1917 bolo knife grips

THE BAYONET FEATURES A 63/4  STELL FULL TANG BLADE, WITH A LEATHER WASHER HANDLE, THE BLADE HAS A PARKERIZED FINIS, FOR SALE IS A UNITED STATES NAVY MK1 KNIFE, MODEL RH-PAL-35. I baught all the covers(canvas and leather) that one of the older stores had for .25 cents each. Virtually identical to the Model 1910 the modified bolo is often referred to as the M1917 model to differentiate it from the earlier made item. The US military issued wide-bladed bolo knives from 1897 to 1918. The right side of the blade base is stamped "US MOD 1917 CT" and the left is stamped "PLUMB STLOUIS 1918". Please click here to read the tributes to Gary: attached is a pic with knife in the scabbard. ', "It is the unconquerable nature of man and not the nature of the weapon he uses that ensures victory. Law Enforcement Utility Knife NEW, Bayonet M-14 M1-A (4), US M5 J&D Tool Co (5), Dark Ops StratoFighter Folder Fighting Knife NEW, Dark Ops Vindicator Covert Attack Knife & Sheath NEW, US WWI 1917 TRENCH KNIFE LF&C W/JEWELL SHEATH, WWII Theater knuckle knife - marked Palermo Sicily 1943, Paragon Prototype 2000 Knife, CPM S30V, Auto - New.

This is a real ‘Chopper’, meant to use both blade and heft to hack things apart from fire wood to the ‘Hun’ in the Trench. EVERITT WWII KNUCKLE KNIFE. $325.00. CAMILLUS MK 2 KA-BAR MARK 2 FIGHTING KNIFE 11TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP (ABN) EXTREMELY RARE ORIGINAL!!! US Army M1917 Bolo Knife Scabbard Insert and Cover Unissued Condition RARE. Prussian MG C.P.G.

RARE REMINGTON ARMS CO. Recommended Products. Law Enforcement Utility Knife CRUCIBLE CPM® S30V® STEEL BLADE  TITANIUM FRAME LOCK FLEX-CUFF CUTTER cuts through flex-cuffs and zip-ties up to .375" wid, Dark Ops StratoFighter Folder knife Total Length: 10.5" Blade Length: 4.5" Weight: 8.8 oz. Thanks for the replies. The main obvious difference was that the scabbard catch was eliminated. GREEN PAINTED GRIP. Made by Ka-Bar. They are the most desirable and rarest of all issued American military side knives.

Possibly the manufacture got a great deal on some sheaths for pennies on the dollar and decided to put something together to put in them in order to turn them over for a profit. GEN George S. Patton, Jr. "The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience." MASSIVE SPEAR-POINT SHORT SWORD 10 5/8" DOUBLE-EDGE BLADE.

WWII WW2 FIGHTING KNIFE. 15” o/a with 5” brass belt hook stamped on back “RIA”. Featured Gun Classifieds Knives - Military U.S. !913 dated first year production serial # 2344  It is also marked on hilt "U S 26 A 18" Very nice condition see pictures, Randall Model 17 “Astro”; Circa 1972 – Vietnam War Era; 5 ½” Stainless Steel Blade with “M.H. $12.80 shipping.

weight (knife and sheath): 2 lb 0.5 oz. FAST 'N FREE. ***SPECTACULAR KNIFE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION!

Neat blade. "U.S. MK2 Fighting Knife. With more of these showing up it increases the possibility that these knives are a larger production run of some sort. WWII COMMANDO KNIFE. It would make a great tool for your truck or jeep. Made by Imperial. FROM THE BILL STONE COLLECTION. Virtually identical to the Model 1910, but the scabbard catch has been eliminated. Model of 1917 Bolo Knife.


