UM BELO DIA IT'S A RED PEPPER, ON TO WITCH WE PUT WINGS AND IT TRANSFORMS IN TO A BUTTERFLY. Um Belo Dia is a life project devised by Dulce Duca and Iris. Life seen as a show. Dulce Duca introduces juggling, manipulation and the balancing of clubs to unique and striking form of corporal expression, in a performance transmitting emotions that integrate and intrigue audiences of all ages.
O Irmão do Sombro is a character of flesh and paper, suspended between emotional and physical worlds.
Air Crisis, on swinging trapeze.  
A fleeting encounter, two energies that feel the need to start a journey nowhere. This journey revolves around the fragile nature of sanity. The characters’ mental imbalances provide the setting for a chaotic game. A tug of war leads them into absurd situations onto which they project their impulses and passing passions.
Amer i Àfrica Circ cia. Bunkai
In the martial art of karate, Bunkai is the meaning of the practical application of kata with one or more opponents considering the distances and using default movements Bunkai is a circus short number that combines hand to hand technique with karate. Synopsis Through joining the circus and karate, you can see a deconstruction of two lives using balance, unbalance and rebalance that brings the characters to common vision of a new way.                                                                           
  What does it mean resist, keep, stay? What happens when the trapeze is a prolongation of the floor, and there is no differnce between this and the air? When walk, dance, fall could happen in any state, place or time. The trapeze lose his identity as element, the game grows and there is no rule or correct form. What happens when the body could not thing and is the instint who acts. The unic rule is to stay. How is possible to be in this state in scene? Wich are the games where this could happen?
“What is in the empty space between two pieces that do not fit? A man and two women meet in a place. She sings. He climbs. She runs. Just a simple movement... and the game can start.” Esquerdes is a little story which combines aerial elements, acrobatic ladder and live music through three moving bodies, in a game between the desire and the escape.
8 minuts hand to hand show.
Delivers an elegant static trapeze performance, putting together a totally different repertoire in each show, and concluding the sequence with her famous swinging heel hang, somersault finale and spinning around her head. Stage costumes, make-up and accessories are adapted to the show. Great experience in cruises and theatres at international level.
The artistic masterwork staged by the Catalan on the Chinese Pole has already impressed audiences all over Europe. The way the acrobat from Barcelona, who trained at the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, spirals horizontally but nonetheless straight as an arrow upwards, is simply breath-taking. Ignasi Gil‘s bold, powerful balancing act, combined with precise moments of surprise, enthrals the audience.  
Into the shadows
A five minute act of physical shadows, mixing contortion, handstands and dance. "Welcome to the shadows jungle.Shape modeling movement, beings, metamorphosis. Images becoming alive. The only constant is change ..."