280 remington elk
Some extremely knowledgeable riflemen will continue to choose the .280, but there’s another more casual group that needs to give it a look. I own and shoot the 25-06, 270,30-06, 7mm-08, and the 280… I love them all and they all have great qualities but my go to rifle is the 280 and if I could only keep one rifle it would be the 280 as long as reloading components stay available. Love your articles Ron. The 7mm Rem Mag recoil is more intense but in the ballpark for .30-06 and related calibers. Obviously I will look forward to your article on the 280 AI. Its beginnings provide a partial answer.

The only caveat I have for the 280 (and the 284 Winchester) is logistics.

So although this seems very odd, Remington actually introduced the .280 Remington in their Model 740 semiautomatic, following with the Model 760 slide-action in this chambering. Casual hunters have a hard enough time understanding the non-difference between a .284 caliber and 7mm caliber.

They were grouping well under MOA, too — from a 5-pound rifle!

Ron It really is a great round! Puts three Nosler 168 grain long range bullets on a dime at 200 all day!!

I guess I have “danced around” the 280 for years! Ron is right – there’s not a lot of difference. In 1980 the designation went back to .280 Remington, and it keeps rolling along, never a superstar but always a solid performer. As mentioned earlier the 280 handles bullets from 100- to 195-grains.

Or the 6.5 284 Norma.

You should not rely solely on information contained in this email to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. Last year I added a 257 Weatherby and this year a 280 AI. in these cartridges and make any “win,” but match B.C.s instead of weight and the 280 should always squeak out a win. Between the 139 gr. I’ve noticed most gun writers are pretty high on it, maybe that’s what helps keep it hanging on.

Patreon is a way to help fund RSO content by donating as little as $5 each month. In 1979, Remington shot itself in the foot with the 280. Not really. I will admit that I have never been a huge fan of this cartridge.

It travels at just under 2900fps. About 60-grains of Magnum powder should push it 2,850 fps from a 24-inch barrel. and 280 Rem. one thing for sure is that there are definitely alot of Remington 760’s in Pennsylvania. I just purchased a used Ruger M77 in 280 Remington.

The 6.5/284 was king of the F-class for many years and still holds it’s own. He thinks he’s beginning to understand some of it. Behind you is a line of four rifle bearers. Always exercise due diligence before purchasing any product or service. Hope to have it up by this weekend.

Speaking of handloading, if you do and hope to take advantage of the highest B.C. There, claims are made that this is bigger, faster, slow, more powerful, less powerful, not as good, blah, blah, blah.

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Also have a 7mm-08 and .308 and enjoy them as well. So be careful out there. Be great to read what you’re feeding yours – even if just digitally. February 10, 2019 By Ron Spomer 35 Comments.

Plan accordingly. Good article , Ron. It has never had enough sales to support an extensive variety of factory loads, yet those who use it generally swear by it. It’s larger bore provides a more efficient use of burning powder energy/pressure. The case rim, head, and body diameters remained the same and they remain the same to this day on not just the 30-06 but the 270 Win. Well… (give me a second to put on my crash helmet and bullet-proof vest.) There are lots of rifles in this caliber and ammo is easy to find.

It was initially available in the Model 740 semi-automatic and later the 750 pump and 721 bolt gun. I’m going to choose some of the highest B.C.

Which gives you, the patron, more of the information and entertainment you enjoy.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. Because 140- and 150-grain bullets are a common weight for deer hunting in a variety of calibers, that would seem a good size for comparison testing against a 270 Win. They will also tell you that with good handloads the .280 will come within spitting distance of the 7mm Remington Magnum, in a shorter barrel, while burning a lot less powder.

Today there are more and better factory loads to choose from, although nothing close to the selection available in more popular cartridges.

He dropped in his tracks, the way the .280 Remington always drops game if you do your job.

Alas, a 270 can them be loaded into a 280 Remington rifle, creating 0.051 excessive headspace.

My father has always spoken highly of his couple of 280s I just ordered mine 700 Mr in 280. On paper the .280 will out shoot a '06, however in the proper hands caliber does not make a difference. I just ordered a barrel for the SIG SHR 970 in .280 Remington, and could not be more excited to shoot it. At least not if you appreciate an efficient, balanced, middle-of-the-road, general-purpose big game hunting cartridge that won’t beat you up each time you pull the trigger. This was fixed many years ago. ), the 6.5 Creedmoor.

The resulting cartridge was based on the.30-06 case necked down to 7mm (.284”).

