A circus show, dynamic and fun. Circus, music, magic, theater, mime, clown, balance, hula hoops, and a bit more of everything. We recover the spirit of the circus and renew it. Wiyh our circus domo, we don't have to nail anything. A new, diferent classic.  
Garbuix de l'Ateneu Popular 9 Barris
A garbuix. An imbroglio. Delight and enthrallment. Five women, five countries and a many languages. Laughter aplenty. Bagfuls Music, shouting, words and silence. And a bag. Adults, kids, grandparents, the whole family will have a good time. A bicycle. More bags. Bedlam. No story. Pure fun and games. Unending. And a bear? They string themselves up, pull and catch each other before falling. And laugh. Energy, always more energy. Bagfuls. No time to lose: Let’s have fun!  
Two funny restless eccentric comedians  come  on stage in order to make audiences laugh showing their best skills: From poetic music to recyclassic  theatre, from the most eye-catching robotic engineering to a uncanny  ostrich race. Cösmix, two comedians of cosmic dimensions and a pleasant mix-up of craziness. Are you ready to have fun? Here they are!  
A clown, a chair and a suitcase, three traveling partners. When they are alone they stop, sit down and contemplate. The time changes: it's sunny now and minutes later the clouds appear, and now it's sunny again... An innocent clown, but conscious, have any recourse to fight against boredom; A chair to sit down, to play, to dance and more stories; And a suitcase that we don't know what is inside. 'Alone... under clouds' transforms reality into fiction. 'Alone' looking for... company: 'Under clouds' for those things that we would like to say and we do not dare. 'Alone...
With 30 years touring around the world from Japan to Reunion Island, from Seattle to Murcia, Los Excéntricos strongly defend the art of clowning. In 2011 they receive the National Culture Award in Catalonia. Comedians, musicians, jugglers, this atypical trio revolutionized the figure of the clown with his surrealist poetics. Funny, moving and intelligent, they are able to maintain the balance between classicism and modernity and make us laugh without stopping. They are already a Cultural Heritage of Humanity!
23è Circ d'Hivern - Nu
SYNOSIS Nu is a contemporary circus performance which, with simplicity and transparency, talks about human relationships and how they interact with objects. The interaction between these objects and bodies intended to create ludicrous spheres full of magic, poetry and tender full-fledged humor. Nu is straight and without ornaments: the search of the absurd, the presence of the interpreter, and the relationship between artists and objects, are the main axes in which the spectacle is based on.
Traveling street circus show The performance it’s about spinning and balance parasols and music with and antique roller organ. Miss Umbrella is an eccentric character that mixes elements of old streets performances with elements of the modern circus. The show is next and nice for all audiences.        
Des d’un punt de vista profund i sòlid, sembla inevitable arribar a la conclusió que la vida té menys a veure amb els principis que amb la dignitat dels finals. Vivim en un moment clarament caòtic, desorientat, en un context confús on germina Cuculand Souvenir com a necessitat d’explorar la terra de bojos en la qual sembla que vivim.
Is there perhaps something more subtle than time? Two characters meet, play and share to overcome their fears and obsessions. Creating both delicate and ephemeral moments.  The delicacy and virtuosity of this number blend in a perfect combination that moves the audience.
Amer i Àfrica ENVÀ
SYNOPSE: Between 250kg of straw and 125kg of human mass, two people play around through the movement, balance, humour and composition of space, exploring the peculiarities of human relationships. ENVÀ (in Catalan) is a thin wall that is constructed to separate spaces.
Elena Zanzu - Manipulaciones
An exploration of extreme manipulations of the human body, where diversities, anomalies and limitations are resources to create alternative strategies of survival.
UM BELO DIA IT'S A RED PEPPER, ON TO WITCH WE PUT WINGS AND IT TRANSFORMS IN TO A BUTTERFLY. Um Belo Dia is a life project devised by Dulce Duca and Iris. Life seen as a show. Dulce Duca introduces juggling, manipulation and the balancing of clubs to unique and striking form of corporal expression, in a performance transmitting emotions that integrate and intrigue audiences of all ages.
UM BELO DIA IT'S A RED PEPPER, ON TO WITCH WE PUT WINGS AND IT TRANSFORMS IN TO A BUTTERFLY. Um Belo Dia is a life project devised by Dulce Duca and Iris. Life seen as a show. Dulce Duca introduces juggling, manipulation and the balancing of clubs to unique and striking form of corporal expression, in a performance transmitting emotions that integrate and intrigue audiences of all ages.
Punto y Coma are not. Their world does not exist. If you can see them you are a privileged person. In their fantastic world the objects are alive, movement talks and the words fly away. They coexist into a forgotten space lost in time, in a strange place where images dance and fragility tremble… It is a unique space, a book´s garden inhabited by strange beings and reinvented objects, a magical and surprising place, disturbingly familiar.
When it was first performed, fifty years ago, The incredible box was a great hit. Today, its director and two eccentric assistants try to maintain the show in all its brilliance. But genius is not hereditary, although perhaps all their efforts will not be in vain after all.
You will never have seen a world like this one before, nor met anyone like the character you are about to meet. He keeps all his experiences, bottling and storing every moment, just before it ends. Unfinished moments. Leave everything that you have lived today behind. A new story is about to begin...
Marabunta is pure madness, a classy way of losing control. You start out determined to remain immaculate and end up losing your trousers. But with a smile in your face. Marabunta is the latest production by Guillem Albà & The All in Orchestra. An energetic, energising clown show propelled by live music. A sketch in a mathematical tempo. On stage, the artists work to ensure that we understand nothing. Their own songs. Absurd gags. Cabaret. Nothing makes sense and everything is possible. There is no established order. This is clown chaos. Improvisation: go out and have fun.
A great, simple show. An ode to happiness, optimism, beauty. An iceberg in your street, huge, awesome. An enormous folly. Him and Her, like the last, like the first, so tiny and lost, filling the vacuum, observing the future. They are two, two who do not know language, yet they speak. Yetis, clowns, cavemen, shipwrecked folk, miserable and glorious.
Amer i Àfrica Circ cia. Bunkai
In the martial art of karate, Bunkai is the meaning of the practical application of kata with one or more opponents considering the distances and using default movements Bunkai is a circus short number that combines hand to hand technique with karate. Synopsis Through joining the circus and karate, you can see a deconstruction of two lives using balance, unbalance and rebalance that brings the characters to common vision of a new way.                                                                           
foto Gina Aspa
We ignore it, but the world it’s from the stones. Outside and inside, it have been observed and trapped life into it rest. Some of them, closely linked to the life of humanity, take heart shape. This may seem an inexplicable mystery, but it is not for Miss Coral and Mr. Pedro, skilled teachers in the exercise “geocardioteatralcircense”, trying to discover the soul of the stones. And even though there are men with the petrified heart, you will discover the mineral as beats in an unusual collection of petrified hearts.