SERIAL #1949. !...SEE PICS. 1890’S. Markings on wood are, This is an about mint V42 made by the CASE company during WWII. I agree that the blade profile would eliminate it from being a cut down from a typical 18" U.S. issue type machete. Very good to fine, WW1 ROCK ISLAND U.S. MODEL 1905 BAYONET DATED 1918 WITH ORIGINAL MODEL 1910 SCABBARD WITH 116TH INFANTRY REGT. Made by Pal. MADE IN DECEMBER 2010.

CAMILLUS MK 2 KA-BAR MARK 2 FIGHTING KNIFE SPECIAL FORCES SCHOOL KNIFE EXCELLENT-PLUS!!! guard: 3 3/4" In speaking with a retired Kiffe employee, he stated that this was done because they had a very large quantity of the sheath and couldn't sell them by themselves as no one wanted them, so they had the bolos made in Japan so they would have something to put in the sheaths.

FROM BILL STONE, WWII WW2 OSS KNUCKLE KNIFE FROM 1873 SPRINGFIELD BAYONET WITH FROG AND SCABBARD MINT!!!! VINTAGE USN MK I BLADE...SEE PIC, EIGHT DOLLAR MOUNTAIN FOUNDRY FULL, SPIKED KNUCKLE-GUARD...SEE PICS. It would be my guess that someone cut down a Machette to fit one of the scabbards as it would make a useful and cheap combination. Scabbard is marked US M8A1 PWH. It has replicated maker marks and 1918 date on the ricasso, the reverse side marked "U.S. MOD. :thumbsup: Years ago you could purchase the BOLO SCABBARDS and also the canvas and leather covers for them in Army/Navy surplus stores. CAMILLUS MK 2  KA-BAR MARK 2  FIGHTING KNIFE  11TH SPECIAL FORCES GROUP (ABN)  ALPHA TEAM 133 EXTREMELY RARE ORIGINAL PIECE!! FULL, SPIKED KNUCKLE-GUARD. length: 15" blade: 10 1/4" blade width: 2" grip and pommel: 4 5/8" guard: 3 3/4" weight (knife): 1 lb 6.8 oz weight (knife and sheath): 2 lb 0.5 oz . The Model 1904 bolo used a curved 12" blade with a rounded end, and a curved handle with wood grips attached by brass rivet s. An "S" shaped crossguard protected the hand. PM Winston Churchill. They are too big. Only mark on the knife is on the butt of the plastic grips where it says MADE IN JAPAN. HEAVY, BRIGHT 10 5/8" BLADE IS RAZOR SHARP!! Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Orig U.S. WWI Model 1917 Bolo Knife with Canvas Scabbard- by Plumb Dated 1918.

The First Special Service Force made up of Americans. M-1917 Bolo scabbard w/ Made in Japan knife (Kiffe?? Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.". Includes a No 1 style scabbard. ', 'A nation's strength is defined not by the size of its army, but by whether it means what it says.'

I still have a drawer full of them. WWII WW2 FIGHTING KNIFE. EXCELLENT-PLUS CONDITION!! GA Omar N. Bradley, "It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma: but perhaps there is a key." By NEW CALEDONIA. EXC-PLUS++ RARE, GENUINE BARTEAUX FIGHTING KNIFE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION!!!.

EVERITT KNUCKLE KNIFE. MADE DECEMBER 2010...SEE PICS. Very few are known that survived. VINTAGE KA-BAR MK II BLADE. Made to be issued to U.S. Rifleman Regiment. This is the U.S. WWI Model 1917 Military bolo knife or smatchet is complete with canvas and leather scabbard, broad leaf shaped 10.5 single edged blade with double-edged tip. US MILITARIA FORUM - COLLECTORS PRESERVING HISTORY EXTREMELY RARE FIGHTING KNIFE!!! WWII COMMANDO COMBAT FIGHTING KNIFE. (T, Nice RMK (Randall Made Knife) No. :think: (edit) - I wanted to add that my knife was also not cut down, or at least showed no signs of it. Other than I know that some Kiffe Bolo's where marketed with an OD canvas sheath that was basically a rectangle and quite simple in design. Cross guard is marked Camilus USMC. Maybe started out as some kind of a bolo blade style? EDMF EIGHT DOLLAR MOUNTAIN FOUNDRY. "US MKII Fighting knife. "It is the unconquerable nature of man and not the nature of the weapon he uses that ensures victory." 8" BLADE WM.

