A contemporary dance company founded in 1987, since when they have explored the interaction between dance and other performing arts languages (objects, magic, text, video...) with a view to sharing with audiences their own particular vision of people confronted by harsh reality. 
Ingrid Teixidó and Pere Pàmpols founded Festuc Teatre in Lleida on 17 February 2003 in order to pursue their artistic interests and make their passion a way of life that would also serve as a platform for expression for them to showcase their creations. Their goal has always been to present shows that reach and spectators through the emotions, whatever their age. This raison d’être has led them to create shows with strong ties between music, narrative and performance. Over the years, the company has grown along with the people who keep it moving, day after day, and help to make this dream possible.
La Tal company began its professional trajectory in 1986. Since then, the company’s vision of theatre, set production and performing techniques have evolved from the classical figure of the clown to the creation of a unique, personal universe. The stories and situations that the company presents position their shows decidedly in the camp of contemporary comedy theatre. Over the years, La Tal has performed shows in countless cities and at festivals all over Europe, as well as visiting Australia, Singapore, Israel, Brazil... Although the company performs street shows, theatre versions also exist for certain productions.
In 2015, Guillem Albà celebrates his company’s eighth anniversary at a high point of his own career. To the success of his first four shows –Sketchofrenia (2008), Flirt (2010), Trau (2012) and Marabunta - Guillem Albà & The All in Orchestra (2014) – must now be added two more hits:Miralls&Miratges (2014) — the award-winning tour of theatres and concert halls all over Spain featuring the dramatised concert of Love of Lesbian, created and directed by Guillem Albà (2014 Arc Prize) — andRhum (2014) — Best Clown Show in the 2014 Zirkolika Catalonia Circus Prizes — a richly-deserved homage to the great clown, Monti, who died in 2013.  
Lucas Locus Company was born in 2011, after the premiere of his first creation in solitaire, Boiiiing. Its primal promoter is Lucas Escobedo, an artist of Alicante, focused on juggling, interpretation, mask theater, puppet and object worlds. Lucas Escobedo started his artistic education with Andrés Hernández and Mar Navarro (who is a direct disciple of Jacques Lecoq). After that, he began to study in the Theatre School of Barcelona (Institut del Teatre), studying the path of interpretation and visual theatre. He continuous learning with different masters: Román & Co, Moshe Kohen, Patricia Kraus, Jesús Jara, Vasily Protsenko, Christian Atanasiu, Sean Gandini, Kati, Ylä-Hokkala, Maksin Komaro, Lucas Ronga, Francisco Macià).  His professional experience has led him to work with different companies such as Tragaleguas Theatre, The Horror Circus, Price Theatre and Circus, Román & Co, La Société de la Mouffette, La Debacle Company. Also he has participated in different audiovisual projects like The Big Concert of Spanish Television, Babaclub of Channel 9, Io Don Giovani a film of Carlos Saura, Seven Pets of Disney Chanel. With this built up experience, in 2011 he decided to begin a new phase by creating his own company, Lucas Locus. Since then, he has been participating in different street squares, theatres and festivals: International mime festival of Sueca, Theatre fetsival in Santo Andre (Portugal), Nigrán Circus Festival of Galicia, Sarnico Festival (Italy), Mojoca Festival (Italy), Circus and Scenically Arts Festival of Ecuador. Nowadays he combines his projects of Lucas Locus Co. with other works as: director of La Trócola Co., actor in Ovidia with La Société de la Mouffette, writer of Zirkòlika magazine and member of the jury of the Zirkòlika prices in 2012 and 2013. 
Circus artist, movement and shape researcher. She has performed with different companies in Festivals around Spain, Europe and Mexico. In the last years she creates and performs her own solo acts such as “Into the shadows” ( 1st award GOP Brodowy's Broadway casting show 2014)  or “Mutations of a former secretary”. (Festival Escena Poblenou 2013). In 2014, along with other artists she gives birth to Tierra Company, and its show “F.I.R.A.”
ColectivoTierra was born in Barcelona it's composed by 5 circus artists and 2 musicians. With their show F.I.R.A. directed by Jordi Aspa, theu had been performed the 9th Winter Circus of the Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris the last period of Christmas holidays in 2014-15. 
Mari Paz Arango was born in Medellin, Colombia. But many years ago she resides in Spain. In 2000 she establishes in Barcelona and she approach with the circus in the School Rogelio Rivel of Barcelona where she realized her basic studies for three years. Later, she realized an specialization in acroporters in the National School of circus of Moscow, Russia. In 2010 she began with swinging trapeze and specialized itself for 2 years with Yuri Sakalov in Brussels (Belgium). She has been a member of her own companies as Bolna Kist and Circomsom. She has collaborated with: Aticus-Tilt!, Freak Cabaret, Lit Circus. Nowadays she's member of the circus company Organización Efímera, directed by Rob Tannion. And part of Colectivo Tierra, in both as a trapezist and acrobat. She has  taken part in festivals of Brazil, Mexico, Malta, emphasizing the past edition of the Winter Circus of Nou Barris (2014-2015) with the show FIRA directed by Jordi Aspa (Colectivo Tierra). Along her career she was employed at national and international festivals: Fac (Valladolid), Trapezi Reus, Trapezi Vilanova i the Geltru, Circ Cric, Circolmedo, Festival of circ Terrassa, Festival Grec of Barcelona, International Festival of Circus of Rio of Janeiro (Brazil), Circos Sao Paulo (Brazil), Festival of Circus Mazunte (Mexico) festivals of the European scene in England, Sweden ,Holland a Belgium.  
