a workspace already exists for the specified user
I'm getting the error in the title for a user.

But we want to use that mailbox name as an alias. when we open Visual Studio and nothing is visible in Source Control Explorer.

If some are on SP1 and others not, can you see a pattern from that? I hope this helps someone else out, but your mileage may vary and don't blame me if things get messed up. And what's the computer name that you saw the message on?

Here are the repro steps:1. The problem is nowhere in AD or Exchange is this user listed as a mailbox, user, or alias under any account. After importing data, we finally got the AD login for the user Thanks for your help anyways.

G Suite is now Google Workspace. We've had similar issues which were resolved using the tf.exe workspaces command. Years. I presume we also need to update I'll post what I did, and I'll put the caveat that it worked for me, it may not work for you because your situation may not be exactly the same. //www.google.com/tools/feedback/metric/report, Impact of changing a user's email address, Add users who have existing Google accounts, Start your free Google Workspace trial today.

We have exactly the same problems.

"The specified Active Directory user already exists as a CRM user" "You are attempting to create a user with a domain logon that is already used by another user… Again, this worked for me. All rights reserved. You can view stored crendential by Start->Control Panel->User Accounts->Manage your network passwords. is that the user exists in the MSCRM_CONFIG SystemUserAuthentication and SystemUserOrganizations tables as well as in the AD group but not in the OrgName_MSCRM database  so when it attempts to add her, it thinks she already exists. Since we upgraded Team Foundation Server from 2005 to 2008, a select few of us have been getting the error message "Team Foundation Error The workspace [workspacename];[username] already exists on computer [computername]." Everything you need to get anything done, now in one place. Does anyone have any other ideas? When signing up, this message is displayed - "A user with the specified ID already exists. To delete the workspace, use the command: You'll get a warning, answer Y to remove the workspace. I went and added my user. Does anyone have any other ideas? We had a domain migration and after that TFS creates a workspace with the owner set to a user on the old domain. Again, this worked for me. Also, what's the exact info that you see in the error: [workspacename],[username], and [computername]? See Add users who have existing Google accounts. Since we upgraded Team Foundation Server from 2005 to 2008, a select few of us have been getting the error message "Team Foundation Error The workspace [workspacename];[username] already exists on computer [computername]." ​For example, a deleted user might have been re-created (either by an admin or due to a directory sync application). Click on the name of the user or group that currently uses this name. I found my user's SID on a machine they RDP into regularly and using this support article from MS: I found the OrganizationId for the org in question by querying the Organization table.


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