Antique WWI USA Chicago 1918 A.C. Co Model 1917 Bolo Trench Kinfe. Guess it might stay a mystery. :think: I still haven't turned up anything about sheaths I was wondering about earlier. NEAR MINT WW1 SPRINGFIELD U.S. MODEL 1905 BRIGHT BLADE BAYONET DATED 1916. SERIAL #1948. SUPERIOR SPRINGFIELD U.S. MODEL 1905 (FOR 1903 OR 1903A1) BAYONET DATED 1920 W/ MODEL 1910 SCABBARD AND CANVAS COVER. $95.00. VERY RARE!!! This is why I suggested the Bolo short blade style machete as a source.

WM. Paid the guy his $8 asking price and ended up selling just the knife for $6. Seems funny that more than one of these odd-ball sets have been found. Features dark wood grips. (t ...click for more info. 'No matter what the question ...the answer is always Clausewitz.

Get the best deals on 1917 bolo when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. blade: 10 1/4" Of course handled (b, EVERITT WWII KNUCKLE KNIFE. US Model 1917 Bolo Knife with Scabbard. U.S. fighting units modified use of Krag bayonet often with filled lug channel filled with lead(like this one) that made a ni, Roton USA Talon Dagger Overall Length: 11" Blade Length: 6" wasp shaped Thickness: 1/4" 1/4 precision ground 440-C stainless Hardness: 57-58 Cryogenic treated Handles: Mic, FOR SALE IS A M7-M16 BAYONET , WITH A 63/4 PARKERIZED BLADE AND A OVERALL LENGHTH OF 12 INCHES. WWII WW2 THEATER KNUCKLE KNIFE. One of probably 25-35 known. VINTAGE KA-BAR MK II BLADE...SEE, This is a WWII USGI True Temper Machete dated 1945, manufactured by True Temper with an 18 inch dark coated blade with several small impact dings on the edge and light surface corrosion on the blade w, OSS DROP KNIFE WWII WW2 WITH SCABBARD  RARE!! 8 1/4" TR, THIS UNIQUE PIECE WAS PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM BILL STONE'S PERSONAL COLLECTION (ALONG WITH DOZENS OF OTHERS) MANY YEARS AGO. WW2 WWII BARTEAUX COMMANDO FIGHTING KNIFE. "US Navy MK1 Fighting knife. US-MADE OSS EDGED KNUCKLE KNIFE!!! Anyway, wondering if this knife is a Kiffe or something else?? New member here! or Best Offer. grip and pommel: 4 5/8" It ha d the same canvas covered wood sheath, metal throat with leaf spring to grip the knife… VERY SCARCE ORIGINAL US-MADE OSS DROP-KNIFE WITH SCABBARD AND FROG...SEE PICS.

Just guessing here. Probably others will respond here with the answer before I find it. USGI WWII True Temper Machete 1945 & Boyt 44 Scabbard, WWII WW2 OSS KNUCKLE KNIFE FROM 1873 SPRINGFIELD BAYONET WITH SCABBARD MINT!!!! Reproduction WWI & WWII US Model 1917 Bolo Knife with Scabbard is made with high carbon sharpened steel blade which is full tang. I also got a WWII M4 bayo with it...both belonged to his father. ... us wwi 1917 trench knife lf&c with jewell sheath 1918 end of sheath altered, overall excellent condition $$450.00 delivered ...click for more info. Most products made for Kiffe were marked KIFFE / Japan so I don't think this one is a Kiffe product.


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