Sergio Pla carried out highier studies in Circus Arts at Circus Space in London, where he gaduated in the juggling discipline. Due to his eagerness to learn about the contribution of dancing in the circus, he joined the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, where he is currently studying Choreography and Dance performance. His circus act, called “Todos los Recuerdos” (All the memories) was selected by Chemins Émergents - Pyrénées de Cirque (2013-2014). It was also nominated for the award Premios Zirkolika de Circo de Cataluña for Best New Company 2012.
Ricardo Cornelius is a visual artist with a Masters Degree in Theatre Studies and Mime. He has directed various physical theater and clown shows. He was the director of the International Circus and Clown Festival RODARÁ (Mexico). Nowadays he lives in Barcelona and works as a clown in Pallapupas (hospital clowning) and Cia. Sonámbulos (physical comedy). His new individual proposal is the show Soloni.  
Born in Torino, Italy. After a long sports career (artistic gymnastics, 1989-2001), she discovers the world of circus and, as from 2002, she starts training in aerial and other circus techniques and skills, such as: hand to hand, head- and hand-stands, theatrical improvisation.
New company specialised in outdoors/site specific non text based/visual performing arts 
Since 1995, Cia. Passabarret is a street clown and circus company, that also tours with his own circus tent all over Catalonia. They come from the province of Tarragona, and have worked with personalities like Jango Edwards, Monti or Chacovachi.
Capicua is a Catalan/Aragones circus-theatre company based in Barcelona founded in 2009 by Rebeca Gutierrez, Yolanda Gutierrez and Iris Mur. With their first show “Cabaret” they tour around Spain and win the Jury Prize in the OFF Festival, Fiestas del Pilar 2009 and in 2011 they win the Prize of the public in the 5th meeting of Teatro de Calle y Artes Circenses de Ávila. In 2012 the company receive the Prize for the trajectory of circus creation in Aragon. At present the company tour with the show “Entredos” winner of several price: public choice award for Best Show at the International Feria de Teatro y Danza of Huesca, 2013; nomination for the best theatrical staging award, Zirkòlika, Catalunia, 2013;  winner of  the Quality Label MQVE-AWARD 2014 (More Quality Visual Theatre for Europe) and best street theatre show at the OFF Festival, Fiestas del Pilar 2014. 
Oriol Escusell Domènech takes his first steps in the circus world with the group Escarabellos at the age of 17, creating a trapeze duo with Daniel Guerrero and touring around Cataluña. He graduates in physiotherapy in 2008 and then specializes in physiotherapy for performing arts at the CPAE. It’s only in 2009 that he decides to dedicate himself fully to circus, and he moves to Buenos Aires for a year of studies in trapeze and dance at the IUNA, at the Circo Criollo and at
Hotel iocandi is a young circus company born between Barcelona and Mallorca. It is formed by Tomeu Amer, Griselda Juncà and Joana Gomila. Nowadays they are touring with their short piece “Esquerdes”, and meanwhile they are creating their first full length show, which will have its premiere at the end of 2014. The company has been selected for the project “Camins Emergents” 2013-2014.  
Los Herrerita is a three-man circus company (Joan Lluís Montero, “Skate´, David Herrera and Marcel Aguilar) that was founded in Barcelona in mid-2005. The company began to become more widely known in 2006 with the show The Flamingo´s, tornen per primer cop…, directed by Miner Montell (formerly with Los Galindos and Àticus-tilt). The three artists first met up in the Barcelona circus scene during the early-90s, when these arts found shelter at the Nou Barris Popular Athenaeum, an iconic venue for anyone dedicated to the circus arts in the city.
Los Galindos was formed in 1991 by a group of artists specialising in circus and street theatre. From the start, the company pursued a project of research and search for their own style, in which circus techniques are at the service of dramatic interplay. Pioneers in the use of flying trapeze acts in street circus shows, Los Galindos erupted onto the national scene in 1992 before going on to conquer the world.
Pablo Domichovsky (1979, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Fernando Ateca (1978, Santander, Spain) teamed up in 2007 to form Los Caneca. That same year, they received first prize at the Off street art festival at the Feast of El Pilar en Saragossa. In 2009, they were selected to form part of the Circ que o! European interregional project and in 2010 were nominated for the Zirkolika Catalonia Circus Prizes in the Best Family Show category. The duo have presented their show in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and the United States.
Leandre is an eccentric clown, one of our most international comedians, who has taken his bag of laughter and tenderness around the five continents over a career spanning more than twenty-five years. Leandre is a surprising, original clown who nonetheless acknowledges his roots in tradition. According to this artist, who helps us to see a friendlier world, “sharing laughter is a celebration of humanity´.