4x2x2 reptile enclosure

And the matching stand for storage underneath! I love my zen habitats 4x2x2 enclosure!! Thank you so much! We lover our new habitat!!

The tank works great for my 2 year old Bearded Dragon. At Kages our focus is to create high quality custom PVC reptile enclosures designed to promote ethical husbandry practices. Very easy to assemble, high quality and absolutely beautiful.

Then enclosure is spacious for our bearded dragon and has a great design. If you wish to keep a snake in this enclosure, block the wire grommet from behind with a sturdy material like duct tape (make sure the sticky surface is not exposed where the snake could touch it).

I own bearded dragons, leopard geckos, Sudan plated lizard and a uromastyx. Many reptiles thrive when given room to run, jump, and climb. This thing goes together so easily, really solid construction. Low thermal conductivity (high insulation value). Our beardie is loving it so much.

We have built a variety of awesome reptile enclosures, from small 12”x12”x12” for hatchlings to 8’x4’x4’ enclosures. Our 4’x2’x2’ reptile enclosures are equivalent to almost 8 square feet of floor space and roughly a volume of 110 gallons! I bought this for my bearded dragon, it was super easy to essemble, didn’t need any tools. With the beautiful bamboo look and the natural rocks and drift wood i have in there it gives him the feeling of his natural habitat. I bought three and assembled them in under 2 hours.

7 to go so all my reptiles have matching homes. He climbs from one ends to the other whereas in his previous tank he sat on his rock all day. This hab is incredibly easy to put together (DO use a rubber mallet!) Kages custom PVC reptile enclosures can be used for a variety of species depending on their individual needs.

Thanks .

I love this habitat and so does my dragon. are available in our "Accessories & Decals" section. We found a winner with Zen Habitats! Running strong with the best reputation out there. So happy with this purchase!

Fantastic craftsmanship. Here at Kages we make PVC enclosure customization easy, all it takes is a few clicks, just head over to the size of the enclosure you are interested in, select your features, then place your order, and we will get to work quickly building your new PVC enclosure so your pet can have the home of its dreams. You can see what I'm talking about if you zoom in on the middle section of the doors. We will keep you informed through the build process. Substrate Shield included. They are ridiculously easy to assemble. Not enough front-opening enclosures facilitate air flow, which is so important to the health and hygiene of any reptile.

When the solid plug is used, the enclosure becomes perfectly suitable for use with snakes.). This Kages custom PVC enclosure is stackable! All Zen Habitats come with an optional substrate shield for those who use loose substrate. He transitioned from a standard 12x12x24 tank to this massive 24x24x48 tank. It wasn’t too bad to put together after watching the video. There was zero damage to the habitat.

He is a would much rather be out cuddling me or the cats kinda fella. I’ve been searching for something like it for years.

It's the best on the market and we really appreciate it. Although I think this can be mostly attributed to the generous application of Kennel Seal, I’m pleased nonetheless. And i especially love the sliding doors. Shipping was a nightmare, not due to seller but fedex. It was fairly easy to put together and works PERFECTLY for Rango (our beardie).

It was EXACTLY what we have been searching over a year for our hedgehog - good floor size; enough height to accommodate wheel; steel mesh ventilation top for heating lamp; holds heat well; light weight to lift & move around; easy to clean; and blends with home furniture!

Zen Habitats - THANK YOU!!! We were highly impressed by this brilliantly designed product and were in LOVE. — The Ethics of Reptile Keeping, $329 for a Zen Habitat Reptile Enclosure with Substrate Shield, 4’x2’x2′ = 120 gallon capacity, but not watertight, Lightweight bamboo and aluminum construction, Opaque walls designed to reduce reptile anxiety, Removable acrylic sliding doors with door knobs for easy access, Galvanized steel screen top (“cat-proof”), Suitable for environments less than 140°F and resists up to 70% humidity. The bottom track is “genius” (per Chad) because the surface that the door weighs on is rounded, creating very little friction, and as a result making them very easy to open and close. My only improvement suggestions would be a way to latch the doors as I am a bit worried my guys could find a way to get the doors open but they seem sturdy/heavy so probably this not an issue. It’s very and I don’t have to worry about my 5 foot boa getting out, only took two hours to build but we did it wrong at first. 3rd grader approved Great product! I can stack multiple light fixtures and a full humidifier on top of the mesh, and it barely sags.

Custom enclosure include: * - 90w Dimmable Halogen Bulb * - Built-in Dimmer Switch * - 3ft fluorescent light fixture * - 10.0 UVB Reptisun tube light * - removable flooring for ease of cleaning * - 2 removable hammocks * - choice of 2 backgrounds * - choice of stain color * - dimensions: approx.

