3 fate lines on palm

What if we could find out what our fate holds? This is a positive omen as means that you can find yourself in life.

4. Here we focus on palmistry and the fate line. Fate line, heart line, life line, head line, and sister line can tell about self-earned money. It does tell about the inconsistence of your career, job and all that was related to it. You will be a supportive parent providing your children with a good background and education. These children lines are not as easy to see because they are smaller and often faint lines branching off the love line. Lines in the palm that indicate the children in your life are any vertical lines underneath the pinky finger or between both pinky and ring finger. If the fate line is not straight, but wavy in some parts, then there will be various troubles, toil of fate, hardship for money, and earning money through hard labor etc. The spacing between two love lines can also tell a story. Zig Zag fate line There is no kind of preconditioned fortune looking forward; this may be hazardous as the existence of a fate line means the life will have a structure in some way. If there was no fate line that, of course, does not mean a person will be career-less in life. If it’s shallow and feathery, it means that you hold the keys to your own life, and can twist and change your destiny very easily. Often you will know very early in life just what your life's aspirations are. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between an X and a star on the fate line. The fate line that goes horizontal then upright shows the possible hospitalization and also recovery from illness.

Observe carefully the head line in this case (Line E) to see if there are any islands that can make the subject feel confused about their life path.

This vertical line should not be confused with the main lines of your hand, and is an additional line that often crosses over other the two prominent horizontal lines on your hand. It must be free from any lines interfering with it and marks that cross it. For the fate line to run close to the life line means that you will continue with the family and also have a worth-while career as well as be a good parent. When the line starts low down in the center of the palm this shows a well-balanced person who developed an early sense of maturity. Note: This line is not always present. You are quick to devote your whole life to one particular career path and frequently feel a loss of identity. Frequently this line doesn’t develop until later in people's life. The place where it crosses the head line corresponds with age 35 and the point of the intersection with heart line stands for 55. Shallow fate line is not a good sign, if we have in mind previously mentioned.

Either way, the absence of fate line does not mean you are not going to be successful, but there is obvious turbulence in your lifetime, addressing the matter of career. That’s nothing terrible– in fact, it just means that your fate isn’t written solidly anywhere. In case you have the perfect fate line, the particular person will have a focused life and will find that many elements of his or her life are without complication.

Usually it is a line that runs vertically up from the wrist toward the fingers, but it can curve or be diagonal or even be hidden in with other lines on the palm! You do not follow the straight road to success and to achievement of one well set goal, in terms of professional development. If it starts from the mount of the Moon, it indicates success related to your creativity and your good relations and communication with people. It prevents the owner from achieving their aims through ill-health, insufficient money, or people who interfere without just cause. A fate line that starts on the opposite bottom of the palm (under the ring or little finger) shows a person who has chosen a gratifying career. For people who have a centrally located fate line, this suggests that they are driven by one profession and they are balanced between protections of assets and also self-fulfillment. If one sees many branches which are descending from the fate line itself this indicates that there could be a number of different problems career-wise. 6. The younger will have to work hard to achieve what he or she has. Although palmistry has nothing to do with healing, it might give some interesting insights into one’s fate, which could serve as a useful life guideline. If the Fate Line starts joined to the life line, it indicates that you are a self-made inpidual. People who hold stars on their fate line always have much better luck than other people. A branched line, with one side running towards the mount of Sun and other to the Venus mount tells about too intense desire, associated with unstable fortune. Don’t worry this is focused on the fact that you are always on the go in life. A straight line can indicate a focused life plan, whereas a twisted or wavering fate line could indicate the path of someone who spends time exploring or searching for the best fitting path to undertake. The children that are indicated on your palm are not necessarily born of you, they can also be adopted, or foster children. This palm line configuration intensifies the emotions.​​. This fate line indicates you are lively and social character, with the status that would definitely affect your career positively, along with all the efforts you invest in it. If it crosses your head line, it means that you will be faced with decisions that are so radical, they change your entire life based on their outcomes. Imagine a vertical children line as an upright person. These lines will look shorter, fainter, or broken. It means you are likely to achieve success through your creativity in artistic sense. Stress of any kind is a major factor in one's health.​. The location and length of the fate line tells a great deal of information.


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