"El Gran Final" aims to be a tragicomedy that bases its essence in the reunion of two clowns, who had to separate for many years as a result of the outbreak of a civil war. This war interrupted the last function just before his grand final act. The conflict forces them to take separate paths and never have more contact with each other. It is now, after more than 30 years, endless steps, a daily and constant struggle for survival, and an aging body, when they meet again and decide to finish their "Great Final."
Fané Solamente
In "Fané Solamente", improvisation have a lot of weight as well as the game that arises with the audience, making every show unique and different. The quietness and tenderness of the character makes him connect quickly with the public and immerse themselves in his world.
Fil is the first work, still in progress, from the new  circus contemporary company called Madame Gaüc. Fil is a meeting point between human relationships, acrobacy and movement. A meeting point without lessons or solutions. Simple for your sense. A trip for agreement and disappointment memories.
Pelat is a proposal that erases the boundaries between dance and circus; Theater and performance; Between the audience and the show .. A natural review of artisanal techniques and some of its own memories. A unique action that evolves as a result of the interaction with the viewer.  
The show is about to begin. The festival has contracted the services of the company “Wet Floor” , with more than 30 years of experience. A woman from the cleaning team is responsible for the cleaning of the stage. A simple task, that transforms into an impossible mission on the verge of disaster.  Christina Solé (Los 2play, Circus Klezmer, Circo Imperfecto) presents her long-awaited solo clown show. An hilarious comedy that will have you on the edge of your seat and fill you with laughter! 
Purpusii parla de la trobada de dos èssers estranys i de com viatgen al seu univers particular per assolir el seu objetiu. Però qui ha dit que segues fàcil? La dificultat per entendre a l’altre, de lluitar per construir, de ser del mateix equip i alhora rivals. De voler lel maetix però ser incapaços de compartir ho En definitiva Purpusii porta a escena l’evolució de l’amor dins de la parella.   *En Diciembre, ha estat companyia seleccionada:
Humor, fantasy and play are mixed to touch all the nuances of Happiness - the smile, the sigh, the emphasis, the wait, the stupor and the tenderness - and reach an audience of all ages. A show of interaction, gesture comedy and improvisation that uses techniques of clownerie and manipulation of objects.
Preestrena a Circorts
Violeta is a collective show by the Collective La Persiana and Venancio y los Jóvenes de Antaño; a concert-cabaret of people who want to enjoy a good time. Seven acrobats in love with the live music of Venancio y los Jóvenes de Antaño and five musicians greeted with acrobats from schools all over the world (Brussels, Lima, London, Barcelona ...). A unique show not only for its great team ...
Ni cap Ni peus de circ Vermut
The goal is clear: make you have an awe- some time! Two characters, using circus and comedy language, will try to solve the troubles that they have created themselves. With Acti- ons like siting down on a chair, hanging the jacket in the cupboard or painting a picture. They will be tangled and amused. A circus and clown show, with power and many circus techniques: cyr wheel, juggling, hand stand, Chinese pole and acrobatics. An enjoyable performance with comedy
"...I authorize you to fool me as long as you believe what you are telling me." We are three: three mouths, three vertebral columns, three truths, three voices... ...and despite our need to exist individually we insist on joining up to create this circus together, and through our confrontations a story is born where each character is essential to the existence of the others.
Circus-Dance-Theatre-Live Music AMIGOO is a fragment in the lives of a man and a woman. A circus for two. Bits of privacy on a non-verbal and musical journey to the deepest and most sincere side of each person. Together they weave an unreal world of poetry and complicity in a masked attempt to break the myth of loneliness as a human condition in this world.
LITTLE PRINCES   Clara loves to dance and sings melody. Blink with hands and let yourself take waves up, waves down ... Marçal likes to play with instruments and put himself upside down. Together they compose songs and navigate from one game to the other without any order or criteria. The imagination unfolds and from there all that is desired can take life. Even the drums that they made of drum begin to move and multiply in the middle of art and joy.  
Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to start, please turn off your phones ... well, not yet. We still have to set up, warm up, get dressed... Have you ever seen that? What happens before a show? Before a show we do not know. What we do know is what happens before THIS show. Because these three clumsy characters, when they get down to work, the assemblage is full of obstacles, the unexpected and surprises. Their inability, contrasts and mischiefs turn the set up itself into a show. Will they ever get started?
A circus show, dynamic and fun. Circus, music, magic, theater, mime, clown, balance, hula hoops, and a bit more of everything. We recover the spirit of the circus and renew it. Wiyh our circus domo, we don't have to nail anything. A new, diferent classic.  
Soterrani còsmic de l'Ateneu Popular 9 Barris
A world inside a cellar. Five brothers and sisters live together with their own laws, culture and traditions in a small society copy. “Soterrani Còsmic” makes an analogy of what is the history and culture of any society, but also a critical, acid and ironic view of the supposed absolute truths. A circus show for all audiences directed by loscorderos·sc.
Two funny restless eccentric comedians  come  on stage in order to make audiences laugh showing their best skills: From poetic music to recyclassic  theatre, from the most eye-catching robotic engineering to a uncanny  ostrich race. Cösmix, two comedians of cosmic dimensions and a pleasant mix-up of craziness. Are you ready to have fun? Here they are!  
A clown, a chair and a suitcase, three traveling partners. When they are alone they stop, sit down and contemplate. The time changes: it's sunny now and minutes later the clouds appear, and now it's sunny again... An innocent clown, but conscious, have any recourse to fight against boredom; A chair to sit down, to play, to dance and more stories; And a suitcase that we don't know what is inside. 'Alone... under clouds' transforms reality into fiction. 'Alone' looking for... company: 'Under clouds' for those things that we would like to say and we do not dare. 'Alone...
"PIANISSIMO CIRCUS" Concert for clown and piano. Serafina and Frans present their show in concert format. A grand piano brings to live each piece, accompanied by the clown entertaining performance through her own music and choreography. Live music clown show for all ages.  
With 30 years touring around the world from Japan to Reunion Island, from Seattle to Murcia, Los Excéntricos strongly defend the art of clowning. In 2011 they receive the National Culture Award in Catalonia. Comedians, musicians, jugglers, this atypical trio revolutionized the figure of the clown with his surrealist poetics. Funny, moving and intelligent, they are able to maintain the balance between classicism and modernity and make us laugh without stopping. They are already a Cultural Heritage of Humanity!