Great upgrade from my 40 gallon breeder tank.

Assembly is very easy and takes about 15 minutes and requires only a Phillips screwdriver, but I would recommend a drill to speed things up. This item ships flat. Its a Great Enclosure. You won’t regret it. I can't say enough postive about them. He still surfs, but not because he doesnt like it. If you but something together incorrectly, good luck separating the pieces. My dragons are so much more active the past few days as they have much room to follow their temperature gradients and behaviors. This article also contains affiliate links.

OH! Great for hedgehogs too!

Beautiful design and plenty of space. Great, my only problem is the glass scratches easily, but otherwise one of my best purchases! My dragons love the amount of space.

No glass surfing at all. This has the added benefit of creating a barrier between an adventurous snake and things that can potentially harm them. Very spacious but I do wish the door panels would be made of real glass.

The result? Zen Habitats. I love that it’s light weight and it really holds the heat in well. 4'x2'x4' PVC Panel Reptile Enclosure by Zen Habitats. Free shipping included. That is not the case here! Very big and spacious. Why Zen Habitats 4’x2’x2’ Reptile Enclosures? I do not usually use the chat lines on websites but I did and not only was the representative timely, she was also very knowledgeable and paid close attention to details. If you're planning to stack your new Kages Enclosures you'll need to purchase a stacking kit for the size and number of enclosures you're going to stack. A lot of reptile tanks open from the top - approaching from above can cause stress for your pet. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $99+ IN CONTINENTAL US. This section doesn’t currently include any content. My bearded dragon loves his new home! Venting: Slit venting on the upper back wall of the PVC enclosure. Our 4x2x2 custom reptile cage is a great home for: Learn more about our species recommendations, At Kages we strive to use the highest quality products for our Premium PVC Enclosures that's why we use.

All of our PVC reptile enclosures are shipped unassembled to minimize shipping costs and prevent damage in transit. It was worth the two month wait! Large enclosures – 120-gallon equivalent. We're proud to be an Authorized Dealer for Arcadia Reptile  heating & lighting products.

Custom service is also spectacular and. Our beardie loves her new enclosure!

fully assembled. I recommend placing all lighting and heating on top of the screen in that case, and adjusting your choice of UVB and placement of basking site accordingly. Each PVC enclosure is handmade; visible variations or imperfections may be present however they have no effect on the functionality of the enclosure. She's got room to run around, dig, and chase buggos! I didn’t realize it was going to be such a huge difference. Great quality. If you’re considering buying this for your animal I would 100% recommend it :), Really easy to assemble and my bearded dragon loves it! The habitat arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for your support!.

First of its kind, Apex Cages PVC and acrylic reptile enclosure. I have the ability to handle small enclosures or large. My bearded dragon has plenty of room to stretch out now, This is our bearded dragon Bolt new home and he loves it, I’ve never seen my bearded more active! First day he moved in, he started eating his salad from the bowl instead of having to be hand fed his greens.

I love that the doors are easy to take out.

And it's still lightweight, so it was a breeze picking it up with two people.

We love the metal rods across the top screen for hanging the lighting and heating fixtures.

There were two of us but you could do it with one for sure.

It’s the best home for the money. From the quality of the cages to the amazing customer care, it was a wonderful experience. Stacked all of them along with the deluxe spacer that I am using for husbandry/food storage. Extremely happy and impressed with the enclosure and base. Everything fit well the first time. There's nothing this size at this price point, either. Glass 40 gallon breeder tanks (roughly 36″x18″x18″) used to be the standard for popular reptiles like bearded dragons and blue tongue skinks, but as we better understand the needs of these animals, the hobby is shifting to a higher standard. Shop Now. I have worked directly with a variety of species since 2014, and ReptiFiles is where I share my research with you. Simple to put together.

Looks nice though. Kages custom PVC reptile cages ship out in 5-10 business days and are built in the USA.. We offer Custom PVC Reptile Cages & Custom PVC Reptile Enclosures for all your reptile caging needs. Learn More About Bio Active Setups with The Bio Dude. I like that it keeps the heat and it looks great and easy to put together. ), so I know whatever I go with will end up needing to be fairly sturdy and rated for a … I am totally amazed at this habitat!!! It is very roomy for my beardy and looks great with the rest of the furniture in my house. Zen Habits is an amazing product.

I’ve noticed a huge improvement in his mood! Substrate Shield included. Seriously. Love it!!

We offer many options for your reptile enclosure or reptile rack including many options and ideal reptile accessories to compliment your enclosures habitat and husbandry. Especially during this season, I recommend not hesitating to order as there are possible shipping delays of 4-8 weeks :) but worth the wait!


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