça que je t’aime (Happily Married). Frontline reporter and co-host of CBC's The National, Adrienne Arsenault, travels the world to countries hit by war, famines, disasters and conflict, and she always finds "family" wherever she goes. Emmy Award-winning journalist Adrienne Arsenault has been a senior correspondent for THE NATIONAL since 1999, deployed to the biggest breaking news stories and investigative stories in Canada and around the world. A welcome email is on its way. Is Canada's ambassador to the U.S. concerned if the election result is delayed?

She invested three years as the foreign correspondent in Jerusalem. 'This is a fraud on the American public': Trump claims he won the election and is 'going to the Supreme Court' to stop vote counting, Florida Man Films His Viral Reaction to Election, Election night 2020: Live coverage, updates and results, Want to Know Who's Winning the US Presidential Election? The publication portrays the life Like other people interviewed by Ms. Arsenault, he wonders openly about whether anyone has a future in Attawapiskat. But there’s an overall theme to her perspective. Over the years since, her postings have included Vancouver, Washington, Jerusalem and London. Adrienne Arsenault, Self: The National. She has covered the Olympics in Sydney, Salt Lake, Beijing, Sochi, and Rio as well as the World Cup in South Africa.

Jonathan Kay: Six lessons from a brilliant, scathing year-old CBC report on Attawapiskat’s mismanagement, tap here to see other videos from our team, Ezra Levant, who’s been highlighting this stuff since 2011.


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