Realistically, one could split the difference and choose a .280 and have the best of most worlds—but it’s pretty difficult to love the .270, the .30-06, and the .280! Go get one! I am not being paid big bucks (or any bucks) by Remington. case. Feeds like a champ, plenty of velocity (who needs an AI) and as you mention, easy on the shoulder.

Well time heals all wounds. I love my .280 Rem. leave a little on the table with factory ammo.. My ulterior motive in writing this is to expose the ballistic realities of this neglected, unpopular 280 Remington that really shouldn’t be unpopular. In addition to a high G1 B.C. These last two remove the body taper, thus increasing powder capacity, and they are indeed every bit as fast as the 7mm Remington Magnum. 550.

I’ve owned four that all shot really well.

I know the argument well, when we were children my brothers and I fought over who got the biggest piece of cake.

All are deadly on game.

Like Steve Hornady and Jim Carmichel, I’ve taken it sheep hunting, and it’s well-suited to that role as well. Also…kind of like the short mag’s were loaded to the gills from the factory….there weren’t any converted military rifles chambered in short mag cartridges to blow up like what might possibly happen with a stout loaded 7 rem. With the short actions I don’t have that problem and they fit me better. I just love good articles about the often overlooked and misunderstood 280 Remington.

What are your thoughts on the .280 AI ? in 1943 and 7mm Wby. The RUMs uses a rim that fits a magnum bolt face and a large case body without the belt. Almost needless to say, the cartridge has never let me down. Let me just say first I really enjoy your articles, lots of good information and enough humor to keep it interesting. And I’d hunt those with the 280 Remington if it were legal and someone with a big bore were backing me up. a 30,06 with Sako action.

Wait just one doggone minute. bullet, after 100 yards the 280 does deliver a bit more energy, does drift a little less in the wind, and after 400 yards does start to show just a smidgeon less drop. has also been chambered in many autos and pumps — but there it is. (Please check you loads and work them up carefully.

The 280 had a lot of ground to make up when it was released by Remington in 1957. Shooting’s Family Affair.

performance and marketing success by unleashing its 280 in 1957, but they screwed it up. Among them have been some of America’s most astute riflemen. Good on ya for exposing the magnum myth. Great ballistic coefficients and sectional densities of 28 cal bullets are hard to beat in my experience and opinion. It’s original ballistic competitor, the 30-06 Springfield had already been around for over 50 years and warehouses full of surplus military ammo remained. I couldn’t get a rangefinder reading, but I figured the shot was bit more than 300 yards and gave this buck a backline hold. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. mag or .300 win mag… I think this is why the 7 rem and .300 win.

So please keep in mind when you spout off, there are those of knowledge and experience watching…. However, I love the .270 Winchester for its flat-shooting capabilities in open country…and I love the .30-06 for its heavier bullets and tremendous versatility. All competing claims of the superiority of the one cartridge over or under the 280 aside, I have seen no difference in the field. The 7mm Express Remington was nothing more, and nothing less, than the .280 Remington with updated factory loads. Should a firing pin reach the primer and strike hard enough to detonate, a complete case separation could result. I have a Model 70 in .280 Remington, bought it in 1995 or 96 and have killed several deer with it. It is the basis for many efficient wildcats, most notably, the 6.5-284, which has become the “go to” cartridge for long range target shooting. My favorite choice of cartridge was and is a hand loaded Barnes TTSX in 150 grain.

It truly does combine some of the best attributes and capabilities of both great cartridges—and that’s saying quite a lot. About all they did to convert the 30-03 to the -06 was trimmed back a bit of its neck length and mount shorter, lighter, more ballistically efficient 150-grain spire point bullets. Because of lackluster sales, the marketing gurus decided to rename the cartridge the 7mm Express, which people immediately confused with the successful 7mm Remington Magnum. Mag. Rifles with good extractors can hold the 270 shell rigidly enough in the 280 to cause excessive headspace.

was really made from the 30-03, which was the predecessor to the 30-06 three years before the military realized they didn’t need a 220-grain round nose bullet. Not too hard, not too soft, not too fast, not too slow, but just right because it shoots mid-caliber .284-inch diameter bullets.

I was sitting on a ridge in western Oklahoma when this buck appeared out of the fog on the next ridge. I’m putting the finishing touches on a 280 AI blog right now. Here we go: Surprised? He also had a 9.3×62, which he used when he needed a backup for Cape Buffalo.

Let’s face it, a hunter who owns a .270, .30-06, or 7mm Rem.

I acquired an M77 in .280 Remington in the ‘mid-’70’s for elk hunting in New Mexico. Great barrel life and loves H-4350 and H-4831.


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