30 nosler vs 300 prc
You must log in or register to reply here. rifle barrel is from blank bartlien. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Actually many claim higher velocities that I was getting with the 30 N. I was at 3100 from a 28" tube. ADG = 101 gr. I think it would be a great test for you to rebarrel in 300 win mag and run her up to 3100fps with the 215 berger and n570 and see what barrel life is like. I think that down the line ammo will be easier to get and from more manufacturers. The .300 Blackout is here to stay, and we take some time to look at new technology surrounding this cartridge.

Maybe better ES yes. I'd choose the PRC but there isn't a lot of difference between it, the Nosler and the WM. The new aluminum-tipped ultra-low-drag Hornady A-Tip match bullet provides unprecedented... Give a Gift   It’s engineered to provide inherent accuracy and to offer ideal performance with heavy, aerodynamic projectiles that shrug off wind and maintain velocity better than common .308-diameter bullets.

"sales person telling me how the 6.5 creedmoor had the same ballistics as a 300 WM and the 300 prc was way better than the 300 RUM", Caliber = internal diameter of a barrel bore, outside diameter of a bullet, Factory twist rates that are 10 and 11 will be marginally stable with the 215s. We're taking a look at what the Army's Elite Units are using for service rifles and what the future of SOCOM sniping looks like. Pick which ever one you fancy. It’s not efficient at all, meaning it burns copious quantities of propellant. ELR guys like to shoot, so poor barrel life is a significant problem. But the facts are there are many many variables that dictate muzzle velocity performance and barrel life. .

We have two identical match rifles right now. Maybe because I tend to use a long action, never understood the love for a short action?

kinda like FFP scopes I guess. I tend to favor long action rounds anyway. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. It is ALL about marketing, there's not enough difference in the 3 named here that most guy's shooting skills ability could tell a difference.

However, these rifles require handloading to realize full potential. But I cant get past a few facts. I've also been watching the 300PRC fad wind up with some amusement. I developed a load with the 230 gr. But if you have little interest in shooting past 600 yards, there’s little difference in performance between the two.

The 30nos will be 8lbs 4oz where the Magnus will be 10lb 3oz (both fully loaded). A simple Wyatts box install will fix about any of them.

Therefore, 300 PRC has a slightly flatter trajectory, a little more retained energy, less wind drift, and somewhat more recoil than the 300 Win Mag. Its hard to get past the fact that to this day I have never had one barrel go south on a 300 win mag from erosion or wear. Hornady = 97 gr.

I have only owned one 30 Nosler and it was a fine rifle. Rich's PRCSI will most likely set right with the 30 Nosler when compared side by … Just a year or so ago I wrote that the 30 Nosler was arguably the single best-designed .30-caliber magnum in existence. It wears the traditional-but-useless belt. Rock River Arms LAR-15M .450 Bushmaster - Reviewed & Tested, Husqvarna AB. Lots of recoil and muzzle blast. JavaScript is disabled. Today, I have to give that nod to the .300 PRC. If the win mag can push the 215 the same speed as the 30 nosler and get double or triple the barrel life I can tell you I will be getting one, and I am not being sarcastic! Many 300 win mags will work as they are with exceptions to the ignorance of some like Tikka with short mag boxes and 11 twist barrels on the 300 win mags.

ISS Prop House gives us the rundown on the guns used in Enemy at the Gate.

Trying to decide between the 300 PRC and the 30 Nosler. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Mauser Series 1100 Deluxe features a European walnut stock, a non-military... A half-century in the making, the new DGX Bonded is Hornady's best-ever dangerous-game bullet. 300 PRC: Bertram = 89 gr. Hornady .300 PRC (left) and 30 Nosler 30 Nosler vs. Hornady .300 PRC. Not when you consider all traits of each. I have watched this over the last few years with the new calibers,bullets and ammo coming out. Also, the .300 Norma requires a really big action. The creedmoor was the first step. Its the "New and improved" wizbang short fat case design and mag is a little short for the bigger bullets. The Husqvarna AB. As a matter of … Just interested in learning here. First, it tends to be finicky to feed, because short fat cartridges must tilt up from the magazine and transition into the chamber at much more abrupt angles than longer cartridges. As an aside, custom rifle makers have been circumventing the head-height issue with the .300 Win. Its biggest disadvantage is a quite short 0.72-inch “head height,” which is the distance between the front of the case mouth and the cartridge’s SAAMI maximum overall length. I went 300PRC since I initially planned to use factory Hornie match ammo. The result? This beast provides more initial velocity than any of the previous cartridges discussed, and has proven to be an outstanding elk cartridge. There is a several page thread on this topic if you search for it. As far as what the 300 PRC will actually do compared to the others is purely speculation. Im leaning toward the PRC, please give me you opinions on this matter particularly from any of you gentlemen that have had experience with one or both of the cartridges.

