Elena Zanzu - Manipulaciones
An exploration of extreme manipulations of the human body, where diversities, anomalies and limitations are resources to create alternative strategies of survival.
Are the binary categories with whom we think the world, real? Intersezioni starts from the gender dualism (male/female, masculine/feminine) and, intersecting with other binary forms (reason/emotion, nature/culture, human/animal...), reflects, at moments with irony and at moments with rage and melancholy, on the concept of binary itself, and the sense of dividing the world into two.
“What is in the empty space between two pieces that do not fit? A man and two women meet in a place. She sings. He climbs. She runs. Just a simple movement... and the game can start.” Esquerdes is a little story which combines aerial elements, acrobatic ladder and live music through three moving bodies, in a game between the desire and the escape.