Another would be individual barrels. Barrel life is short, and being aggressively overbore, the RUM can be finicky about accuracy. My old win mag was 3035 from a 28" tube with H-1000. Using Ramshot Enforcer and 230-grain bullets, .45 ACP muzzle velocities over 1,000 FPS at... Keith Feeley of Tactical Solutions sat down with Michael Bane at SHOT Show 2018 to talk about the new X-Ring Takedown SBR .22LR rifle. Are you sure those numbers for the PRC are correct? On a short action, go figure. JavaScript is disabled. Thanks to all the ballistics apps range finding improvements and off the shelf capable ammo. Now this one is interesting. Which ultimately has to do with pushing a given bullet at the most accurate velocity with the most efficient powder possible. My 6.5 prc shoots one factory load almost as good as my best hand load out to distance. Mag., it’s got some pretty outdated design characteristics. But there are a lot of other things with regards to showing pressure signs outside of the case design. But I remain optimistic for someone to show me the facts that one is well above the others in all aspects. I'm sure the 300 PRC was engineered as such but I shot a 3-shot group of ELD-m out of mine that had double digit SD and ES. Thats the benefit of the 300 prc. If you want to use off the shelf reamer that your gunsmith has, or if you’re buying a prefit, 300 PRC. It’s got a fair amount of case taper. 30 Nosler: Nosler = 99 gr. It squares with my roughly 40 years of reloading and shooting, and positions these cartridge options exactly how and as they should be. Ammo factories must load to this standardized maximum, which prevents factory ammo from being loaded with long, super-sleek bullets with the very fine, gradual entry that so benefits extreme-range aerodynamics. 300 PRC and .300 Win Mag factory loads generally have similar muzzle velocities, but the 300 PRC shoots a heavier bullet with a higher BC. It’s past that where it becomes significant. Ya, I'm biased but the 30 SM seems to be outrunning the Nosler from the early reports and you can shoot Factory PRC ammo VERY accurately if you want to. That is the one we often jump on band wagons and wave flags for. Finished rifles will be around 0.75 inch shorter in the action, and barrels can be a short 22 inches and still provide full propellant burn. This is the reasoning for my going back so I have one tried and true 1200 yard elk rifle ready to go any day I am. Throat length(usable case) and twist rate as well as off the shelf ammo with heavy for caliber high bc bullets. What it does afford is the same speed with less pressure and most likely longer brass life but it still requires slightly more powder. I don’t think a regular 300 prc or 30 nosler have much advantage over a properly throated win mag. l plan to be hunting anything from sheep to moose with it up here in Canada. All things considered, the .300 PRC is a much more polite, civilized cartridge that is durned near as capable and offers far greater efficiency. Where this cartridge goes wrong is in the size of the case. They were build together with the same reamer.

For the custom build it is a wash these three, mostly about preference. As you say, many vaiables, but should we attribute shorter barrel life to the great shorter fatter cases? I recently had a 300 win mag put together with a 28” barrel and during my research between the nosler and the win mag I found that they are nearly the same. Meaning will a few grains of room and a "Better" case design allow for those few extra grains of capacity to be used? The only reason I went PRC was that I feel like it will be the cartridge that gains more widespread popularity. will also reload im guessing for this rifle, unless it ends up shooting something factory ... A lot of the data on the 30 SM seems to lean to the 230 gr or heavier bullets since it's pushing the 215 so fast.

Why? 100% twins. And although it’s got a nice long neck that benefits concentricity, it’s got a short head height, making it less-compatible with ultra-modern long-range projectiles.

Some of these variables do include case design.

My previous 300 win mag was running over 3K with the same bullet and is still going strong with close to 1500 rounds. Same barrels, actions, stocks etc. All Rights Reserved. Deserves some thought I guess. A .375 Ruger necked down to .30 caliber, and spec’d with a very long throat so long, sleek bullets don’t have to be seated with their bases deeply protruding into powder capacity, the .300 PRC requires a long, true-magnum-length magazine box of 3.70 inches. It’s got class, panache, and performance in spades, and is actually the oldest veteran in this group. You can read more about the deep details of the cartridge, it’s concept and design, and it’s performance in the March issue of Shooting Times magazine. However, like the .300 Win. It is facts like this that cloud our vision and let us see what we want to believe. Gun Parts - Stocks, Barrels, Actions, etc. I get 2900 FPS comfortably with a 225 eldm with my win mag. I try to avoid band wagons but if it makes sense... Outside of our circle mid and long range shooting is blowing up. He recently built himself a 300 win mag. Although I love it, in pure technical terms I’m forced to admit the .300 Win. I am really liking the old 300 win mag now.

However, I’m constrained to confess the fact that I have absolutely no use for bullets lighter than 180 grains in any 30-caliber magnum. It’s a necked-down .338 Lapua, and although it blasts those bullets out with wicked speed, the cavernous capacity of that gargantuan case is too much of a good thing. In fact, the Executive Order 30 Nosler, will soon be the Executive Order 300 win mag. Designed specifically for ELR (extra long range) use, the .300 PRC is optimized for shooting way, way out there.

The PRC’s solitary advantage is its longer head height and throat, which play nicer with extremely long, high-BC bullets.


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